RPS School Board Meeting 9/17/19

This September seventeenth two thousand school board meeting the meeting of the independent school district 535 school boards called order at 5:33 p.m Tuesday September 17th room 137 of the Edison building Present at the board table is mr. Michael Nuno Superintendent of Schools and a non-voting ex officio member of the board Also present as nestled in D ed gar. The assistant board clerk miss ed Garwood. Please call the roll Tara Barlow here miss Marvin here. Miss Nathan here. Mr. Susman Yeah, the ceiling er, yeah miss workman here Let’s stay on us are able for the Pledge of Allegiance First item is 2.01 approval of agenda. This is an action item is Ramon Yoos. Yes. I’d like to call your attention item 7.0 for resolution disappointing an employee has been added Second discussion All in favor aye opposed Then this approved three Recognitions information item mr. Muñoz is that this thing? I’m going to call crisp or gritty century high school principal Troy pre ghee male high school principal Good evening superintendent Munoz aside guard members of the board It is an honor and a privilege to recognize a number of students here this evening from century high school that will for their great act Academic accomplishments, but then also their service to the community first. I’d like to bring up Selma Abdi you could come on up. I Told her you might ask her lots of questions, so she’s well versed sosamma Abdi Has the distinct honor and privilege to represent herself her family Central High School in Rochester Public Schools as a member of the Minnesota Youth Council The Minnesota Youth Council is a collaboration of youth and adults working together to empower mobilize young pianned Mobilize young people across the state to exercise their voices opinions and ideas and take action on issues affecting youth in 2013 the Minnesota Legislature formally recognized the work of the NYC Passing into law the Minnesota Youth Council committee bill which establishes the NYC as an official legislative committee Creating a system for youth to provide advice and recommendations to the legislature and the governor Congratulations, do you have any questions for her? I’ve always wondered about like things I could do to help people especially the youth because we’re not really fully Represented and we’re not our voice wasn’t being heard so I Spent a bunch of time online searching it up and I found out about it and then I was reading about it and what they did and all the things they’ve passed and all the work they’ve been doing so I applied for it and there’s like a bit of An application and stuff and I caught on to it, which I’m really excited about Those century students that received a perfect score on their a CT, please come on out During the 2018-19 school year We had four students at Central High School that received a 36 which is a perfect composite score and the AC T with us tonight we have Steven, yang along with his parent Get on my sheets together here Okay, where’d the I know perhaps here but I want to also recognize the other students here we go Pranaam karana Beulah is also here. So he’s Also a senior both are seniors this year He man s herb atham is the third student and then Emma Eriksson all seniors this year now Did you receive this score at the test we take at century this bring when was this score? Okay, how about you Okay, well Congratulations for your academic achievements and I’ve got used to seeing them at school and can’t wait to see what you continue to do as you move through this year and On to the next steps very well done Good evening. I’m sorry Peggy principal male high school and I think what happened is the two students that we’re gonna be recognized also for NYC are at the cross-country meet that was postponed until tonight So sorry about not having somebody for the pledge, but I do want to recognize chika Kumar and trip Dow our two students are also selected by the Minnesota Youth Council and they were gonna say a little bit about That honored tonight, too But we’re very proud of them and for applying and seeking out to make a difference in in You know government and for our youth so, thank you Sorry, just just stay up there. I’m gonna go ahead and call art up at this time. Mr Trimble is on his way up here. So as he makes his way up, we had a really nice opportunity to collaborate with a country financial and the Minnesota Vikings to Nominate a teacher of the game Mr. Trimble is going to tell you about what that award looks like, but it was a pretty easy decision for us to nominate Mr. Trimble for this honor because he does just about everything for us and he’ll talk a little bit about what he does, too But he he really does make a difference for our youth and students really do look up to him And he’s a great role model for our students So I’m just gonna let art come on up here and and tell you about what he what he’s won. All right. Thanks. Mr Purdy, um, it’s pretty asked me to tell you a little bit what I’m involved in I’ve been here before for coaching wrestling and bringing kids up for that I’m also one of the student government advisors I do the freshman orientation Spartan 300 advising I work with the tailgating crew crowd control of football games of Master of Simon Says At all sorts of events and lots of different things. I also teach chemistry. It probably should talk about the Physics of science as well. So there’s really cool honor a super excited to get this award on being a huge Vikings fan so what entails is Mankato West and mayo high school play at the Minnesota Viking training facility on Saturday September 28th, so I get to go up with 10 extra special tickets for friends and family and get recognized during the halftime show And also receive a $1,000 check for school supplies or things from male high school that we need And then even more exciting for me December 8th against the the Minnesota Viking game against the Detroit Lions I get to head up to the country financial suite. So yeah, yeah, very exciting, um and hang out with there I assume that’s with the other teachers because I believe there’s five games at the training facility for the Vikings and I assume Mankato West And Mayo get one and then one from each of the other schools that are playing there So we all get to do that and then I believe on the field during the Vikings game and get recognized in front of everyone over a half time and Had to do a little bio So I did a little plug in my favorite Vikings Adam feelin really