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‘These innocent children.. ..look for their
future in these sewage.’ ‘And this is the slum.. ..where millions, born in poverty and.. ..are driven by unemployment
and hunger to become criminals.’ ‘This story is of an
innocent boy whose name is..’ Mangal? What brings you home early today? It’s just that.. – What happened? I got expelled from school. – Expelled? Don’t worry. I was going to work anyway. I’ve already found a job. Besides, the doctor said your
mother needs food, not medicines. If you eat well,
you will be absolutely fine. Right, mother? – My son! I’ve kept a ‘roti’
(bread) for you. Have it. Ok, mother. Mother! – Yes? Have you eaten? – Yes, son. You’re lying, right? Swear upon me. Let’s share it, ok? I’ll just get it. O God, I’m going to
get bread for my mother. Look after her. Whatever I get,
I’ll distribute half in your name. Ok? Sir! Pay money! What money?
– You said you’d give me the money. My mother is hungry! – Get lost! This isn’t for you, kid. Eat bread and become strong.
Then come here. Go away now.
– I can eat, only if I work, sir. I’ll be strong, only if I eat.
Let me work. Who’d be responsible if you died?
Get lost! Thief! Who’s going
to pay for the damages? Why are you beating a child? Get him arrested. Stop it. Add the damages to my bill. Have it, son. No, sir. I need just a loaf
of bread for my mother. Mother, I’ve got lots of breads for you! Mother! Mother! Don’t leave me! No! No, Mother! Don’t leave me! No! Take it! Take all of it! But return me my mother! Return my mother or else.. He can’t return her.
It’s futile to pray to him. Your mother died of starvation. Come with me.
I’ll show you a new way of life. Hunger will never cast
its shadow on you again. Come with me. You guys take this route.
We’ll take the other! You fool! Come on! Check the stuff and make sure it’s okay. I would’ve checked
if others had brought it. It’s not right to trust anybody
in smuggling and other crimes. I’ve complete trust in you. You’re very honest even if it’s a crime. Whiskey? The kick I get from a couple of breads.. ..that’s more than what
you get from 2 bottles of scotch. I’m sick of this life. Give me my share. I’ll start a small
eatery with the money.. ..where the rich, poor and.. ..people of all classes
can eat to their hearts content ..whether they’ve money or not. So that nobody becomes like me for food. Criminals like you are
born in every situation. Do you think I’ve worked
hard on you and taught you so much.. let you start an eatery? No, my boy. You can’t quit now. After me,
you’ll take care of this business. Now sit and eat. I can’t digest that food. Why not? What’s wrong with it? It’s not the food, but my stomach. It’s used to simple bread. Go ahead. I must move. My dinner is waiting for me. As you please. Make it quick. I’ll take that. I would’ve given it to you,
if you had come earlier. But it belongs to Mangal. It’s his. Mangal will own it,
only after a duel with me! I’m here for a meal, not to fight, pal. Besides, why must we
fight over a piece of bread? Even the government asks us to.. ..share our food!
Half for you and half for me. Well said, sir!
– I never leave anything half done, kid. I believe in completing
whatever I begin. Neither have I left
any work incomplete, pal. I was willing to give you half since,
you looked hungry. I’m going to eat this, kid.
I’ve made up my mind. Ask this chap. Let him eat it. Let’s go home. I’ll give you a treat. This matter is already heated up. Let’s settle this issue here,
not at home. It’s a question of honor. I asked for the bread first.
I’ll have it. Do you’ve the guts? Want me to show you? – Sure. Let’s keep the bread there.. ..and walk 10 paces away from it. The bread goes to the
one who grabs it first. Right. – Hold it, pal. We’re fighting over bread
and you keep it on the ground? Respect the food.
I’m going to eat it, after all. We’ll soon know who’s going to eat it. My lord, this man who
stands in the witness box.. ..has committed a murder. To break the law is his habit.
