7 thoughts on “Sadhguru – Conduct your education like a love affair!”

  1. Wise words with some not so wise….. love affairs aren't a good example.
    As most love affairs go hand in hand with deception and end in tragedy…an imagined love affair can be anything as it's your perception. But reality of love affair is all that's wrong..

  2. If I would conduct education I would do it exactly the way it was revealed to me whitout loosing an inch of the Path. Step by step and in every step I would share Love & Energy. Not an inch off the Path or else I and others wouldn't benefit from it. And if not then not. That's how I would Love to conduct education.

  3. maybe the word preponderance is obscure to them hence the halt in response..what does it mean anybody?? But postponement..one can do it for countless life times…why because we allow to become distracted by mostly baubles…more so now than ever before. Are you virtual or virtuous…Become wise at investment!.. become a virtuoso!….The guru..look at him..deeply…!..he has found the majesty of the deeper truest longing for a human being.

  4. But my classmates use occult powers and black magic to compete instead of increasing their competence
    What to do

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