going for a handshake maybe a photo Let’s see if that happens, but it’s such a cool Islander Thank you for letting us teachers do what we do and get involved with so many different activities. I’m thinking to male high school Mr. Preedy for nominating us Thank you. I Have one Jaron when you’re on the field you think you’re gonna lead the entire audience and Simon Says Probably but I’ve done pretty large crowds before Just a word of advice I had the opportunity to kick off the Hockey game here last winter and I just my goal was not to slip on the ice and fall down So don’t trip on the turf but I’ve been in arts classroom many times and he’s a he’s an excellent teacher and and he’s involved in everything at mailed but most importantly he’s just a great person and I’m glad did you receive this honor? Thank you. Appreciate it In rapt 3.02 cradle-to-career update Julie Brock I’m saying this Chile is executive director of cradle to career and glad to hear this And former employee with Our Jeb male high school. I just wouldn’t plug that in because he’s pretty a big deal He really is worthy of that the word it’s super exciting Hello, it’s good to see you and welcome back excited that the kids are back in school I would like to let you to know that my child is doing his Portion of catching the back-to-school cold and I kept him home so he doesn’t pass it so public health as well I’m so excited to talk to you today because we just came back from DC last week and we came back from our national convening Remember that cradle to career is part of a national movement across The states and we are one of nearly 70 communities doing this work. And so I just wanted to refresh You refresh me and then also those at home that may be watching. So again When we think about the cradle to career, we’re not a program We are a service We serve our community partners who are doing a hard and great work Within the classroom and outside of the classroom serving our children and our families to the best of their ability So some network updates They are actually meeting this week. So kindergarten readiness met tonight and they let out I think right at 5:30 and Then high school graduation is meeting. I believe tomorrow night So when we think about their updates, it’s pretty stagnant to where we were last month as well but both of them Are really excited to regroup after summer summer tended to be a slower time We’re learning actually from the national convening that everyone is slow in summer So we may just start to follow the school schedule a little bit more closely But if you do hear of anyone who is excited and wanting to join our networks Kindergarten readiness or high school graduation, we would like you to put them in contact with Christina, right Peterson So operations just to let you know that in data, we do have a dedicated director now Kelsey Zuki and we have a half-time Data analyst and we are ready to unable to offer any sort of training so as you are thinking through departments or buildings or any of that sort, we are here to support and be in partnership, so When we think about equity our staff and leadership table are starting our intercultural development Inventory our IDI, which I know that that will be the base to our racial equity lens and hearing the strategic plan we know that the district is looking to To that soon as well. So we hope that we are able to partner and just with that With the idea of consistency in language and that sort of thing. Um, and then when we think about results were really excited Community Schools gage Community Schools leadership team has asked Christina and I to be part of that so we’ll be sitting on that Leadership team meetings starting this week. So that’s exciting like I said, we went to the strive together convening and that was Awesome. We learned many things and one of the things that we learned most importantly is the partnerships with community schools accelerate the work on both of Collective impacts which is validating for our work here in our neck of the woods So one of the things that came out of this particular convenient was really focused on racial equity and on Policymaking one of the things that we can think about is really the influence of policy how we can work together To show that Community Schools and cradle-to-career working together is a model that works and also whenever learning was around data capability and Capacity if it’s best built in the pilot setting which and through trusted relationships So again, the fact that we have a strong partnership with community schools where we are able to pilot any sort of data Workings is fantastic. Also we’ve learned That allowing for neutral facilitation to happen when we are in the building if we’re starting with people who are new to this process Or they don’t know anything about cradle-to-career having that neutral facilitator or results based accountability is really important one partnership that we know this doing this really well is strive partnership in sua Cincinnati and so Julie ruzek and I are looking at a meeting or a visit to go learn from what they have done and then another key issue that Is not unique to us but cradle to career because it’s kind of a weird little Thing and the fact that people still ask me. So wait, what program do you do yet none but we support the work of our hard educators and Community partners doing the work and so we will also want to start an awareness campaign it’s key for educators to feel supported by the community and feel like this isn’t something that’s happening over here and potentially to them but really that we are making sure that everyone is aware and Know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and so if there’s any groups that you would like me to start with when we think about Visiting and doing the cradle to career Roadshow. Please. Let me know and last you and Slides that I have are really about the fall convening We will present our community update at the prek facin of this day. We’re very excited about this event The first part is really about the community update what’s happening with the networks? And also we’re going to be delivering a cradle to career experience so that we can really show this Visually, what a cradle to career experience means for children and their families and the rest of the day is around breakout sessions around our three tracks data racial equity and collective impact and so we are excited we have Presenters that are from in our dish or in within