Crime is his profession. He should be severely punished. So that no one dares
to become like him again! Criminals like me take
birth in every situation, lawyer! As long as mothers die of starvation.. ..leaving their children behind.. long as children lead
a life in slums and poverty.. long as evil men lure children.. ..with bread and lead
them into a world of crime..’ll find criminals
like me everywhere.. this society. He has a point. He’s right Order. Judge, if you really want to
rid society of crime and lawlessness..’ll have to get
rid of those devils.. ..who lure the poor into
crime for a handful of money! They raise poor in the world of crime.. ..and teach the to commit
atrocities on the innocents! The poor, helpless and innocent
child becomes an outlaw.. ..and harms the society. If you must, finish those devils.. ..merely wiping out
one Mangal won’t help. I have committed the crime, sir. The court has the evidence. And you must be longing
to sentence me to death. Please deliver your verdict, sir. Before I leave, let me tell you.. isn’t my fault,
I swear by my bread.’ ‘It’s the food that
makes you stoop low.’ Let’s hear the verdict! Attention. – Order. Mangal, the court sympathizes with you. But the evidence is
heavily loaded against you. On the basis of all the
evidence and the testimony.. ..this court sentences you to death. Here’s your last wish, Mangal. Jailer, not just me.. ..but everyone’s wish
is this piece of bread. It’s a wonderful thing. I turned a criminal, only for the bread. You have become a jailer,
to earn it. Right? Where are you taking the piece of bread? Up there! – Up there? What will I do,
if I don’t get any bread there? Wow! You have indeed arranged
a grand farewell for me. All the bigwigs are here to see me. Warden, doctor, S.P. and DSP too? But there’s something missing. – What? An aircraft to take
me up in the heavens. Never mind. That will arrive. Stop joking, Mangal. And start praying. Your death has arrived. Mangal was born on Tuesday,
Superintendent. I was caught on Tuesday
and sentenced on a Tuesday. I’ll even die on a Tuesday. Today isn’t Tuesday, but Monday. Do you still think
you can escape from here? There isn’t a noose in the world.. ..that was made for my neck, D.S.P. Angel of death, there comes my aircraft! Nasty! Don’t follow me, D.S.P. Else, you might get killed. Right. It’ll crash! Looks like Mangal is dead. Come on. ‘Mangal, the murderer,
is dead for police.’ ‘A new Mangal will be born today.’ You too are here?
I think you were waiting for me. Come closer. Alright. I’ll raise the veil. Do you know if I try to touch you.. ..somebody will surely interfere? I told you, didn’t I? You seem to be very hungry. Have it. – You sent for it.
So you have it. What difference does that make? The one that is destined
to have it will eat. As they say.. ‘You get what’s part of your destiny.’ You’re talking of another age. These days,
people share destinies and food. Perhaps, we’re both destined
to eat this together. Well, perhaps – Get started then! What? – Of course! Thank you. What is your name? – Name? You are scared as if
you’ve just killed someone. What is in a name, anyway?
A man is known for his deeds. There are people who names
themselves after the Sun.. ..but only spread darkness in the world. You appear to be a philosopher. Where are you from? – This world! Where are you headed to?
– Any place my destiny takes me to. You talk in riddles.
You’re not a policeman, are you? What? Police? I used to be. Not anymore. Why did you quit? They weren’t willing to let me go. I had a tough time breaking away. The chap hasn’t brought water.
I’ll ask him to get some. You are a convict! A fugitive! I’ll leave, if you are scared of me. Abetting criminals and
helping them is a crime. Pal, you’ve give me food.
Don’t compel me to be ungrateful! Where’s your father? – In the market. Well, pal. Can you cut this? Why not? I’m a blacksmith’s son. Bravo! Do it. Handcuffs? Not handcuffs, but cuffs. Be quick. Bravo! See you soon! Impossible! Mangal can’t die easily. He has not only fooled the police,
but all of us. Let me see how far he can go from me. Forget him, sir.
You can make a Mangal out of anyone. No! Mangal has betrayed me! I raised him. How dare he deceive me? I won’t spare him! The bus halts here for ten minutes! Have tea and get back to your seats. Hit her. What’s up? Why are they stoning her? That whore is corrupting
the whole society, uncle! Her presence isn’t
good for our womenfolk. Hit her! Hit her! Drive her out! Who are you to interfere?
