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welcome to Ruckus our weekly food for thought fight
over the news of the day and the trends of the times I’m Mike
Shanin the ruckettes join me shortly and our topics this week
is Kansas unfriendly to taxpayers will Missouri voters
be friendly to governor parson and are Democrats still friends
after Tuesday’s debate plus of course roasts and toasts but we
start with our newsmaker segment and welcome one of the
six freshmen members of the Kansas city Missouri city
council she’s Rayana park Shaw who represents the fifth
district on the southeast side of Kansas city she brings to
the council a background as a small business operator with
experience in the healthcare field we’re happy to welcome
councilwoman Rayana Park Shaw to ruckus thank you very
much for coming in thank you very much is this the first
time you’ve been in elective office yes it is you know I’ve
talked to a lot of people who have held elective office over
the years councilmembers mayor’s state legislators
congressman and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not an easy
job why did you want to do it you know the the biggest
motivation for me was to really make a difference just
ultimately wanting to see positive change here in Kansas
city and I feel like with my well rounded experience I’d be
able to do that you’ve been on the council now for just a few
weeks is it like you thought it was going to be
honestly I don’t know what to expect but it’s kind of like
drinking water from a fire hose things move very quickly now
from your perspective representing the fifth district
you were elected in district not city wide not at large but
from your perspective what do you see as the most important
issue now facing the council obviously we have an issue with
the affordable housing the priorities that I hear from
my constituents really deal with public safety and all in
this whole issue with violent crimes is is top I think on
everybody’s list as you know you’re going to
have to select a new city manager sometime early next
year Troy Schultie is retiring I
believe in February and by the way have you heard that he may
go to work for Jackson County government
you know the rumor mill is is running
well he confirmed it that he is that he is at least talking to
people in Jackson County government anyway yeah for a
new city manager do you have some thoughts do you think you
should be looking outside the city or maybe inside the city
manager’s office now for some of the deputies and assistant
city managers you know I think we do have a lot of
institutional knowledge there within the city but you know
it’s been awhile since we have actually gone out to look for a
city manager I think we need to to look at a national search
and seen you know what’s out there to ensure that we have
the best experience there in in our city as you well know
voters are going to decide whether the Dr Martin Luther
king junior Boulevard should Stay that name or be switch
back to the name and had for decades Paseo Boulevard
what’s your preference you know my preference really is to let
the voters decide one of the key important issues
for me is to be a voice for all the people and I think our
democracy is at its best when all those voices can be heard
so I strongly support what the voters are going to decide you
have a sense of what voters are going to the side now I don’t I
don’t It’s going to be one or
the other we know that yeah that’s right last
week during the interview segment of ruckus I
talked with Robbie Makinen of
the ATA area Transportation
Authority and he very much wants to eliminate bus fares
wants to make bus rides free I know the mayor does as well I
think ultimately that has to be decided by the city council
do you like the idea of getting rid of bus fares I do yes I do
it I think there are multiple benefits to doing that I would
like to see us move forward with that as well I know you
spent time in the health care as part of your preparation
to be on the council what about this idea of decriminalizing
marijuana possession in Kansas city do you like that I can
tell you out there are many out of the constituents have
contacted me that are and in support of that obviously being
in healthcare actually work in hospice care and I think you
know there’s definitely definitely a need from the
medical aspect of that I think as we as city council
look at doing that we need to really make sure that we weigh
all options from the legality issues there but I’m one who
will be a voice for the people and I can say I think I’ve had
more people push to legalize that
so you know I think it’s bigger than just here in Kansas city
it’s something that we need to look at on a state level as
well but you know looks like Kansas
city is going to try to be the leader in this going on for
years and it will continue for years I suspect thank you very
much it’s a pleasure to meet you I appreaciate you
coming in thank you that is Kansas city Missouri
councilmember Rayana park Shaw now let’s meet the panel and
start a ruckus Dave Trabert is CEO of the
Kansas policy institute Gwen grant is president and CEO of
