Salford Social Services collude with police to snatch children from Fracking protest

No keep walking don't need to know nothing sorry it is just in part or you will get no Rassman but we'll get dog fur off we need to know who the children are me you don't need to know who magical giraffe you will get gold for asking what charges nobody's charging who are you who are you I used a you linked with this line or you are you linked with this lady I'm a legal observer who you right I've just explained we're from a multi-agency unit and we're here to find out who this lady is so here he's an ultra now she's explained that she doesn't wish to talk to you what sorry I don't understand what you mean you're all over my and they know who I am right you've been a visa for us having your daughter's always didn't wish to answer your question well unfortunately we have to get to the bottom of it because we've got safeguarding measures that we need to look into no you don't through a vehicle down here that she's going to just go into or she making away somewhere dunno just because if you've got a rapport with it we just want to have a conversation with your children once we've done that we believe they're safe children come with me do not answer any of that questions now they can ask questions anyone can ask question just get taking the piss what what are you doing da not love Erasmus oh my god hello Dex have been aid we can load up my phone up Maggie the Hogtown old Mike huge I just totally more than one I kiss is the velvet hand out is the head of social services a muncher stuff so we use the head yes is the head not just sound all nobody more nothing about well now wait where're you from get don't progress me what's your name please excuse me nothing wrong okay will GOx anything no no no no suddenly I know okay I'll let you know happens

44 thoughts on “Salford Social Services collude with police to snatch children from Fracking protest”

  1. CPS agents all seem to suffer from delusions of a god like mentality. Ignorant, arrogant and completely incompetent.

  2. safe guarding measures lol ,,,, you dirty social worker no wonder you are snatching peoples kids because nobody wants to fuck you because an ugly slag ' let others be happy with their family's ' bitter low lifes '''' you two are filth that invent excuses while twisting every thing in to a negative for a wage ,,,,, you serve demonic masters and belong in hell .

  3. disgusting social workers ' i would respect them if they helped children and family's but they steal children from good family's over any excuse , children's lives are not wage packets '' whats clear is these filthy pieces of shit are selfish , because they could be in the same position ' leave peoples kids alone ''''' the foster carers are just as bad they get 300 a week per child , so they are never in a rush to give people children back .

  4. mothers and fathers do not get a birth certificate for your children '''' it stops social services stealing your child ''''''' they are total scum bags '''' dont talk to social services they are bitter individuals ,,,, being woman they should know better ,,,, they are filth and not parents or even human .

  5. These multi agency people have nothing better to do. The real jobs they should be doing – ie saving children who they know are at risk – take too much effort hence them going after the easy targets.

  6. I never see them take black or Mexican children, it's always white children. Cause white people are stupid,they just give their children up with no court order.

  7. Hi to anyone reading this, I am a complaints advocate and I represent children, young people and their parents on complaints against Children's Social Care/Social Services. If you feel you have been wronged by Social Services then please send me an e-mail to [email protected] and I will do everything in my power to represent you on a complaint and will put a strong case together. There is unfortunately the odd case I won't be able to accept due to no hopes of succeeding which is why it's so important I assess your case to determine this.

  8. Please please please comment on this video and expose the social services/cps and the government for stealing children!!! On this video

  9. The social services are a nother name for the SS after the war but they are more worse.but they get way with things very mush more

  10. In ancient times children were sacrificed to the 'gods' of peoples around the world in different religions.
    How do we know this isn't STILL going on?
    Think of every child murdered by violent parents, who were warned numerous times by neighbours, but took no action.
    That happens every so often and 'lessons will be learned', but never are.
    I have come to the conclusion that the people high up in the SS, possibly with masonic connections, are purposely turning a blind eye and letting these murders happen, thus producing a deliberate sacrifice of a child's life.

  11. All people on Earth now are divine. All wrong doings will be put right!!!.
    Beware, human race from now on!. Do the right thing by all families on our new higher vibrational Earth now.
    Be good people, the families on our new peaceful shared divine Earth will not allow anymore mistreatment from one human to any other person on Earth now!.