What does she mean to you? It’s called humanity. My foot! He looks like a sinner. Throw him out! Beat him up! Thrash her! “Friends,
listen to me, find amongst you a man” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “Friends,
listen to me, find amongst you a man” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “Some are clever, some are simpletons” “Some are clever, some are simpletons” “Every man amongst us is
a sinner some have only sinned more” “Some of us accepted sin,
some were outraged” “Some got caught some went scot-free” “Friends,
listen to me, find amongst you a man” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “Today, we’re going
to punish this sinner” “Today, we’re going
to punish this sinner” “Let him who has never committed.. ..sin be the first to cast a stone” “First, cleanse your mind” “before you cleanse others” “Friends, listen to me,
find amongst you an innocent” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “Friends,
listen to me, find amongst you a man” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” “who has never committed
sin who isn’t a sinner” This looks like a film star’s attire. Salutations, sir! – Greetings. My luggage is up there.
Bring it down carefully I’m very strict! Yes. – You must be tired, sir. Want tea? Boy.. No! Only kids drink tea! I have only milk! Fool, get a glass of milk,
with lots of cream in it. There better be a lot
of cream or I’ll shut this inn! Man with the moustache! Pay the money! Money? What money? For the milk you had with lots of cream! Half of which is in your
stomach and half on your whiskers. You demand money? When I was at Pathankot,
no one ever asked me for money! No wonder they’ve
sent you to this place! Listen, girl! Don’t be rude! I’m a strict man! Really? Do you think
this is your police station? You’d better behave or
I’ll lock you up in prison! You better pay up
or I’ll lock you inside! Stop talking nonsense!
How much do I owe you? That’s like a good boy!
75 cents! Pay it. This place is a rip-off!
75 cents for a glass of milk? In a few days, a glass of
water is going to cost you 75 paise. That wasn’t pure milk! It had lots of water in it. Constable! Take down that girl’s name! Take down the name of
her eatery and her parents! She adulterates her milk with cream! She adulterates meat with potatoes! She mixes tea with tea powder. I think her inn should be demolished. It’s illegal. Watch where you are
going with the cycle, man! What do you think you’re doing?
This is clarified butter! That’s what the customer asked for. You’ll make me broke! Use this vegetable oil.
And lace it with butter. Go on. But this is cheating!
– Cheating? My foot! I’m willing to use vegetable oil. That chap in the neighborhood
uses grease instead of oil! Don’t touch the butter
without my permission. This will last for another 5 years! Listen carefully. Don’t ever give the customer
bread made in butter! People are used to the fake stuff.
Try to understand! This will give them indigestion! Now keep the bread for me. Got it? Shocked, aren’t you? I’m Bijlee and I’m very strict! Why are you stealing from my inn? Who’s here to steal? I was just checking if
the bread was properly baked. You’re here on an inspection, right? Admit it!
You were here to steal the bread! Speak up! I could pawn some clothes with you I’ll pay later. – I don’t believe
in credits and pawning things! Get lost! Keep that egg there. Keep it! Rotten egg! Come here. Come here! And that’s for you! Listen. I’m a girl and I’m all alone. I still work for a livelihood.
I don’t beg. And you seem to be a strong man.
Aren’t you ashamed to steal? The first time I advised someone,
he walks away angrily! To hell with him! Why must I bother? ‘You seem to be a strong man.
Aren’t you ashamed to steal?’ Let me go! Let go, I say! Don’t be mad. Let me go! Let me go! Strange! I’m running away
from crime and you’re stopping me! Leave me, pal! Who’s that? Who is it, Moti? Who’s that? Why don’t you speak? I’ll fire! Who are you? Tell me Where’s my rifle? My rifle! My rifle! Where’s it? Mister who are you? Where is it? Where is my gun? Who are you, mister? I’ve just arrived. From where? From the city. From Jalandhar? – That’s right. Are you Ramu, my son Shravan’s friend? What? Yes. I’m Ramu. In that case, let’s go in, son.
Come along. You’ve a faithful dog. Yes, but it can’t differentiate
between dear ones and strangers. Tell me something, son.
