Ryan Pretend Play Learn Colors with Trucks Car Wash and Number Counting!

huh more math cars this one is blue this one is green this one is red if you think of this pink and this one is yellow never for some fun signs experiment oh yeah it exploded on our side-by-side or a bit messy yeah in the castle while Tyler my sign read it's not okay now messing up the monster down click on bling-bling click click click fun this is how we did the science experiment this is baking soda and this is vinegar or good I'll make dinner blue beautiful feeling we're gonna carefully place the boat into the water hopefully we don't spill it's not gonna fall ok let's see if it's gonna work funny spring summer fall you know baking soda help cleans it too so you can what it's cleaning up parts yeah so baking soda is used for cleaning yeah so we're gonna continue to clean the cars and then let's see we can get the color changers to work okay so it was white now it changed to blue not completely blue I can't even get the door ins like a brown we have to shake it nice let's test out car number truck was yellow how will they know if this changes oh oh then it changed to green yellow now it's green check green shark yes the shop one turns it's going to change and do you have blue to purple that's cool so cool purse it is pink oh yeah purple pink to purple earlier that is purple nice they're like brothers or something car number six whoa turn darker it turns more black car number sand so it is whitish greenish and it'll turn into oh great first it was yellow I change to its silver brown yeah won't let the police release brown car awesome I cannot expect that one oh yeah bra so it's a shame they're brothers she's excited can't you swim with a take full of cards I adore II write the stuff is in my way door and what are you doing I'm looking at the kids yeah dori dori spike to menu stuff in the fish chain and I don't have space to move around you guys wait what's your name again wait what was I doing here look who is here me move but actually our Nemo I couldn't take the batteries out it's a little bit stuck so in the batteries a so we can't actually swim but we can pretend it's pretending it's fun to write underwater when you look at her sharks you wanna race okay I got you in the water right in yeah that's really cool so Ryan do you know how an object sink or float know if the object is less dense than water because that's what the liquid were using the object is less dense than water then it will float and if it's more dense and it will the waters filled up let's go find some objects that's going sorry farther so we can say your boat what should we use we want to see if a water bottle will sink or float okay you think a both gonna sink their float float what else what else you guys so I have to get the Diet Coke in the fridge sink or float down sink [Applause] yeah nope I ran tests that one huh yeah what else should we test some disney cars oh yeah which one you wanna bring in a big one McQueen yeah Oh what about this this is big but do you think it's gonna float or so let's try this one too cute pumpkin snow look at this are you gonna sink or float mr. pumpkin head what else are we testing up now it's fine you guys gonna sink or float whatever strength what about retest this hurt see a sink so what do you think we have an object here then liquid water what do you want to try this yes air air is actually less dense than water so it helps it float oh my queen wants a trick McQueen I'm your clinic thanks chase more distant water boy for good Oh more dance I'm a queen Oh what are you filming in water are you ready to go for a swim Oh what object do you want to test next next is that Pokemon inside even if you put it down it pops back up oh I'll pick my favorite drink diet coke ooh sink or flip I think it is six yeah okay okay same exact same see what's your guess mommy I think it's it's lows how because Diet Coke doesn't have the it has the fake sugar in there it doesn't have sugar in there to weigh it down daddy's gonna see if he can find a regular so now that's not diet and see what happens daddy regular soda alright alright so because they have sugar in there is gonna make it more dense than water let's see if it's true that's ready I'm ready see it is going down more maybe just takes time regular soda see just takes time more kids are less dense than water you guys both win all right daddy what else should we try stressful okay what about hold it's flat crumble it up into a ball right what do you want to try next mr. Ryan oh definitely sing oh wait to the bottom did you guys get this one's gonna think I'm a boy toy Ryan toy review boys right away probably swimming rebel used to me having a swing we're gonna go clean up now and mr. pumpkin also says hey please click on one of these videos where I enjoy it more fun you

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