Rochester, but also from other cradle-to-career Communities across the state and then also Kim Norton will be joining us for lunch as well So I think it’s gonna be a jam-packed day worth $15 for breakfast or the 75 for the so if you know if anyone who would Benefit from that please pass that information along and the last one that I have is art Rolnick. Who is the former? director of the Minnesota Fed is Coming to town to discuss the importance of early childhood education investments We’re calling this event enhancing work for us through early childhood investments because we understand that Your workforce will pay off if you invest in them young and when? We get the resources to kids when they need them Then they can be more successful as they continue on This event will be from 8:30 to 11:00 at the Hilton downtown and it’s a continental breakfast for $10 information is on our website Any questions And try to keep it condensed for you. All right. Thank you again for your partnership I’m very excited for what the year holds 3.03 Rochester Public School Foundation grants, mr. Muñoz. Yes. I’m going to invite Ginny. Yup, and those who received? the grants from the Rochester Public Schools Foundation Good evening. I’m Ginny Amundsen and I am this year’s president of our PSF Rochester Public School Foundation the mission of the Rochester Public School Foundation where we are a non-profit Community Foundation that connects the community in our schools to advance and inspire educational opportunities for all students our main activity is awarding grants to support innovative enhancements to curriculum that may not otherwise occur due to limited resources since 1988 We have given out over five thousand five hundred thousand dollars in grants Tonight we will be presenting grants there are six projects and It totals seven thousand eight hundred eighty two dollars Now the funds that we used to award grants come from personal and business donations including school district payroll deductions and Our main fundraiser which is boo Fest right now, but we do have other fund raisers and we have established memorial funds Two of these funds. I’m going to highlight tonight The Mike gladden fund was established in 1994 to fund creative educational excellence through innovative participation and education quality in Rochester Public Schools while providing assistance for students who may not otherwise be able to participate and the Jacqueline Goodyear fund established in 1988 To support fine arts projects and opportunities in public schools, which are not traditionally part of the curriculum Such projects may include sponsored Musical and theatrical productions art exhibits field trips to art museums and musical and theatre performances and subsidized student attendance at local Fine Arts presentations the fund was established in the memory of Jacqueline Goodyear who joined the Dorsey and Whitney law firm in 1982 and another exciting opportunity that we have this year is that we are one of the Highlighted one of the group’s that’s highlighted by the Rochester area foundation this month And so if you are excited by what you hear tonight I’m go to their website and vote for us So that because one of the nonprofits there will receive a donation from them So the grants we have we sponsor them but then they are also required to follow up after they receive them and they will send a project summary with photos whenever possible and they’ll share outcomes at a team or staff meeting and Then they have opportunities to share their project outcomes with media in partnership with a districts Communication department and we ask them because a lot of these are really their X outstanding projects We always have problems trying to limit which ones that we can actually award and then we will Put out some information about this on our website So tonight we have again. There are six projects and four were able to attend tonight um the first one is from Jefferson Elementary School, and it’s the Jefferson thinker space and Julie McLaren if you would come and just briefly talk about what your project is Thank you, I’m Julie McLaren. I’m an instructional coach over at Jefferson Elementary Our Jefferson thinker space project is designed to transform our media center into a dynamic learning environment That fosters curiosity creativity collaboration and critical thinking by dedicating a space to hands-on learning within the library Students will be given a space to explore new ideas develop confidence and test out new ideas with manipulatives and supplies By partnering with local volunteers our students will see how they’re learning fits in the real world While showing community what a positive creative generation of learners. We are growing at Jefferson On the next one is Allison shaver and she has her project is spiral coding robots I’m Allison shaver and I met John Adams middle school. I’m a project lead the way teacher I want to first Thank the Rochester Public School Foundation grant committee on behalf of the students at John Adams middle school Providing us with the amazing opportunity to practice our coding skills with Sphero robots for our automation and robotics class Coding is a skill that we know that many upcoming jobs will include as we progress towards more and more robots in the workplace spero robots provide students with a fun engaging Experience that allows them to see the basics to coding before we jump into the more difficult Coding language language of our class a hundred and sixty students. This quarter alone will get the opportunity to use the Sphero robots I cannot wait to see the excitement and joy on their faces next week When we start using them and this would never have been possible without the help of the Rochester Public School Foundation Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to inspire the next generation of engineering Our third project is at John Marshall High School chatot earnest who is not able to be here tonight and his transition skills improvement a Little summary students will increase independent living skills boost community participation and develop job-related skills by learning how to use tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches by experimenting with making Creating and fixing things and by learning about home safety such as fire alarm maintenance Students will gain social skills by working together to solve problems that require thinking skills and networking Current students will also create work boxes for