Why were you silent? Why didn’t you answer me? I saw the gun in your
hand and got scared. I brought the gun
thinking it was a thief. The dog barked as if there
was a burglar sneaking inside. Malti. Our son’s friend Ramu is here. I mistook the poor chap for a thief. Greetings. – Greetings. You think everyone is a thief.
– Tell me, son. Can you recognize a thief
just by looking at his face? Even if people’s face reveal it.. would we blind know that? You too? – Yes, son. You can rest after you eat.
You must be tired. No, aunt.
Please go ahead. I’ve already eaten. Impossible! You’ll have to eat with us. Come on. – I’ll have it if you insist. This card, sir. Shravan Kumar. 50. Pahalgam, Kashmir. Mangal’s finger-prints match
with those in the Shravan murder case. What?! – Put it in Mangal’s file. Ok. This means Mangal is still alive!
He isn’t dead. Arresting Mangal again
is your responsibility. I want him! Dead or alive! Yes, sir. This is Shravan’s room.
You may rest here. Paul, Shankar! Attend the gentleman! Greetings, sir.
– Have you seen this man around? Yes! – Where? Come with me. Where is Mangal? – Who? The one staying here isn’t
Shravan’s friend, but a fugitive. Mangal, don’t try to escape. Mangal. You! – Well? Do you own this place? You were sleeping soundly! You couldn’t find anything in my inn,
so you sneaked here.. fool the blind parents
whose son isn’t home, right? You’re getting me wrong.
– I know everything. What have you stolen? – Stolen? Tell me or I’ll gouge out your big eyes. Girl, I don’t like to get threatened! Talk politely or I’ll slap you hard! Get lost! I’ve dealt with many like you! What’s wrong, dear?
– A thief has entered, aunt. Thief has come in. Where is he? – This one. Aunt, she thinks I’m a thief. Learn to keep your cool, dear. You always pick up fights
with someone or the other. He isn’t a thief.
He’s Ramu, Shravan’s friend. What are you saying, uncle? Will you let any thief in,
if he says he’s Shravan’s friend? Don’t blame me if something goes wrong. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m going. – Listen. Don’t get offended, son.
She talks ridiculously. We’ll need an extra meal from today. I’ll clear your dues,
the moment Shravan arrives. Have I ever asked you for the money? What do you want for dinner? Get lost! The money lender! – Anybody in? Angel of death! You’re here again? Just shut up! Listen, you blind bat! The plans for the hotel have arrived. Vacate the house fast.
I want to build a hotel here. Sir, I’ve told you several times.. ..that we don’t want to sell the house. Why do you keep bothering us? You can discuss it when Shravan arrives. A hotel will surely come up here. If you give in to me quietly,
you’ll even get a price for it. Else, I’ll have you thrown out! Now sign this quickly! Sir, I came to this house as a bride. I won’t leave this
place before my death. I can even kill you to build the hotel. Before you kill others,
think about yourself, old man! No one dare harm
the folks in this house! Who are you? – I have many names. Those who are old and
poor call me their son.. ..and helpless girls
call me their brother. I’m a friend of innocents,
and an enemy of the tyrants. Whom would you like to deal with? You talk too much. Let’s go in, aunt. Uncle, come along. Nasty ones!
Do I pay you to take the thrashing? Bijlee could you get me some water? Ask those curs to freeze!
– Curs! Freeze! Good. Give it to the old man. Go on! Fold that document
and make him swallow it. Stop! Open your mouth. – No. Will you? – No! Drink it up, old man! If you find these papers again.. ..don’t bring it here.
I’ll make you swallow it again! I’ll fix you! Malti, I’m sure he was
our son in our past life. I’ll surely teach him a lesson. What does he think of himself?
– That’s enough, sir. You’ve come to a respectable
man’s house, I’m letting you go. Else.. – You talk too much! Well? Don’t you wish
to live to see the next day? I’m always prepared to risk my life. And tomorrow’s not a Tuesday either. Sure, but its Sunday. I’ll fix you! This is my last warning!
Just get lost, scoundrel! Shut up! Don’t you dare step in this house,
while I’m around! Kid, I’ll surely step in that house. Some other day. C’mon. He made me chew paper.