the urban league in Kansas city Jason grill is founder of Jay
grill media a public affairs strategic communications and
media relations consulting firm and Ron Freeman is a
motivational speaker and writer thanks to all of you for coming
in today there was a time when we were told Kansas was a
paradise for people looking for low tax rates now apparently
that no longer is true according to Kiplinger of
business news forecasting service Kansas has become the
tenth least friendly tax state in the country one reason the
highest sales tax rate of eight point six seven percent and if
you believe people move to and from states with a eye
toward tax relief consider this another study this one a couple
years ago from United van lines says Kansas is one of the five
most popular states in the country to leave move from get
out of so what about these studies is there a connection
should they cause the democratic governor and the GOP controlled
legislature not to mention the nearly three million residents
some real and genuine concern Dave well Mike if they care
about job creation and economic growth they better care an
awful lot about this this is not anything new it’s been
going on for decades but if you just look at the
data compare the the ten worst states and the ten best dates
from that study and I think you have the data here to to show
job growth since nineteen ninety eight has been more than
double in the ten best states versus Kiplinger’s ten worse
states it was up thirty nine percent increase from nineteen
ninety eight to twenty seventeen versus seventeen
percent thirty three percent more GDP growth the ten states
that are the ten best states have gained population
they’ve gained four point seven million the the ten worst
states have lost over six million residents that’s people
voting with their feet choosing to leave and go somewhere else
are tax rates the most
significant factor in those changes do you
think tax rates are are one of the major factors but taxes
also have because of the impact it has on economic growth
alot they might not say I’m leaving for taxes they’re
leaving for better job opportunities and when you have
a better economic condition in an in state would have lower
taxes they might be moving for jobs but taxes are part of the
reason those jobs are there and not here when the people who
ran LLC’s limited liability corporations paid no income tax
in Kansas where people flocking to move to Kansas
well they weren’t leaving I
think that’s the bigger issue when you
look at the agriculture economy you look at energy and those
things have taking big hits
recently and in my opinion this whole situation
validates where Sam Brownback
wanted to leave the state in terms of
tax policy the consequences are there it’s
pretty obvious so you tax people too much they leave do I
recall correctly all the criticism of brownback and the
state for having taxes that were too low yes just a couple
years ago exactly I mean are
they dramatically higher now than
they were a couple years ago
they are Mike they are income tax hike
the income tax you know the the marginal rates might be a
little bit lower than they were but the overall tax burden is
much higher because they also increased the state sales tax
they’ve since taken away Laura Kelly and others have taken
away the ability to deduct some of your property taxes and
mortgage interest and so forth so the the net tax burden this
is according legislative research the next net tax
burden was higher even before this last income tax increase
Gwen I think you brownback wasn’t working I mean it was
killing the economy no not at all you’ve been reading
the star to much read all the other
papers If you look at the data it wasn’t doing it those
tax cuts really had a negative impact that forced the
legislature to reverse them no that is what the the talking
points say the reason they reversed it was they didn’t
have the courage to otherwise balance the budget it was not
causing the supreme court’s
demand for education Gwen I want
to ask you I think I’ve heard you complain
before about Kansas taxing foods yes at the same rate as
everything else food at 8 point
67 percent Yeah at the standard rate when
most states just do not do that and I think that’s what in fact
thirty two states don’t do that all states don’t do it at all
Missouri does it at a rate of about one point two two five
percent so I mean Kansas really needs to take a look at that
that doesn’t really but missouri has local
municipalities that bump that
thing up like Kansas City
Missouri and other places so
sales tax in Kansas City at some places can be up to 10
percent yeah or maybe even higher sales tax in Johnson
County is higher than New York City when you could because 8
point six seven is the statewide
average you get sales taxes over ten percent in some parts
of Johnston county that’s worse than New York City and a lot of
other major cities Jason how how is Missouri overall it’s
called a mixed state in the
study it’s kind of both ways like you
said I mean the gas tax the
lowest I think in the country which is
why our I seventy corridor is so bad in fact the effort to get
the gas tax increased the the people voted that down just