future students our fourth project is from Pinewood and it is a sensory integrated resource room and Elspeth Edrington will tell you more about that one Thank you for having me I’m now elspeth Hartmann I am a K through five special education teacher at Pinewood elementary Prior to being at pine. What I have is a studying free teacher at Willow Creek Middle School so my students now consist specifically of Autism spectrum disorder and emotional and behavior disorders and both at the middle school level and at the elementary level One of the biggest barriers to integrating our students was that they just don’t always feel safe in a mainstream environment whether it’s because they come from a trauma background or they have ADHD and it’s hard to focus or Just autism alone can be hard to be in a mainstream classroom so My students and I created a really long list of things that they would love to have in the classroom to make my resource room A safe place for them to do work to come through if they need a break or if they’re in crisis So we work together to create a wonderful list of things that we can have simple things like beanbags But even even think that I can’t afford on my own budget like we did black bands make a big difference for them so thank you for allowing me to speak and thank you so much for giving us this money because it goes a very long way in our classroom And the next one is also from Pinewood the leader in me and Angie Ellsworth they talked about that one Evening I’m representing a team of people who wrote this grant as well as our entire staff who are implementing the leader in me is Social emotional awareness Curriculum that is based on Steven Covey seven Habits of effective people and it is implemented in schools across the country and across the globe and The whole idea behind this came from a grassroots effort from our staff who as we started with a two-person book study and as the Energy and the emotion and the the commitment kind of grew to include nearly our entire licensed staff so as we were talking about our site plan and looking at All of the common things that we are doing in regarding second steps and envoy and CL RT and PBIS We saw the leader in me as an opportunity to really develop a common language to bring all of those things together that also include a parent component that can really be a part of implementing this building wide and looking at opportunities to develop leadership skills in All students and one of the biggest things that I already hear from our staff as they begin implementing it is how the staff As they look at the seven habits of being proactive and and putting first things first They’re starting to use that language themselves with each other and how it’s just growing throughout our whole building. So Finding that commonality and having the opportunity to provide students with resources and provide parent education with that It’s going to be a huge benefit to our building and we’re already feeling some of that environment and that moment momentum. So, thank you And Then the final one is from the Rochester alternative Learning Center’s and it is the land yacht Newton’s law of motion and John Rude and Nicole we’ve said are the directors of the project by working alongside community partners to design and build Functional models of the land yacht and tapping into math science English art and engineering skills Students will gain insight into real-world engineering problem solving and collaboration Along the way students will develop a better under standing an appreciation of the laws and forces of nature including Newton’s laws of motion This project will enhance 21 cent 21st century skills and encourage a passion for learning So these are we have moved from we have we used to give one grant psych one Cycle of grants per year and we have now moved to two and so they’re actually fewer here then in the past But this is the first time we’ve done this and our second grant cycle is coming up very soon So if people are interested The application will be available in early October and the deadline to apply is November 10th And I want to thank the district for your support the payroll deduction is a wonderful option that you have allowed us to tap into and also boo Fest is An exciting opportunity for students and thank you for the students For providing the facilities for some staff. We really appreciate that any questions director Edmondson public school funding Yes, so once the So we will put to have the application and we’ll collect those and then we look for a lot of different people to review our grants we have it’s not just our group of our board members and So if you are interested in that it is it’s not a meeting that you have to come to we and it’s a very easy process we have a rubric that you’ll just read the grants and fill out the rubric and so if you’re interested in that you can go to our website again Rochester area or Rochester Public School Foundation and send an email and We will we really appreciate that. And also if you’re interested, we’re always looking for more board members. That’s another option, too Any other questions directory? Listen, you have the details, you know, when and where boo Fest will be this year. I guess I do it is Saturday October 26 it is at century high school and it is from 10:00 until 3:00 in the afternoon and there will be more information coming out through peach jar and and in Places like that, too so you can look for it. Thanks for a question anywhere else No, thank you very much. Okay. Thank you 3.04 electric bus informational item. Yes, we have a group Standing it back We’d like to bring up you put it in here and walk in and they’re so quiet and I like that bus But I got a Sheraton executive you’re up operations Jeff cappers John Bring up the whole crew Good evening board members its 601 good evening pointing that out a mistake. I made last board meeting by the way What a wonderful opportunity I have today to introduce these fine people behind me As you know Rochester Public Schools and first student along with blue Burton Cummings. We’ve all partnered together to The first student has provided us their first electric bus the nationwide first student’s first electric Boston nationwide I was quite an honor to have at our school district. We’re going to have the opportunity to use this Electric bus, I believe most of you had an opportunity to ride in it until the end of September it’s a rather unique ride as you know, and very interesting