I’ll make him chew grass. You’re one hot chap! I wish to give you a grand feast. You spoke like a true man.
I hope you won’t run away. It’s my destiny to keep running. When I stop,
such rascals stop breathing. Well said! Let’s smoke to that. Take it. You’re a woman.
Aren’t you ashamed to smoke? You’re a man and you don’t smoke.
Aren’t you ashamed of that? I am ashamed, but not for long. Naughty! Here’s the daughter you lost
in the fair, many years ago, sir. Look. She even has the tattoo. It’s the same tattoo. Mother. – Daughter. Where were you for so many years? Move. Step aside. Go on. My child. – Look. Bloody cheat! Throw them out! How long will these
thugs try to swindle me.. ..bringing impostors as my daughter? Till you keep inflicting
atrocities on the poor. Till I find my daughter.. ..I’ll keep inflicting
atrocities on them! If I don’t find peace.. ..I won’t let anyone
live in peace either. How long are we going to live anyway? Let us renounce all
this and pray to God! He will pity us some day. Prayers! We’ve tried that too! For months together,
we visited all the temples. We’ve fasted and announced huge rewards. We had taken our daughter
to the fair to seek Lord’s blessings. Is this how He blesses us? I wonder how and where my daughter is. Hello. Mr. Suraj? Yes, partner? I’ll be your partner the
day you have the papers signed.. ..and get the construction started. Don’t worry.
I’m going to give you great news soon. You’d better hurry or.. ..I’ll demolish your
house and build a hotel. And you’ll perform the
first cabaret there! Got it? Idiots! What are you waiting for? Go and give Shravan’s
friend a thrashing! He mustn’t even dream
of coming to Pahalgam again! Go. – Ok, sir. Greetings! – Greetings. Is this Shravan’s house? – Yes. Who are you?
– Shravan’s best friend, teacher Ramu. Ramu! Where is Shravan? – He went to the city. Hasn’t he reached here? Strange man! He said he’d pick me up from Jalandhar. Neither had he come there, nor here. And I traveled all alone. Where is he? Where are his parents? – To the temple. Good! Fabulous! Mister, I’ve come to
Kashmir to get healthy. Where is my room? – Feel at home. Thank you. Goodness!
What an absent-minded chap I am. I forgot to ask your name. Who are you? Me? I’m Shravan’s friend. I know all his friends.
I’ve never heard of you. How would you?
I’m not worthy of being discussed. Shravan doesn’t know me either.
– Pardon me? We were separated as
kids and we are yet to meet. I see! It’s one of those
things they show in the movies! You could call it that, mister. Now that you are here I must leave. Won’t you meet Shravan? When you’ve come,
I don’t need to stay here. Bye. – Strange friend. Must be Shravan’s father! Greetings, gentlemen! Who are you? Are you Shravan’s friend? Best friend! What’s your problem? You’ll have problems now! Broke my back! What kind of behavior is that?
What is all this about? Which school are you guys from? Eat food, brother! Do you think I’m a punching bag? You fool! I’m getting angry! I’ll fix everyone. Is anyone there? Come. Take this. I’ve done nothing. I swear!
This is the results of his deeds. He was asking for it.
What’s the rolling-pin for? If you find this rolling-pin,
don’t bring it back. Or I’ll make you swallow
it again! Got it? Thanks a lot! Which school are you guys from?
– Shut up! Have you ever read books? You’ll never pass. You hit me?
– Sure, I did. What will you do? You too hit me. I better escape. Run! Oh, no! Run away! Stop! Lie down! Don’t run over me! Hurry up! Some thugs are chasing me! Move. Driver! Step on it! You! – You!? A bunch of thugs arrived
after you had left. They asked me if I was Shravan’s friend,
Ramu. I said yes. That was it! All hell broke loose! They thrashed me severely! I thought I’d eat apples in Kashmir.
They made me swallow a rolling-pin! And his parents?
– They didn’t even meet me. Aren’t you going back?
– Back there? Am I crazy? I’ll tear the page,
which has name of this village! Step on it, driver!
Where are you off to? Back. I’ve forgotten something. – What? My duties. See you. Not again! Not me! Drive faster, driver!
