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our slashes credit teachers have read it what's the saddest thing you've heard a student say I work as a paraprofessional for kids in grades k-5 and I kind of hop around from kid to kid and help wherever I can a lot of my one-on-one students are special education or have learning disabilities so my approach to working with them as being open to their interests and talking to them in between work Udonis lis be surprised how well this works just letting them tell you about their day or fortnight or their weekend now I have had issues with stuff like this with a few kids but the one that sticks out to me is this boy in my fifth grade class he has both learning disabilities and issues with emotional processing he's a very large kid at ten years old taller than I am one day I come into the room to find him sullen and quiet and I ask him if he'd like to come out in the hallway and talk to me but a bit of probing he told me that one of the kids in his class told him he should die that that nobody likes him at one point he just whispers I just want someone to love me it absolutely broke my heart I struggle with feelings of not feeling loved myself so I went told him you know I love you right you're my friend and I always look forward to seeing you every day we ended up taking a walk around the school just chatting to get his mind off things and I told the social worker ever since then he's been one of my best students yes he still doesn't want to do his work but he's always excited to see me and one day when I came to class with a pulled miss coal in my leg he helped me walk to his seat and pulled out a chair for me it's honestly one of the moments in my life where I feel I made a difference edit oh my god thank you for all the kind words in the silver it's so nice to hear how happy this makes all of you to me and just doing my job by bringing kids up and giving them that positivity they also need this really inspires me to continue what I'm doing so thank you so much that a pretty standard scale drawing project where students measured and drew their bed rooms a student drew squares along the walls and when I asked what they were he said they were the stove and refrigerator kid was sleeping in the kitchen the fact that he drew these in a school assignment shows that this is normal for him and that he has likely been sleeping in the kitchen his whole life just makes it all a whole lot worse do you know how the kid is doing today sadly no but that moment still lives with me I changed the assignment the following year to have the kids design their dream bedroom after making a scale drawing of a room at school to avoid making kids have to expose their living situations edit thanks for my first silver crime stranger that right there is wonderful of you thank you for thinking of what it must be like for those kids and what they must go through when others find out or fears around others finding out ex-wife taught first grade in a school district known mostly for trailer park crime at Christmas she had her kids write stories about the best thing about the holidays one extremely impoverished kid wrote that he was excited that Santa was going to let him pick out a single box of cold cereal that would be his and his alone and he could pick from anything in the grocery store mom was dead ass broke working two jobs trying to make ends meet and food stamps were the only way she could get her three kids of present she played this up and the kids got excited about this my husband is one of nine from a really poor rural Midwest family they used to give the kids pop-tarts in their Christmas stockings not a whole box mind you but a packet before there was any such thing as refrigeration elude stamps it used to be a status symbol if you could give your kids oranges for Christmas I was teaching media journalism podcasting video editing et Cie to students in Southeast Europe who wanted to better utilize social media to share what was happening in their countries think Arab Spring one of my students from Burma mentioned sleeping with her father I pulled her aside to have her clarify her father sleeps in bed with her and sister to make sure they aren't kidnapped overnight and sold into the asterisk slave trade most sobering moment of my life damn that is some heavy asterisk I had a student who was diagnosed with leukemia went into remission returned to school shortly after his sister was diagnosed with skin cancer a few weeks later his brother was killed in her RCA one day he came to see me and just hung around my classroom door I asked him if there was something he wanted and to come in he walked in sat down and simply said I just wanted to stop I don't know what I've done then he sobbed we ended up crying together for the entire break absolutely heartbreaking forgive my ignorance but what's an RTA road traffic accident no need to apologize I should have just typed it a second grader told me that he was feeling weird and tired that day because he didn't sleep much the night before because people were shooting each other on his street and his dad went out to see what was happening and didn't come back until morning he was so worried he hadn't slept at all another student told me he couldn't take his ADHD medicine because his mommy sold it for food I keep seeing all of these stories about food my school does a little thing that isin't much but definitely helps every Friday kids with the low income is sent home with a sack of food usually including water juice a can of tuna a small bag of chips raisins and other small non perishables it's a way a kid can have a meal or two if they otherwise aren't able to wear my daughter's go the cafeteria will feed any kid even if they don't have money the kids get a tab and the parents pay on it I asked about it my daughter chose to eat at the cafe rather than her packed lunch once and they said there's no cutoff limit they'd rather lose money than a kid not eat I was only sort of a teacher for one year I worked at one of the national laboratories in the Bay Area and as outreach we gave to science lessons each to all the schools Oakland and Berkeley on lesson two in one of the Oakland schools from a ten year old girl who was clearly having trouble paying attention sorry I wasn't here last time my dad got shot I said this when I was in middle school about my uncle he's fine a firefighter who got shot responding to some guy barricading himself in his house just wondering was this person's dad okay in the end I have no idea I was only there to throw around some dry ice and liquid nitrogen and share some related insights I was not equipped or trained for any kind of counseling and really we only saw these kids twice for an hour each I didn't think it was my place to ask her for details I was assisting another class of first graders and when they were dismissed one of the boys was slightly panicked and sticking to the wall when I talked to him to figure out why he informed me that his older brother had come to pick him up and that he was terrified I called