Ruthie Gilmore, "When the Prison Industrial Complex Masquerades as Social Welfare"

underlying the prison industrial complexes that consistency and the consistency has been to target vulnerable people and the definition of vulnerable has some variation over time and space and we can see greater intensity x' and certain times and places and lesser and others so for example modestly educated people in the prime of life who are not white then targeted significantly but so have white people especially been i exclusively in rural america people not documented to work have been targeted but so have people who have been documented not to work which is say people have been carrying convictions regardless of their citizenship status but what's also key to my understanding of what's going on now is the fact that police police departments or what they like to call themselves police organizations over time have gotten greater and greater power to participate in many aspects of social life that other state agencies used to take care of the in other words police organizations especially in big cities here in new york city in lafayette in the city of los angeles and we could probably name many many others have internalized submission of social welfare organizations and the difference between what they do and what these other state agencies do that has done or have done is that they demand a certain kind of self policing or unmatched deputy status in order for people to qualify for meager social goods and benefits at the same time agencies whose mission has never been about policing and punishment let's say the United States Department of Education or you know any number of welfare and other agencies health for example have internalized the mission of policing in order to allocate the scarce resources that they have between the so-called deserving and the undeserving so one case in point that I like to use as an example as the United States Department of Education has a SWAT team why would they have a SWAT team to legitimize what they do in the eyes of the completely deal agenda Mize and yet still large set of agencies whose work is supposed to be social welfare social goods social benefits and dare I say social justice

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