– Stop the bus, please! Why did you stop?
Hurry up, man. Let’s move, driver. Hide the bags of rice and
wheat properly. That’s good. You too. There’s no hurry.
Take your time, boys. That’s good. That’s 40, 44 and 49. Good! Get that last bag in there.
Keep it here. Bring hay.
Food grains are no less than gold! Hide it fast. Bravo! Our work is complete. Let’s return. The public won’t even know
there are food grains in the haystack! How do I explain to you?
Food grains are out of stock! There was no rainfall last year.
So there was no harvest. This year, the heavy rainfall
has destroyed all the crops. As there has been no harvest for
2 years in the country, I’ve nothing. When you knew there was
no harvest for two years.. ..why did you collect
an advance from us? – Yes. I took the advance because I thought
the Americans would export it to us. Or even the Russians would. The food grains didn’t arrive.
What do I do? Take back your advance. Beware! Don’t take a refund from him! When the grains arrive, he’ll sell
them to us at double the rate! Right? Let’s deal with it
when the grains arrive! Now leave! Don’t bother me. Friend! Bloody curs! How did he return? When a man is hungry,
he’d even eat fodder for food! Give them the fodder and rid me of them! I’m going to be rid of you, of course. Take my advice, friends.
Take a refund of your advance. Besides, fodder has a lot of vitamins. Talk sense.
Are we animals to live on cattle feed? Listen to me! I’ll treat you
to a special kind of fodder today! “Hey Mister, this is the public!
The public knows everything” “This is the public!” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “What’s inside, what’s outside” “what’s inside and what’s
outside the public knows everything” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “What’s inside, what’s outside” “what’s inside and what’s
outside the public knows everything” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “The public wish makes heroes
the public pulls them down” “The public wish makes heroes
the public pulls them down” “First the public runs after
you then you run after the public” “If you break the public heart,
if you arouse public anger” “break the public heart,
arouse public anger” “the public will refuse
to listen any longer” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “Politician or thespian,
why deceive the public?” “Politician or thespian,
why deceive the public?” “In a moment, you will be
swept away like a straw in the wind” “No, don’t use force, don’t use force” “Don’t use force, we live in peace” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “You stole our jewels
we never complained” “You stole our jewels
we never complained” “Now you steal our food,
that’s why we speak” “The public isn’t begging,
the public isn’t asking for loans” “Not begging, not borrowing
the public is only asking for rights” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “What’s inside, what’s outside” “what’s inside and what’s
outside the public knows everything” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “This is the public and
the public knows everything” “This is the public!” “Hey Mister, this is the public!
You understand?” Aunt, I’ve cooked food that
will leave you ecstatic today! This has bread,
potatoes and cauliflower and a dessert.. Well? What’s wrong with you? The school head master has said.. ..they won’t wait for Shravan anymore. They’ll employ someone else,
if he doesn’t come by tomorrow. Goodness! This is too bad. Idea! Don’t worry, aunt! Till Shravan returns,
Ramu will teach the kids! Me? Have you gone mad?
How will I teach them? Why not? You’re a teacher. What’s the harm in teaching them? You eat for free here.
What’s the harm in working? I can’t teach children, Bijlee! – Why? I’ve studied in big colleges and
have forgotten the lessons of school. Teach them what you know.
It’s only a matter of 2 days. She is right, son.
Your time will pass too. And Shravan’s job will be saved. We’ll be in deep trouble
if he loses this job, my son. Please agree, my son. – But I can’t.. Must I flatter you now?
– You don’t understand! Just get going! – Don’t push me! Come on. Change your clothes. – I won’t. I didn’t go to school when I was a kid,
I’m scared. What? – I mean,
no one dragged me to school.. you’re doing.
So I’m a bit scared. This is no prison!
Why are you getting scared? I can escape from a prison.
How do I escape from here? Who will catch you here? No one, but I’ll get caught. – What? I mean, I’ll get to learn something. You are here to teach, not to learn. What you say is beyond my comprehension. Well, go on. – Sure. Go on! Meet me under the tree after school, ok? Here I am. Are you the principal? Do I look like a peon to you? I’ve come as a substitute to Shravan. Hurry up! The new teacher is coming! The bell is about to ring.
