14 thoughts on “RSA Replay – How to Change Education”

  1. The introductory speaker says that Ken Robinson doesn't need an introduction and then takes over 3 minutes to introduce him! Sir Ken starts at 3.10 and as always is very inspiring.

  2. A great talk he really has some inspiring ideas. but i think his ideas may fall on deaf ears. government like governing things its almost tautological. it is still a great talk and i admire him!

  3. It's stupid when they take more than one question at one, the same amount of time will be taken up by having the questions and answers said, so why the hell would you load up three Q's at once and make it so no one can remember what they were exactly?

    That gets my goat.

  4. Helt igennem fantastisk – Sir Ken Robinson er i den grad exponet for afskaffelse af det total forældede uddannelsesystem – hans ord og viden, giver i den grad stof til eftertanke – der er kun ét at gør – komme igang – alle dem som har modet og viljen ……….

  5. thank you sir Ken Robinson.you are awesome.the way of your explaine and your methode.my faithfully

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