over the other teacher and we found out that his brother was physically abusive when they were alone together of course in light of this information we couldn't allow him to leave with his brother so we called the mother and waited until she could pick him up I informed the mother of what her son had told us and that was it but I'll never forget how scared that little boy was many years ago I was teaching in a private school for children with emotional impairment and behavioral difficulties I had a six-year-old boy in class that had an upcoming court date about his raped by his mother's boyfriend the rape happened when he was 4 years old he looked at me with intensity and asks do you think that the judge would let go into rapists cell and beat him up I'm so much bigger now and I have been practicing oh and after could I live with you because my mom wants to live with him when he gets out of jail and I won't be able to live there anymore my sister had a kid in kindergarten have a big breakdown seeing all the food getting thrown away after lunch on the first day he had a bunch of siblings at home and they were all hungry it's the first time my sister cried at work CPS was called and stuff happened food waste is a serious problem why do people keep throwing food away when they know other people in this world are starving I don't mean those last few beans on your plate that you're too full to eat I'm talking about the enormous quantity of food thrown away by companies because the foods weren't sold or didn't look normal while those foods were actually completely fine to eat it really makes me angry I taught my high school students in China to write haiku 5 7 5 syllables I came across this one from an extremely pleasant and soft-spoken kid while going through what they handed in delete my dad told to me Harry now delete mums number shut up I will not Harry class 3a edit thank you extremely intelligent humans for pointing out the second line is eight syllables I'm fully aware this is what he wrote and came from his hair and mind and that's what makes it special many of the hike who I got back that were full of mistakes were the most powerful / clever / hilarious also you'd be surprised how hard it is to learn how to break down syllables coming from Chinese especially it might help to know that one each character in Chinese essentially boils down to one syllable when pronounced but the way kids learn at a young age to form the sounds breaks them down into either 2 or 3 parts that string together in different ways – in Chinese poetry since each character is one sound and takes up an equal amount of space and rhythm just the concept of words of different lengths having all sorts of variety and number of syllables throws them off from the start 3 Harry had literally learned what a syllable was like three days before he wrote this I'm Laura asterisk ing idiot the young man had just received his scores on his ex they weren't good and he felt his dream of being a police officer war over the kid is 17 just go his life rammed by a stupid-ass test it makes my blood boil how much stock we put into the damn test he's a joy to have in class spent all of his lunches with me going over content he didn't understand is well miked works 40 hours a week is a productive member of society and is just an overall good kid and a damn test says he's not good enough I can relate straight us through high school I took the asterisk ing test three times first two times my parents enrolled me to those ACT classes I got a score of 20 the switched me to a private tutor again I study my ass off if I wasn't working on schoolwork it was something with the act my last score was 21 I was still able to get into a college but I'm pretty sure it took me out of the running of the schools I really wanted to go to I'm looking into going into grad school and purposely looking for schools that don't need a Gress core to get in I'm sorry I didn't take my meds today because mom sold them again and is it okay if I stay in your room for lunch we don't have any food in the house I bought that kid bread peanut butter jelly and some snacks and he made lunches and dinners for himself and his brother I cried every night during that school year headed to wet thank you for unexpected gold a lot of heavy stuff in this thread but he made lunches and dinners for himself and his brother really got to me thanks for looking out for these kids his brother was in the grade below him in the same school and they were both of an age where you wouldn't typically expect kids to look out for each other but they did on Fridays he'd take the rest of the stuff home so that they had food for the weekend this was maybe 15 years ago and I can remember that so vividly damn he broke my heart he was such a good kid in my second year of teaching I had one of my fifth-grade students of wrote me in almost tears and asked if I could talk to her outside our room one morning I had a rough class that year so at first I thought someone said something to her then she broke down and told me her stepfather had been asked to rescue a Ella were abusing her for a while and threatened to kill her her mom and her baby brother if she told I don't know what made her finally ready to tell someone that I was so happy she did the worst part though was trying to get her help right there I remember trying to get our social worker that she was out of the building so I ran to my principal's office I couldn't get in because there was a group of teachers arguing and being catty to each other because one girl got a baby shower thrown by our superintendent and the other one didn't so they had been saying things behind each other's backs and it was just a mass drama I was furious I had a child who was having serious issues and they were concerned about a baby shower and who was the favorite I'll never forgot that fast forward to last year and I went to the middle school and saw her she ran up to me screaming and crying and gave me the biggest and best hug I have ever received she's doing great now I have two from the same Open University and an economically depressed area with tears can I please turn in my paper next week instead of next class because my brother just got convicted and they are asking for the death penalty poor kid that's our asterisk of a lot to handle at 18 this was an essay on the topic of why are you here the student an older woman in a freshman comp class wrote that she'd had her kids at a young age and now that they were grown she wanted to show them that she could still make something of herself and even though her husband told her that he would leave her if she went to college she came anyway thank God it was a diagnostic essay because how the asterisk would grade that I just wanted to cheer and hug her I was a secondary education major for most of college and worked at a bunch of schools nearby at one middle school there was a kid wheel called Jeremy about 12 years old black family was pretty broke smart kid worked pretty hard and took good notes he was never involved in any of the problems