ride, but I’m gonna With the partnerships. I just want to introduce the people are here and if they choose to allow them the opportunity to To say a few words, I won’t steal their thunder but Jeff cappers as you know The all these people have been involved in this electric bus Crusade Jeff cappers from the district transportation manager Drew Larsen ins back from Rp you works with our PU Larry Kramer’s the head technician for first student John gates the manager of transportation at first student here in the Rochester Jay Brock is the first student Communications the J leave. Oh there he is over there. You didn’t he’s shy communications person. That’s shy. Can you believe that? Anyway, Phil O’Donnell, I fill you can come up. It’s okay Phil’s the Minnesota area general manager for first student. We have Alex cooked the chief engineer for first student He’s pretty much the mainstay guy the engineer behind a lot of the technology that you see on that bus Marsha Brown from Bluebird national she’s the Account Manager for blue bird That’s her boss out there. She’s responsible for it and Pam famiglia from Cummings She’s the general manager of the central reason region is here as well So i’m I believe when we turn over to john gates to start off But the rest of you are welcome to say a few words if you wish as well. Thank you Well, he surprised me I didn’t know I had to say anything Well, I just want to Thank everybody here We we had this opportunity present itself this summer And it was hey you want to bring in an electric school bus and it was alex. I said what an electric school bus and It came to fruition it came in a couple weeks late But it got here and we got a fully licensed and we’re expecting it. They hit the road tomorrow morning. We’re out 45 Anybody that rides 45 out there it Services Willow Creek male high school and Bamber Valley elementary school So it’s gonna hit the road tomorrow and you’re not gonna be able to hear it If you wrote it you you know what I mean It’s pretty cool and it’s pretty neat the drive to so with that. I mean we’re excited to bring it to you. I Appreciate the partnership that we have with the school district here I mean Jeff and I and their staff and our staff were work Amazingly well together and that’s that’s why we’ve been here for I mean through all the different companies I figured over 55 years and that’s pretty cool So with that do you have any questions of me? I Just have one, you know, you’re gonna throw so many parents and students off even to this day. I listened for the bus Get out there now Gonna have to come something new. Yep, exactly. So what we’re so excited. Thank you so much a partnership I don’t know who the the brains were probably wasn’t a single person or entity But we’re thankful that you guys are able to come together and allow this district could be the first one to actually Receive this gift of Transportation we’re using it only for a few days, but we’re very proud that we’ve turned the fleet into a more Environmentally friendly fleet right now out of our a hundred and fifty three yellow school buses Seventy-five of them are propane and that is that it’s a lot more environmentally friendly Than the old diesel bus and with it we’re good with this. We’re taking it a step farther. So hopefully we can With with cooperation. There’s got a lot of work to be done But maybe we can get maybe five ten of these things on the road in the next couple years even help further that so I further understand the These have 100 mile capabilities. Do not require a warmup time and and that acts all types of a thing convenience opportunities for For our transportation Jeff and in particular I think around have a great time. I Hope so and I hope we don’t have as many school these cancel this one Just real quick, my name is Alex cook. I’m the chief engineer for first group of America. I’m a boiler maker So I’m any me from Purdue So I just wanted to Thank you all for giving us this great honor to root launch this technology into the great city of Rochester I think it parallels and it’s you know as I listen to some of your other guest speakers and the forward-thinking and The sheer focus on education it speaks volumes to the people setting behind that horseshoe table And all of the residents of this community and we’re very honored To have this test I call it our homework because we’re going to this isn’t learning experience You know along with our partners in Bluebird and Cummins Especially in the harsh environment that we are here in cold weather ambient conditions I think we’re going to learn a lot, but I think that ultimately the pros of Reduced emissions and leaving our future generations Something better than what we have today is in large part why we do what we do And I think this is a huge step forward to do that When I originally kicked this off, you know, I had a dream and it was always Rochester was in the middle of the did that dream to launch this A second one working with our partner at Rp you and drew we’ve had lots of subsequent conversations about how do we integrate solar into this because my own personal Vision is is that at some point in time? We have a solar partially supplemented grid such that we can charge the battery and write the bus for free So that’s later down the road. We’ve had lots of conversations with that, but I wanted to wet your appetite It doesn’t stop here with this technology. It keeps moving and the green wheel keeps turning And we’ll make sure that it does and again I think on behalf of Cummins utilities Bluebird and ourselves at first Again, I can’t thank you enough for bestowing this honor on us to allow us to do this in your community Thank you Thank You director Yes, awesome any any questions on Thank you very much thank you very much appreciated 3.05 early voting informational item mr. Muñoz yes. Mr John Carlson executive director finance will provide us some information Good evening school board and superintendent munos The purpose of this announcement is just to make sure that you and the public knows that early voting for the referendum starts this Friday Down at the other end of the hall and business services. We are the Only place you can absentee or early vote before the November 5th elections So you’re allowed to do that from September 20th all the way through November 4th. The hours will be 8 a.m. To 4:45 p.m We also have a Saturday option in there. It’s going to be on November 2nd from 10 a.m. To 3 p.m So we are gonna have some celebrity voters show up