Run an intensive swim group lesson with kids * | Christian Anseaume

as class we start today is Christmas soon I have some new student welcome to the class I don't know I don't know you so much for this group but it's ok ok for me from your legs first I want to keep let's go cheek I want to see cake cake cake patty cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake top ok my class my student day listen you can follow that you listen alright yeah ok our opposition from you first okay everyone switch on the side and then after we turn on the triangle okay okay Lena one up keke keke keke keke very good up hey let's go very good up you go are you special pretty ah I say up what are you waiting for okay we go up go back to make huh you know you can't go beyond okay up perfect a little rzd up papi on the top very good up a perfecto lot of Jamaica after two met doctor don't forget bubbles ain't in here and try to keep faster go later we go let's go all right okay I don't want to see head put you head a little water huh very good okay stop for white when I say oh you need to go immediately don't waste your time the loser here is not oh he always he is in the mood you know you're in the moon you're somewhere in the cloud or what huh when I say oh you have to go if it's your turn you do straight forward okay now we can do the same but we go to the other side so I give you the power okay you have to te– until the end Lena up up hey bubbles up to the end Jimmy panting – app has he'd even go to ban up to the flap tail car huh liquidation on to the pellet oh okay okay sorry also miss Shirley pootie are you ready for the cake one more time don't forget bubbles until the end I don't want to see head when I say off you need to be ready one more time for the kick one this week can I get a cake cake cake cake one two three four tied four five six cake cake cake cake top you're doing two more class later with me so stop and go play somewhere to one we go up nope Nina Anatole not oh hey to the empty custard I lied yes not all much better when you listen you see I find the good don't trim your head please I fight I fight fight alright one more time go one two three naked cake one goose is shaking Vigo up cleanup up and that's all up good and not oh okay papi yes okay now let's have some fun another freestyle remember one hand touch bubbles two-hand touch bubble three brief on the side and touch keep your hand on the top with up to three stroke out of your face inside the water Anatole first top one to brief and slap okay lean our top that's all about the center to a top on TV will you try very good let's go together and bubbles bubbles three bubbles bubbles bubbles breathe very good we need to have a cap next time yes pretty correct ready

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