around the school and never got in trouble for anything more than missing an assignment or two good dude we were talking about their plans for the future and Jeremy mentioned he probably wouldn't be able to go to college but that was okay he'd try to find a job before leaving high school and when I go to jail I hope it'll only be for a few years so I can get back to work not if when with everything he'd seen in the world up to that point it wasn't really a question for him not me but wife a couple years ago a grade three kid whose birthday was coming up was saying how he didn't deserve the birthday that he was a speck of dirt that he was bad it took a while but my wife was able to figure out that when he was in grade one and at his birthday celebrations his dad stabbed his mom he had internalized this into somehow being his fault because it happened on his birthday it was his fault that his dad was in jail and that his mom was so severely injured that she could no longer work it was his fault that they had to move into a much smaller place really tough to hear kids should not have to deal with this asterisk that's the thing with abuse the child doesn't stop loving their parents they stop loving themselves for context I teach English as a second language in HK for secondary students at a pretty weak school at this point had only been teaching for maybe five weeks I was teaching the form one's 12 years old speaking lessons and one boy had a really good attitude to learning English and so I thought he would make a great addition to the English ambassador team to help me out around school when I approached him after class and asked if he wanted to join the conversation went like this me hey name would you like to be an English ambassador students but my English not very good sake me it seems pretty grapes to me and your attitude in class is excellent and that's what's important students but there are much sick students better than me me I think you're more than good enough at which point the boy starts crying and obviously I'm quite shocked and I'm just like what's up you okay to which he just says while sniffling from tears no one's ever said him good enough they all told me my English was rubbish that was heartbreaking for me to hear he explained afterwards not only had his friends told him he was rubbish but his teachers too they're just last week from behavioural / emotional support student ia me wow that's a pretty good score great job students yeah but I got percent wrong mom's not gonna be happy about that I a but this is honestly a good score for you it's over half student I know but whenever I tell her I got like 20 out of 30 my mom always says but you still got 10 wrong and I'm like screaming in my head why can't you be happy for me for finally getting a good grade I a heartbreaking well if she won't say it I will this is an awesome score for you I mean this is a brand new concept the teacher just introduced today and you rocked out this score after only hearing at once you did rockin awesome the little smile they gave her that I just killed me this kind of stuff really asterisk s people up my girlfriend had some really asterisk t Y parents a bit like this she will get 95% in a test at University and she will beat herself up about getting the 5% wrong I feel like I can hear her parents voices when she does it it's hard to convince people otherwise when it's been so ingrained from a young age this happened to me and I know it killed my teacher because he was one of my former coaches and he came to my house to apologize for it my dad died my senior year of high school and I missed a few weeks due to the death doing anything was a task let alone school but apparently he didn't get the notification when I came back to class he said hey Krampus where have you been who died kind of half-heartedly and apparently I just had this sad emotionless look on my face and said my dad and left the class he chased me down the hall and talked to me for awhile apologized over and over again and I accepted because I knew he meant no harm at all by the ill will joke he was nearly in tears because he coached me for a couple of years and knew my family too he came to my house that weekend and offered to take me out and try to have some fun with his family which his brother was my age too I miss that teacher he wasn't still as a great man with an ill-advised dark joke likes he really chose the wrong word at the wrong time he seems like a good guy with his heart in the right place but damn that must have been a wake-up call for him hope you are doing better now my friend I've been an ESL teacher online for Japanese people of all ages for around six to seven years or so I had a favorite student sweet nice older gentleman loves to talk about his favorite animes with me to practice his English and likes to ask about what I drew during the week I'm an illustrator one day he contacted me out of class hours which was against the company's rules and left me a message with the context of asterisk oh dear teacher I always look forward to our classes and I have been very happy whenever we talk I know you've become more popular and other students have requested for your classes so we cannot talk as often as we used to I know I'm only one of the many people you teach English too but you have been so kind to me during our classes and I feel like we have become friends I'm afraid to say that I will no longer be taking your classes anymore as I contemplating suicide I've been so depressed lately and I no longer know what to do against company protocol I contacted him as soon as I saw the message and begged him to tell me his mailing address and told him to wait until my letter comes I wrote him a very long letter of why he shouldn't do it and also sent a lot of my art prints and stickers to hopefully cheer him up he responded after some weeks and said that had truly helped him clear his mind we are still friends to this day and he sends me pictures of his pet rabbits from time to time edit thank you for the nice messages I am a bit shy to respond to some of them because English isn't my first language and I do not know as much slang as I wish I did but his favorite anime and now mine as well is not some Yujin shell NAT Sims book of friends it's very heartwarming and wholesome edit – thank you so much to the nice people who gave me a gold this wasn't necessary but so kind I'm in tears I didn't expect so many people to read it but I'm glad it has made a nice little impact in your hearts gentlemen sanded send me back something for the letter and art prints it was a life-sized Norinco sincerely plushie that helps me sleep better at night he also has a hamster named my anko sensei and he eats a lot edit three three silvers thank you so much really and for all the nice comments I'm so sorry for not replying to all of them but they are also uplifting I hope you take the time today to check on a friend thank you so much for watching the entire video I would be so grateful if you could like this video and subscribe to the channel new videos every day

