RWU Feinstein School of Humanities, Arts and Education Graduate Cayley Dorr

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a
teacher and while I was in college I found that the most fulfilling work that
I was doing was combining my creative work in my physical work with the
intellectual work of Education and transferring my world knowledge into
practical teaching. The most fulfilling thing about my job is being able to
provide access to a high quality dance education where access might not
otherwise be available and sharing all of the work that I’ve been doing while
continuing to develop as a dancer with the next generation of movers. I teach my classes the exact same way that I was taught here at Roger Williams on
developing efficiency in movement and anatomically sound safe movement which
isn’t always prioritized in studios or in other schools so, tapping into my
physical knowledge, tapping into my historical, cultural, theoretical,
knowledge of the body and of we are shaped by our culture and how we access
our physicality has helped me shape my curriculum into one that focuses on the
self and one that focuses on learning to move outwardly from the in first. The dance program here at Roger Williams is very technically, physically, creatively
rigorous and also provides this sort of critical theoretical frame
that is useful in applying the intellectual aspects of movement and
physical work and the Educational Studies program is super flexible This is my second time bringing a group
of students to Roger Williams and I feel so grateful to be part of this
generational cycle of dancing alongside my students, dancing alongside my
professors and just being in this space together moving together and sharing
this physical space and this energy with my students and seeing them light up the
same way that I did when I first walked into this building is so special and it
makes me so grateful and excited to be back. I think I’m just grateful to have
professors who always welcomed me back and it’s never a question of if it’s how
can we help and have been cheering me on as I build this program from the ground
up and they’ve been such a resource for me academically, physically and
emotionally supporting me in my journey to become the best teacher I can be
because they were the best teachers that I had.

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