Round Rock ISD named District of Distinction by Texas Art Education Association

(bright piano music) – I think the thing that makes the Round Rock ISD Visual
Art Program stand out from the rest is, of course,
our talented students, but the fact that they
have been guided through an incredibly structured
and robust curriculum all the way, starting at a very young age. – It’s incredible, they’re amazing tools for our kids to not only
share their creativity, but also to collaborate with each other. And then also, it provides
us an opportunity to share the work that they make
outside of our classroom to a much larger platform. – Arts integration actually encompasses a lot of different things here at Berkman. One of the things that we do is we, as the fine art specialists,
we have a theater teacher, a dance teacher, we
have a strings teacher. We collaborate together on
something that they’re doing in their classroom, and how
we can meld that together with our art, such as
visual arts, for myself. – I feel like it leaves a lot of room for you to express yourself
and delve into topics that you want to pursue. – I really like it because
you get to be challenged, and you get to get introduced
to different things you didn’t know about, and you get to know what you’re good at,
what you’re not good at. – [Woman] Our district is moving forward, including 21st century tools so that we can teach 21st century skills. So the right tool for the right job. But we’re really lucky
that we have those tools available to us and our kids so they don’t get left
behind with opportunities, for sure, in a very digital age. (bright piano music)

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