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  1. I have a story. (Sorry if it’s kinda long)

    One time in fourth grade I forgot my social studies book in my classroom a day before a test and I was planning to study that night. My teacher got super mad when I got a 50%. (There was 4 questions and I got 2 right.) When I came up to claim my test he gave me “the look” and I knew what was coming. Our conversation:

    “Why did you get a 50%? Did you not pay attention in my classes?”

    “No, I was gonna study but I forgot my book…”

    “You cannot use ‘I forgot to bring my book’ and ‘I didn’t hear you’ and all those other excuses in my classroom. You either remember your books or fail your tests. Pay attention!!”

    *everyone in my class looks at me*

    “I-I’m sorry..”

    “Sorry doesn’t fix your grades. Pay attention or you will not be successful!!”

    I don’t know if I imagined it, but I swear I could hear him whisper “stupid kid…” under his breath when I turned away.
    Thanks, Mr. C.

  2. Dude, back in the day a penny for Christmas was a kid’s dream. Oranges were like getting your own car or something

  3. If I did that room drawing assignment it would’ve been a couch. However if I actually did it I would’ve been embarrassed and drew a basic room and make shit up.

  4. A little piece of advice,
    To me it sounds really insensitive when you put “asterisks” maybe just edit the sound out on that part? Or just don’t censor the language.

    I just wanted to express my opinion and give some constructive criticism. Sorry if I offended you.

  5. At the schools I went to, it was either pay up or you don't eat. In elementary however, they were legally required to feed you, so they would give the poor kids the driest, most unappealing sandwiches I have ever seen. I can only imagine the stomach aches the egg salad ones caused. At that particular school, they even allowed the teachers to get away with physically abusing students when they "misbehaved".

  6. 15:56 Damm I feel bad for this kid. I hope someone Good Will Hunting'd this kid later to tell him it's not his fault.

  7. I couldn’t be a teacher for this reason, I’m emotionally strong and stoic and I’ll admit I’ve got a lot of baggage, but hearing other people’s issues kills me man, I can help myself but it’s harder to help other people that’s all I want man all I want is everyone to be happy but I know that people will always hurt.

