Sandra Lopez Burke, Vice President and Executive Director of City Year Boston

Can you tell us about the commitment
that an AmeriCorp member makes and some of the new ways that they’re connecting
with students? It is a 10 month commitment. They sign up for a year. Some actually do two years of national service. And really they are dedicated,
and the’re young idealistic people who want to make a difference in their
communities. Can you tell us about the impact City Year has had student graduation rates? So we are actually seeing the increase of our students that we’re working with year-over-year in the gains that they’re making in their
attendance so you’re seeing more students coming to school. We’re also working very closely with the
district on my brother’s keeper, so making sure that we’re also focusing on
those young men and girls of color who are actually looking at having those
mentorships, those role models and the tutors to help them really achieve.

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