and vote early So I encourage you to do the same if you’d like to do that Director Edmondson for those of us have college kids absentee ballots Yes, they can call into the office and we can help them work on getting the application mail to them Thanks Thank you Consider Genda action item. Does anyone have any item? 306 so in a rush, are there any board member updates committee direct to work then? No, I just said we could okay So I’ll start with the first one. Actually, I’ll start with a very short one. Um, since mr Schluter in this Amundsen Amundsen and Miss Amundsen gave you every bit of information you needed to know about both fest since the Rochester Public Schools Foundation is one of my committees I understand it in about 10 days. There will be an opportunity for people to sign up for Helping with this wonderful event if you love to decorate Here is your opportunity to help with that and with making signs I’ve been told that this was arguably The most fun part about boo fest, but I had an awful lot of fun selling tickets last year Thank you for your help in that so um And as you all know boo Fest raises money for these grants and you’ve heard these projects tonight So that’s my report on all somebody else talking anyway Additional updates director Nathan we recently had our first meeting of the year the community curriculum Council, which is formerly the CC IAC and This year we’re going to be reaching out and meeting with community stakeholders to get feedback on the world’s best workforce data and gold’s so between now and October 31st the members that community cook young council are going to be taking the components of the world’s best workforce – teachers parents District staff community members the PTA and then bringing that feedback back and incorporating it with feedback from the board To be included in the report that has to be submitted by December 15. So look for those opportunities You know The Director Margaret. Yeah, there were a few of us who attended the Rochester equity advisory team training on Monday the ally training this group’s Charge is to engage community members in discussions about racism and how we can Combat that and educate people to overcome that ally training I’m not only helps people of any ethnicity of any color to see racism where it exists but also provides them with strategies about how to help educate how to help combat different forms of racism so it was a good training and I think those of us who attended found it useful and hopefully the Reach committee members did as well Director workman. Um, I also attended the first um, AMS D Association of Metro school districts of which we are a member meeting on September 5th And this entire session was dedicated to a presentation of survey results, which was called 2019 self-inflicted wounds There were 26 categories. Would you like a sample or should I read all of them? I see sample on your face Okay So some interesting things millennial parent turnout is lower than the empty nesters So we would really like all of our millennial parents to keep that in mind vent They really need to get a jump on me the empty nesters in this next election The most important state issue for those surveyed is education followed by health care and transportation 72% of those surveyed support a mandatory Inflation increase in the education funding formula, but some are concerned that the increase would only be inflationary There were six survey questions about collective bargaining and teachers there were president and governor job ratings, which are they were up to date a few months ago, but that’s changed since and Approximately a thousand people were pulled in the metro area and a year or so ago I asked about Rochester like we are part of this. So this year the survey also a hundred from Rochester and a hundred from st. Cloud I think you got an email from Wendy about the upcoming annual conference Was that from you or somebody else? Yes on November 13th. The conference topic is building bridges between school and community – There will be more information on that coming From a MSD and you can find that on a MSD org on the presenters will be dr mercury Rosa from Georgetown University who focuses on quantitative Policy Analysis Particularly in the area of education finance and effectively communicating to both internal and external audiences and the Minneapolis Public Schools will Report on the recent innovative parent engagement efforts in their district Please continue one more this is really not a committee But the MS be a delegate assembly ballots were sent out on Friday you have until September 30th to vote So if you haven’t already voted, please do so before you forget Okay, thank you very much Consent agenda, this is an action item. Does anyone want any item remove for separate consideration? Discussion all in favor Opposed motion carries Mr. Munoz yes, we have one retirement in consent Its Deborah beavers adult literacy teacher at Hawthorne Education Center retirement effective at the end of the day Generates 2020 and she has been with the district for 15 years. So we thank her for her service to the district Seven point zero one approval of election judges and their respective polling places for the November 5th 2019 election. This is a briefing item. Mr. Munoz. Yes. Mr. John Carlson executive director financial briefest on this agenda item Thank you again We’re here today with hopefully the final resolution that needs to be passed prior to the election this one deals with Appointing election judges, so as the only thing on the ballot in our school district We’ve been tasked with lining up. Our election judges alone and our own polling places and we are about 96 percent of the way there. There are 58 polling places and you need about anywhere from four to ten judges at each polling location depending on the size of it and There’s probably six to ten slots that have not been filled so there’s been hundreds of phone calls made to a list of known people who have served as election judges in the past and we’re Still trying to track down a few more so the purpose of passing this tonight if you would is Because part of it deals with the absentee ballot board and so that will kick off next week on September 25th Those dates are posted in there. When will doing the absentee ballot board But those are open to the public if they’d like to come in and watch us open up envelopes. Make sure that Everything’s been signed and Done the correct way on those. We don’t actually