  8. yeah i usually sometimes go into the trash at school and take some of the nicely packaged stuff like string cheese or fruit roll ups

  9. 5:51 In Romania gradeschoolers get a free baguette and 200ml of milk every day. It's not much, but it's something.

  10. I pack a quite large lunch so that if anyone (in my friend group or otherwise) either a. doesn't have enough food or b. doesn't have any food they can eat

  11. 10:57 why does he need a good ACT score to be a cop? I thought the minimum for police academy was a HS diploma and 21+ years old. Even if he did need it he could have enough time to take it again

  12. not a teacher but a student. teacher blamed my classmate, good friend of mine, for ditching for months. he was absent because of a terrible illness. i later found out it was a type of cancer. dont worry he’s alive and well. but since he was absent his graded got depleted terribly all because he was stuck in the hospital and couldnt attend school for the first few months of the school year. it upset me when he told me the teacher thought, and still thinks to this day, he was a lazy teenager ditching school. even his parents told her he was in the hospital. she for some reason didnt believe them, or any other teachers who told her my classmate genuinely had cancer. no one liked her for other reasons but that gave me an extra reason to not like her.

  13. So, my daughter was getting sent home with bags of food this last year and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. Her father and I are not together and share custody. But she always comes home with me on the day she would get these packages. This reddit is making me realize that the school thinks we are impoverished….we're not. I appreciate their wanting to help, but I couldn't figure out why this was happening for the longest time. Her father lies to the government about how much he makes and receives food stamps/child care etc. I don't. I think he's been telling the school that we're poor and thus the reason we get food. Its summer vacation now, but I will make a point to tell the school to stop. We are fine. If her father wants it, I'm sure he'll take it, he likes handouts even though he makes more than I do..this is so fucked.

  14. I've always been too afraid to talk to teachers (or anyone) because it was never their issues, even when things got kind of rough

  15. imagine reading something so heartbreaking, but the only thing you can do is say that the poems format is wrong :/

  16. Teachers who can work day in, day out with pre-schoolers and special needs kids deserve not only a massive raise, but all the respect in the world for being able to do what many of us cannot. I personally wouldn't last 10 minutes if I was in their shoes.

  17. I don't know why I never found out but there was one time that my sister was crying because she got an B+ (89%) on a test i was so confused

  18. I heard something similar to this except it was at the place I worked at there was a girl who had some issues and I decided to be nice to her maybe even make a friend well one day I come in to work and a bunch of people are telling me how they saw her crying in the break room on a day I didn't work well actually I worked earlier in the day and when I didn't mention anything on the next ship that we work together but like a week after it happened I was talking to her about something and I was like so when did this happen and she said oh it happened Sunday I know because that was the day that I was crying in the break room and she said it like it was nothing there has to be something wrong with her she was not embarrassed to be crying in the break room then she told me the story of why she was crying she ran into somone who abused her an she acted like it was just a normal conversation wtf

  19. Unfortunately here in America, people are so sue happy, companies don't want to risk a lawsuit from someone getting sick off their food or anything. You could try to make a law to where you can't sue companies for donated food, but then you'll have companies sending expired food for a tax write off instead of putting it down as waste and losing money. I refuse to work in the food industry now because of the amount of spoilage that would happen. I remember working in a convenience store and having to throw away perfectly good deli food because of health standards. At first, we'd double bag it and let the homeless/down on their luck people know what time we'd be spoiling it out and throwing it away. Our area manager found out and started making us pour bleach on it. We had cameras outside and if we were caught throwing food away without pouring bleach, we'd be written up by him. Made me so sick. They were already rummaging through a dumpster, mister big shot owner doesn't know where the fucking food is so what the hell is wrong with letting them have it after it's already been dumped?

  20. Anyone in the rust belt area? Giant Eagle's Getgo gas stations throw away their food and then LOCK IT UP in dumpsters so no one can get at it. Why? Liabilty issues, so no one can get sick and due the company.

  21. Oh my gosh, I love natsume's book of friends, too! I also have a life sized nyanko sensei plushie, he is so soft. I'm so happy for op and her friend

  22. in elementary school, i was put on lunches for low-income kids. i didn't know about it at the time, but i later found out(in my first year of high school) that at the time my parents were trying to survive on only a few hundred dollars. i am now 17 and while we aren't rich, we're very well off. my dad worked very hard and got a high-paying job and i'm so proud of him 🙂

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