San Diego City College – Cosmetology Department

My name is Sudie Phillips and I am
department chair for cosmetology, aesthetician, and manicare at City
College. Well, the program has been here for over
60 years but I’ve been here for the last 27 years. We start classes every eight
weeks and we start about 80 students every eight weeks. So we have daytime and
evening programs and we graduate about over 200 students per year.>>Kim Shafer: But it allows our students to be able to get licensed in an industry and it’s a little more streamlined
and it takes less time. As as long as they know what they want to do, then why not not waste time on it?>>Shaneque: Oh man, I love hair and makeup. Making people feel good about themselves is like my number one thing.>>Joey: At the end of
the day, I want to make someone else happy. It’s not about the money, the fame
everything else. It’s just putting that person in my chair and just having that
smile.>>Emma: This is a second career for me, there were
layoffs and I decided to follow my dream. I’ve always had a passion for
cosmetology so this was my opportunity to kind of do that. So I did it! When you start off as a freshman you
move on as a junior and you move on with the same students so you kind of
graduate with your little family.>>Madison: It’s a really good feeling to know that
the teachers love you and care about you. You’re not just another person in the
program; they actually care about you, they love you and for them to care about
your future just means so much.>>Leighan: I like the timing of the programs here at City
College. It’s not too much to ask to take out a
year or even a semester of your time and I love that it’s downtown and you can
have access to all the networking and all the people that are in the surrounding
area.>>James: We visited a lot of beauty schools around town and this is the place that I
felt more comfortable with the people and the environment and the teachers. The price is probably… it’s if not one of the most
affordable schools in San Diego for the same education as like , Paul Mitchell or any of
the other schools around.>>Maria: We have the opportunity to go on a lot
of events: San Diego Comic-Con, Stand Down which is
an event where they provide haircuts for homeless veterans, runway shows, fashion
shows, and really get to networking and actually making connections.>>Cameron: This program
has really helped me really forward myself and really challenge myself. You know,
without this program I don’t think I would really get out of my shell as much.
I’ve really gotten to see a new perspective on starting a career, a new perspective
on having fun with your job. You get to play around and be creative and, you know,
make somebody feel beautiful and I think that’s really what’s helping me
challenge myself and push myself.

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  1. I graduated from SDCC Cosmetology program in 1994. Have been doing hair for 22 years now and still going strong in Austin, TX! Making a decision to study cosmetology as SDCC was one of the best decisions I ever made. Fondly remember Ms. Phillips, Ms. Salinas and the unforgettable Mr. Taylor!

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