  12. I live in salford and those social services tried to take my daughter away my first baby too so now they took me to court for no reason me and my man so I won the case they left her with me

  13. those ladies from the "multi Agency task force" are petrifying. They must surely have kids of their own. Who the fuck do they think they are? They have NO rights over a peacefully protesting group (of any age)

  14. nasty all round convicted on no crimes and very twisted views again by there I'll gotten desires to steal kids into care and backed up by the rubbish on speculation the Socialwork,have made to many flaws nothing said by them can be noted as gospel as like a junkie once a junkie always one this applies to social workers once a lier always a lier and case historys prove this leave our kids you fucking scumbags

  15. What!!!! Is this. Who is that woman!!! why are the police allowing those threats!!! Money i get that but!!!!

  16. The multi-agency approach is a grotesque excuse used to cover failure and to facilitate the systematic targetting of lacklustre elements in society, particularly the workshy. By constantly demanding access into individuals' lives through the main local authority bodies after a number of contacts, by minor acts of dishonesty, the authorities can create an image of wrongdoing that is a fabrication. Also should anything go wrong for any one of the local authority bodies they can simply say that it happened because they did not have enough power to share information. Then they can shirk all responsibility and demand greater funding from the government to spend on furthering nepotism.

  17. (((NOT ME ITS A MUM))) I found this on facebook!!!!!!!!!!
    Im 11 weeks pregnant and sleeping in my car because eight months ago telford social servises stole my children with nothing but lies since then iv beenn arrested for snatching a card from a social worker after they refused to let me see my children my beautiful ten year old daughter at the time ran away from hervfoster home and came home i called 101 to let them know she was withme police surrounded my home smashed down my door rippedherout of my arms then very violently arrested me for abduction in going to trial on 4 dec iv had a break downdue to all of this apparently i have ptsd but it doesnt stop there 67 months after the last time i speak to sarah collins the evil bitch who stood and told all the lies she now claims i have been threatening to kill her iv not phoned her in over six months but it was enough for police who recently sat by my bedside after i tried to kill myself to the arrest me lock me up and ban me from my home town of telford i can no longer see my doctor orr get a midwife as im homeless. Im cold im lost and very scared police terrify me and the fact that no one cares aboutthe mothers of these children or the the fact that social servises are breaking the law and causing trauma to these children who just want there moms this scares me to death i would do anything to get my children back but social servises have never ever even allowed me to talk to them im soooo desperate forhelp but because of there lies no one will help me 😩CAN ANY1 HELP THIS MUM?

  18. Its time to expose the SS and CPS!!! Expose SS and CPS on Youtube, facebook, hi5 and G+ site! Make videos! Find true storys on the internet and then make videos put these videos on Youtube, facebook, hi5 and G+ site! Also get "Realplayer" its free to download onto your laptop and then you can download video from youtube and re-upload back on to youtube!!! (((Never use your real name)))… And be active online!!!

  19. durch, little girl laura decker destroyed social services. she denounced her citizenship and then she won in court. she was 13

  20. When you signed the registration of the birth of your child you gave them to the state to do with as they wish, You gave them over to slavery.Mostly until the legal age of adulthood the state are happy for you to take care of their property as long as it is by their rules. If you decide to not follow those rules they will take their property and give it to someone who will follow the rules. You are a slave just do as you are told and all will be well. OBEY.

  21. You know the next big revolution is people against police and authority, and they are trying everything in their power to stop it, even faking killings, so they can create another target..

    This is why no one likes them or social services, people can protest and show their children how to the right way, they should not be harassed for doing so, and police who use social services as tactics deserve to get shot on the job.

  22. It's a shame the social services aren't so forthcoming with removing kids for protection from neglect, and only give in and pass the child to the Father when the police and courts are involved. Keeping the status quo of masking the problem, would now be impossible to maintain. Then, they cannot lie and insist they are performing "unannounced visits". The pen truly is mightier than the sword. You should have seen the pain in their faces when we produced a diary of their "unannounced visits". The courts were great, because in court, you have to tell the truth.

    Just over 6 years ago now.

  23. While our police are far more brutal your social services excel at taking kids. We are not far behind you though. It seems to be world wide they seek to control us.

  24. Thanks for sharing this video. It rings a bell to Forced Adoption for Profit as proved by MP John Hemming. They want our kids and our land! I would like to debate the following research on Fracking etc

  25. they followed her to the car to get her reg nmbr and trace her,dont ever talk to them/dont allow them onto your property/and if they start to bring court proceedings take a long vacation 12 years in Cyprus should do.

  26. The women in the video is Harriet Wall, of Salford Social services. I made a complaint about their intimidation of peaceful protesters on 0161 909 6517

  27. The graveyard is full of people that tried to stop this sort of thing happening, People think we are FREE more NAZIS we are living in a POLICE STATE! 

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