Ryan Fraser ● Welcome to Arsenal 2019 ● Skills & Goals

29 thoughts on “Ryan Fraser ● Welcome to Arsenal 2019 ● Skills & Goals”

    The whole point of welcome videos is to show case the skills of players that actually signed or will sign.

  2. I like him. Im amazed at how small he is but still withstands physical duels. I think if we sign him he could turn out to be better than 16-17 season sanchez

  3. Tbh nothing about this player stood out. We already have that in Iwobi, what does this guy bring to the table? I’d rather try poach Shaqiri.

  4. if he plays a mid table team in spain and came from south america or other parts of the world he would be £100m and every big club would be after him thats how football works nowadays

  5. fraser will be a good addition along with n.pepe. honestly do arsenal need more defenders? if mustafi leave, chambers will replace him. with mavra, holding as backup to kos and papa, we dont need cb. we need wingers

  6. Great 3/4th choice winger along with Nelson now we need two first choice ones (unless we don't wanna compete with the top 4) if aim is top 6 then could possibly even start better then Jay jays nephew

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