a year or so ago they did
there was some weird funding in
that low gas tax lower property tax
in Kansas a little higher income tax for the top echelon
it’s six percent but that’s like you might be going down
they have been efforts to move that down so it’s it’s kind of
mixed like you said but Missouri has more assets to
showcase as far as with St Louis and Kansas city for job
creation and quality of life
ceretainly a lot more people right much higher
population this final question Jason from your experience and
you were in the legislature do you think people will move from
one state to another principally because of the tax rate maybe
retirees and older and older folks on fixed incomes Why are
you looking at me People leave for job oportunities for quality
of life for for many things that I think that the older
population maybe leaves for for taxes but most people aren’t
leaving because of the tax rate I don’t think so I think
there’s a combination of a lot of things it is still a
year away but it looks like Missouri may already have it’s
two candidates for governor both already holds state
offices Nicole Galloway is the state auditor and a Democrat
she’s in the Kansas City area from time to time checking on
the clay County budget battle Mike parson is the governor a
Republican who did not run for the job he was elected
lieutenant governor in twenty sixteen and assumed the top job
when Eric Greitens resigned in the race for campaign funds
parson is getting some major help he is benefiting from
uniting Missouri a political action committee financed in
part by rex sinquefield a Saint Louis billionaire who along
with Crosby Kemper the third founded the show me institute
so assuming it’s Galloway and parson in the race what are
some of the major issues they will be fighting about let’s
start with Jason you know it’s
going to be interesting I actually was in
legislature with Mike parson he is a bi partisan guy and he’s
actually I think done fairly well with a lot of this
economic work and actually come to Kansas city so he’s
obviously the front runner you mention financing but Nicole
galloway is a hard worker she’s
a hard fundraiser I think she’s going
to come at it with a watchdog kind of our auditor role
remember she’s also going to be able to keep her seat
even if she loses or keep her role as auditor this race I’d
have to give him the the heads up but I think
you know the national politics the presidential race whoever
the candidates are in the democratic Republican side will
obviously determine a lot of the turnout and this kind of
election I think that’s important certainly I was
mentioning that parson has the ability to raise a lot of
money but Nicole Galloway is raising a lot of money too Gwen
yeah she’s doing well and that she has a PAC and I think her
pack is raised over half a million dollars but they’re
still you know because Mike Parson I think that the
challenge for Nicole is that Missouri is truly a crimson red
state now and you’re right the national election is gonna
weigh heavy on that but I think in order for her to really
stro have have a strong challenge for Parson she’s
gonna to have to appeal to ah the more moderate centric
Republicans she’s gonna have to pull Republican of votes in
this election and so it’ll be interesting to see how that all
how she does>has to appeal like Ron she’s got to appeal to
pro-choice Repubican>the
pro-choice women she’s got to
appeal to the pro choice women Ron this seems
to be a time when female candidates are emerging a lot
of emphasis placed on women running for public office is
that going to be a major asset for Galloway in the Missouri
governor’s race well I think it’s her record I think people
are going to look beyond gender
I think that’s really where we are I
don’t think it’s going to give her a plus I think her
credibility is going to be in her performance in the past but
I do think you’re running
against an incumbent it going to be a
challenge because he’s got he’s
he’s he’s financially solid the state’s
economy is doing well the state over all Missouri the state of
the republic is well are and so
I think she’s gonna have a challenge and
it’s going to be be an uphill battle she might
get some swing votes too and he might get some
democratic votes from moderates I think too just because they
like what he’s done but I think she’s probably the best
caniddates Democrats put up the
election Dave do you think Parson’s
biggest advantages is the
advantage of incumbency you know incubancy is
is a strong advantage in in any race
not having any major scandals will probably help him
too that’s you know and they can
focus on the record and and not on on all the bad stuff that
usually is a distraction Gwen typically Democrats win big
cities in Missouri Saint Louis and Kansas city and
Republicans fare better in the rural areas is there any way
that you can see where Galloway might get some support in the
rural Missouri if she reaches out in the rural
areas around the issue of Medicaid expansion I think she
could pick up traction in those in those areas and and and she
really needs to make a strong case about women’s reproductive
health women’s right to choose those that’s how she’ll she