look at the ballots those stay sealed So we don’t know how people are voting But we just look to make proceed look to make sure Procedurally that everything’s been filled out appropriately and then we either accept or reject and if we reject then we send them back out to people to review Discussion director workman. Yes. I have a question. I know students high school students have been election judges in the past Are they eligible to do that? Is there an age limit like eighteen? I believe you would need to be a legal adult So 18 or over you could probably sign up and do the training that needs to be done become an election just to push this For some of our high school students. They also are going to be paid. Yes, correct. That’s correct Be paid we are I understand employees will not be paid. That’s correct We are not paying our staff that have to serve For the early voting but the election judges that serve the day of will be paid $13 an hour unless they’re a head judge in which case would be $15 an hour for that their shuttle questions Move to action Discussion All in favor. Aye It resolved that the school board of Independence good is for 535 does hereby approved the resolution relating to appointing election judges and absentee ballot board members for the November 5th 2019 school district special election Second discussion favor Opposed motion carries. Thank you. Mr. Karlson 7.02 approval of proposed Kudus or property tax levy payable 2020 brief UNITA mr. Muñoz yes. Mr Paulson exactly Director of Finance will brief us on this agenda item So what is the property tax levy the property tax levy is revenue into the district’s general fund for Operations as well as certain targeted programs It also goes into our community Community Education Fund and it also goes into our debt service fund to provide principal and interest payments So who determines the amount of the property tax levy Pause for just a second. I’m gonna bring this up on my I pad Alright, the state legislature makes the laws and the Minnesota Department of Education Calculates the maximum amounts that school board’s approve So when I get to the actual amount, it’s already gone through the Department of Education They’ve calculated against the state laws and they’re telling you what the maximum is that you can levy You can’t go above that You can go below it if you want But you can’t go above now the voters in the district can Choose to override the maximum set by law and you can do that through three ways You can have an operating referendum which we did in 2015 that provides additional general operating money We can do what we’re doing on November 5th, which is a building bond referendum It allows you to build new or remodel facilities, or you can do a capital projects referent referendum Which is pretty much used exclusively for technology We do not have a capital projects technology. Levy So who pays the property tax homeowners apartment owners farmers businesses? They all contribute and pay their share of the district’s property tax levy and the mount they pay is determined by the state law and how that’s split up but to the various properties and they use the county assessors value of each property and then Procedurally, the county sends out the taxing bills in year as a homeowner need to pay those by May 15th and October 15th So the property tax base for Rochester public schools last year was 13.8 billion dollars and that’s the referendum market value That’s not the whole value of the of all the properties within the school district It excludes cabins, which we have very few of those in this county or in our school district boundaries And it doesn’t exclude farms. So when I’m talking about the mark the property tax base, it excludes those two things Last year 13.8 billion it is going to be 15 billion dollars for next year meaning there is 1.2 billion dollars of property growth almost 9% and of that about 300 million was new construction. Which means for the first time next year There’s going to be about 300 million dollars worth of new homes new businesses that are added to the property tax so they’ll be paying for the first time which is good because it takes the levy that spreads it out further and Generally what that means is that people pay less of a percentage than they did the year before because there’s more properties in the district So last year’s levy was 56 million dollars the Maximum amount at this time for next year that you can improve would be about fifty four point nine million dollars and that’s the number Before the referendum since the referendum doesn’t happen till November fifth. We can’t really deal with that amount right now So I will talk about that in a few minutes, but for right now the maximum you can Approve would be a decrease of 1.1 million from last year. So Why would our property taxes be going down 1.1 million dollars? Well, this is the year We’ve talked about it now for about the last four years the century high school riverside Are paid off or they will be paid off on February 1st So you no longer have to set a levy to pay the principal and interest on those buildings starting next year so that’s again why it’s a good time for us as a district to be running an operating referendum because The taxes are going down because of those other two buildings so is it normal for property taxes to go down and I was wondering if people would ask that because usually you hear Property taxes are going up property taxes are going up at the public school district four out of the last nine years we’ve either had a flat levy or a decrease so Because the levy is set and controlled by state law it really depends on how many kids you have And what your expenses are that are approved legally that can go on the property tax levy the three years where we had larger than normal increases were all related to either a new law because the legislature Approved like local optional revenue in 2015 or the voter approved referendum passed by the voters for 2016 when it first hit the tax rolls, and then the school board approved additional referendum authority for 2017 and so those match out to the three years out of the last nine where we had an actual increase All right, so the bond referendum on November 5th, how is that going to play into here? There’s a couple things we just wanted to point out obviously Century Riverside We no longer have to make a levy for those debts to repay. Our district is operating near capacity As we’ve talked about a lot We’re at 98 