Russian Talking Book, Educational toy for Children by S+S toys

hello again today we have another Russian toy for kids this one is a talking book My first knowledge book it’s made by a company called S+S Toys and all what you have is this panel and the rest is just photos 3x AA batteries or maybe AAA? I’m not sure this is the model number DO43004R and here it tells you … what the buttons do so, let’s turn it on and see this is the power on/power off this is the Volume this is GAME and here LEARNING Here it tells you “Red…” so it tells you the… blue is the colour of the ocean.. ..the sea and green is the colour of grass yellow is the colour of the sun whatever these are the seasons of the year maybe you already guessed big and small tall and short now it asks you questions by the way this game is very annoying! now it asks you questions Where is МАЙ? it doesn’t allow you… you have to wait… you have to wait for the annoying sound to finish so you can make your choice if you make the wrong answer it will ask you the same question which is also annoying anyways

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