will maybe people swing votes from Republicans
you know and and and bring them bring out her base as well so I
think that’s important Jason
Gwen listed several possible campaign
issues what other I mean obviously>might they argue>the
national economy will have an effect I don’t know if they’re
really having to do with it but it will she mentioned the
abortion issue that was probably the only really truly
if your a moderate mainstream
the extreme it going to be on the
ballot I don’t know if it is or not I need to check but I know
the supreme court yeah but the deal is that Parson
signed that abortion bill right and that caused people who had
been supporting him to shift>
the one that stop abortion after
six weeks felt that that was too far to
the right right and that’s kind of what she was she she’s got
a she’s gotta push on that then with her campaign I think the
biggest issue is probably gonna be the the presidential race
I mean depending on how that
goes I mean if the Trump effect
is going to be real we’ll see how that and who the democratic
candidate is right right which which we will be talking
about in just a moment good
segue good thank you
there was yet another debate this week featuring the meriad
of folks running for the democratic presidential
nomination heading into the CNN New York times event Joe Biden
was still leading the national polls while Elizabeth Warren
gained the top spot in some state polling this was the first
debate since Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack and
there was interest in how he would perform there is a great
deal to cover about the three hour debate but let’s begin
with this what was your big take away from the Tuesday
debate Gwen well clearly everyone views Warren as the
front runner so she’s certainly had a target on her back so she
was under under full of thought I thought Klobusar showed up
really well and lifted her profile significantly after the
debate Biden was somewhat out of the fray because he’s kind
of fallen back I’ve I felt like he did he performed fairly well
I know that some of the pendants kinda jumped on him
about his you know his few
little gaffs hs incoherence
but but I thought he I thought he did well and I thought it
was a good night even though Sanders you know Sanders
the focus is on him about his health and he showed up well
and he you know he had displayed a sense of humor and
um pulled some some some major supporters support amongst the
progressives in fact he is getting the support of
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the
Squad yes and this well I
even though you know he may say Warren held their own and still
maybe won the night but certainly sounded you think he’s
back in do think AOC’s support that might
play a key role he’s certainly not out she’s a socialist she
likes that kind of politics Ron what was your big takeaway
your big headline from the debate I know you love watching
democratic presidential debates
all three ours right right
I was there glued I think the
the to me the thing that really kind
and maybe this is a bad thing to sau that but the truth is you
look at it seventy eight year
old seventy six year old seventy year old and you
wonder about the energy you wonder about the ability you
gotta just had a heart attack the guy who just I mean his
memory seems to be a little bit fuzzy I think that creates
challenges I think that’s probably why Elizabeth Warren
is pushed forward and I really think ahead of those two but
Butt-gig the guy from Indiana has probably the guy that I
like to the energy he brought he sounded lika senseable
candidate that might have a chance to push
forward in that race Buttigieg Buttigieg, Mayor Pete yeah the
only issue he has right now is
his last name Trump in his seventies what
seventy what
two he’s Trump is seventy threeI believe
he’s making a issue about age about you know making a point
about but Trump doesn’t seem to
lose the energy I mean he fights on Twitter like nobody’s
well he’s in the early seventy seven
how much impact Dave does the impeachment process have on the
selection of a candidate for the democratic nomination I
don’t know that it has a lot of impact most of them seem to
come out in in favor of it you know they’re there were
with few exceptions there really wasn’t much difference
among those candidates it was like a three hour telethon for
socialism yeah here here
and it was it was free stuff for everybody very few people
even the ones who said they had a plan didn’t really have a
plan for it because you know as Margaret Thatcher famously said
the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other
people’s money and and you can’t tax people
enough you could confiscate all the assets of the so called
wealthy and you still couldn’t pay for these plans nobody
wants to put the truth on paper because the math doesn’t work
he obviously hasn’t been to
Elizabeth Warren’s website in her plan
I don’t either but she had no plan to answer the question
get to that she had a plan
to not answer the question she didn’t want to answer that
question you would think listening to Democrats they are
so happy that they’re going to be running against Donald Trump