percent at our elementary is 99 and our middle schools will be giving you a refresh number here In a couple weeks when we do our October first Counts, but we do have a solution for this as long as well as with security and safety And to enhance our middle school in high school spaces on the November 5th So that question is before the voters and if the bond referendum does pass Taxpayers will see an increase that is already partially offset again, because Riverside and century are being paid off So we did put here on this slide We said if both questions 1 & 2 pass the increase on a two hundred thousand dollar home will be no more than 96 dollars Per year. I wanted to give you some updated information that we got today So we’ve that 15 billion dollar number is a number that’s new to us We did not have that when we were planning for the referendum We were assuming the property tax base would grow a little but not to that extent. So where we sit right now? In reality is we’ve learned that a $200,000 Homeowner will see an estimated $42 annual increase If question one passes and if both questions pass would be more like 48 dollars annually So it’s literally almost half of what we’ve been saying for the last seven to eight months because of the new information we’ve received Just this week. So this is not something we’ve been hiding or not trying to make public we know this is a lot of moving targets here with these numbers and now they’re kind of Locking in and we know where we’re gonna land So this is a positive impact for our taxpayers that I think it makes again the message of the referendum sound even more palatable So, what is the timeline from here we have a few more steps we’ll need you to approve a preliminary maximum Levy by October first, so I’m recommending We just hold and wait on that until the next meeting and then after that we’ll have the truth in taxation hearing after the referendum and then you’ll be asked to approve the final final levy either with the referendum results with it passing or As it basically is right now without the referendum on there and you’ll get to do that on December 10th. I Will I will add Because John mentioned this news we just received this afternoon. Whoo, we won’t be working on a new message and John will be Doing a new video to try to explain why I mean it’s great news It’s good news, but we want to make sure that we do good job of educating The voters so they understand why the decrease so we will use all the different outlets that we have to get that at give us a couple of days to To get that together and then we’ll be pushing that out and many different avenues and This is a brief, you know item so Director she was there and then working. I was just gonna request that you reiterate those numbers so $42 if question one passes would be the increase on a two hundred thousand dollar home or forty eight dollars a year If it’s both questions pass so literally almost half of what we’ve been saying I think 40 80 is exactly half of the 96. We’ve been saying Director work wouldn’t yes, so I have a question that you might not be able to answer well before I say that I want to say that I had the pleasure of being at the referendum presentation yesterday at Fadel and Mr. Karlson did just a phenomenal job and Good answering questions, and we had a lot of fun. I didn t want yours because we got to stay for the Whole meeting okay, so if the Second question or if both questions on the referendum don’t pass will we be looking at budget cuts? No, we will not have to cut the budget What is basically coming off the? property taxes is those Basically like a mortgage payment and the mortgage is paid off. So we’re fine If some questions of mr. Karlson. Mm-hmm. Thank you very much. Thank you And before we move to closed session for those high school students who are here because of Their government classes of what we go into closed session But we’ll invite you to come to have your paperwork signed as soon as we do so Pursuant to Minnesota statute section 13 D point zero three Subdivision 1 I moved to go into closed session to discover yes to discuss labor negotiations Over the closed session Calling the regularly scheduled board meeting back to order 6:43 p.m rent item seven zero four Resolution discipline disciplining an employee. This is an action item Resolution Whereas the school board has reviewed a draft of a letter to an employee informing an employee of discipline being taken by the school district Now therefore be it resolved by the school board of Independent School District number 535 Rochester Public Schools as follows number one The school board hereby proves the letter setting forth the discipline and the basis or cost of for the discipline Number two, the school board chair is directed to sign the letter on behalf of the school board number three the district superintendent or his designee is Directed to serve the approved letter to the employee and to place a copy of the letter and the employees personnel file Pursuant to Minnesota statute section thirteen point four three subdivision to the specific reasons for the proposed discipline The nature of the proposed discipline and the letter our private data on the employee until final disposition of the proposed disciplinary action Second discussion all in favor Thank you Miss Amundsen Chair Barlow. All right. Miss Marvin. I Miss Nathan. I Mr. Schuester. Hi miss stealing her. All right, miss workman. I I Move to amend the agenda to add the following item approval of the 2019 2020 one Rochester principals Association collective bargaining agreement Any discussion all in favor, aye Mr. Muñoz Yes, we don’t have anybody in the audience, but we was like I didn’t mean that I meant from our PA To thank them personally We have wonderful people in the audience, but we don’t have representatives from our PA but I would like to thank them It was a collaborative effort then We were able to come up with a contract at five percent increase over two years So I just want to thank them for the work and appreciate the collaborative approach Be it resolved, thank you That’s the school board of Independent School District number 535 does hereby ratify the 2019? 2021 collective bargaining agreement between the Rochester Public Schools in the Rochester principals Association our PA employees Discussion all in favor. Aye opposed motion carries. Thank you There any other business seeing none neediness returned at 647 peeled

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