that he will be so easy to obliterate on the race do they
really believe that I don’t think so I think I think if you
had a bet on it right now it’s probably fifty to fifty I mean
if sixty to forty I mean it’s a close election I mean no matter
how you slice it so they might say that but I know that they
think it’s gonna be a tough race no matter what happens in
this impeachment inquiry just because of the partisanship
going on I’m interest Ron Gwen said the she thought Joe Biden
did pretty well do you think he did pretty well I think he I
think he used Joe Biden I do think again the the challenge
for the
I mean it seems to have some things that they couldn’t quite
remember saying the way he wanted to I think that you have
a reality of the issue with the son in the Ukraine is gonna be a
factor before this all done and they kind over they were
guarded and they’re gonna come
at him really publicly in that primary
but overall he’s he’s got issues got baggage and then
again you have Elizbeth Warren
who sees a rising and some of us
have moderated political debates maybe all of us I don’t
know can you think of a worse format than the one that CNN
employed for that I actually the moderators did a
good job well I didn’t say they did a bad job the whole concept
of twelve people some of them
never hardly ever got called upon the
leaders in the polls got the majority of the questions
and the questions were oftentimes fairly soft don’t
you think as if the moderators well I don’t know how you have
twelve candidates on stage it it’s on stage and make
everyone happy why why
do it that way yeah no it will early so they had to do that it
is in and and you know the number of candidates kind of
drives that but it’s not a good forum
CNN they they kind of wavered they went back and forth
between right where I get actually the
candidates did a better job of pressing will you answer the
question you know something as simple as
and I forget which candidate was claimed that Ohio had lost
jobs under president trump that’s a bald faced lie Ohio’s
gained eighty six thousand jobs since November of twenty
sixteen private sector jobs that’s not to say trump did it
but something as simple as saying well you’ve lost jobs I
mean you know something like that’s going to come up be
prepared so your calling for truth in politics
well I mean I’ve been know to
tilt a windmills Alrightr it is now it is still
time for roast and toasts where the Ruckettes have thirty
seconds each to participate
immaculate or extirpate and lets start with
Gwen I’m toasting the life and
legacy of Missouri state senator Yvonne
Wilson who passed away Monday morning at the age of ninety
senator Wilson devoted most of her life to serving our
community she spent thirty five years as an educator in the
Kansas city school district prior to serving with the with
distinction in the Missouri legislature as state
representative for five years and a senator for six years she
was a fierce and formidable advocate for education children
and equity her life and service will live will leave an
indelible mark on our community Jason I like to toast the
moderates in the debate the other night Mayor Pete Buttigeig
Amy Klobuchar senator Klobuchar and vice
president Biden for pushing back against a Elizabeth Warren
and Bernie Sanders I think that’s great I thought mayor
Pete won the debate he’s rising in Iowa New Hampshire is going
to probably be in the top four he’s got a ton of money but I
really I really appreciated that the the people on the
moderate wing of the Democratic Party which actually calling
out some of these policies and pushing back I thought that was
a lively debate I think that’s good for the party and I’m
excited as most people are the moderate Democrats Republicans
are in the middle so it’s an exciting thing for our country
and I I toast the moderates in the democratic debate Dave
a roasts to the Johnston county school districts suing vaping
manufacturer Juul I make sure there’s of vaping is a problem
and it’s a distraction in schools but so were cellphones
you know are apple and Samsung next on the lawsuit bandwagon
look expel the students who won’t stop vaping and focus on
educating the kids who want to learn Ronso I’m gonna
roasts the chiefs kingdom Mike we’ve got a bunch of people
complaining because the Chiefs
are had a couple weeks really not
look so good but they’re still that same talented the team NFL
full of players great talent and
I believe our guys have what it
takes to get it right we’re going to move on and when this
thing all right and finally finally let’s move the
teleprompt finally I mentioned
last week my birthday gift to a book
titled the official dictionary of sarcasm so as I pledge not
to quote from it every week here is the official sarcastic
definition of a politician a person who inspires such
inherent distrust that we feel perfectly comfortable letting
him or her make a whole bunch of important decisions for us
and that is ruckus for this week we’re back next Thursday
at seven now for the Ruckettes and the crew Mike Shanin
saying thanks very much for watching and goodnight

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