– I’m almost through! Hurry up! Teacher is coming! I straightened out all the
devils in my class with this stick! Here you are. – Keep it with you. I’ll ask for it, when I need it. All right. But do you know your subject?
It’s History. Let me begin. I’m going to
change the history of this school! What are you guys up to? Listen to me. Important persons are welcomed
by firing cannons, sir! We welcome a new teacher like this! Right? – Of course! Yes! All right. Now take your seats. Sit down. Till you aren’t seated,
how can we sit down, sir? Good. The carpenters here are bad, sir.
They use spit instead of glue. Do I get you another chair?
– No. Thank you! Students,
I’ve a different style of teaching. So is our style of learning, sir! Before I start teaching.. ..I’d like to be friends with you. So.. tell me your names now. Tell us your name first. My name is.. Ramkumar. Mine is Sunday. – Mine is Monday. I’m Tuesday. – Wednesday. I’m Thursday. – I’m Friday. I’m Saturday. Silence! I want to know your real names. Tell me your real name.
– These days everything is fake, sir! Milk, butter,
oil and curd are all, but fake. Are you fake too, sir? No! This won’t do!
Do you wish to study or not? No! That’s it. I don’t want to teach either. So, relax. Yes, sir. Kadak Singh. – Present, sir! I’ve received news that
Mangal is hiding in this area. Keep a strict vigil on every newcomer. If you wish, I could imprison
every man who passes by! That’s not required.
Mangal’s posters are arriving tonight. Posters? A criminal’s posters are
published when his end is near! Fate, indeed! I escaped the noose,
got stuck as a teacher! Take a look. I’ve dressed up today! You aren’t answering me? What’s wrong? Angry again? I’m a little late and you’re so angry! I tattooed my name.
I was going to tattoo your name too. I thought it would be
great if you do it yourself. Here you are.
A fountain-pen. Write your name now. Go on. Aren’t you ashamed to flirt with me? You’re a man, but I’m talking like one. Aren’t you ashamed? I’m a like a fire, Bijlee. Don’t play with me. You’ll burn! If you’re like a fire, I’m lightning! That’s a perfect match, dear! Don’t joke, Bijlee. I’m very angry. What impudence is this? Shut up, lady! I’m a very strict man. Coward! Come out! Don’t try to be smart. Hands-up! Hurry up! Come here! Don’t look there! Come here! Come on. Hurry up! Mangal Singh! Do you wish to fight me? I’ll bash you up! Scared? Weren’t you terrified? Mangal will shiver exactly the same way,
when I arrest him! I’ll send him packing! – My foot! Constable, Mangal is a very smart man. It’s possible that he has
slipped out of your hands already. No way! He couldn’t
ever slip out of my hands! I’m a very.. – Strict man! Shut up! You don’t even know Mangal.
How will you arrest him, constable? Every child of this village
will recognize him by tomorrow. How? His posters are arriving
tonight in the police jeep. I have also given
my picture to the press. To publish my pictures with Mangal,
the day I arrest him! Let us see whose posters
are pasted in town tomorrow. The road is blocked. – Let’s clear it. Wait! Use more strength. Apply more force! A reward of 25,000 for
anyone who arrests Mangal. There he is! Greetings, constable.
– Greetings, teacher. Why are people scared of you? They are scared of me. – Yes. They know I’m a strict man! They weren’t so scared yesterday.
What makes the difference now? You’ll get to see my influence.. ..when I arrest that killer! They won’t even peep out of bed! After that I’ll get a promotion. I must leave, constable.
Your promotion is at hand. Of course! Salute me. – Hands up. Whom are you talking to? – You! Arrest Mangal. Mangal must be in the forest.
I’m constable Kadak Singh. I’ll shoot everyone. Shut up, bandit Mangal! You can’t fool the
police in that uniform! Take him away!
– What nonsense are you talking! My name is Kadaksingh! I’ll have you guys sacked. I will send you to a mental asylum. What are you doing? Let me go! What are you doing? Place the bet. – What’s the bet? That stupid teacher
is not going to come today. How do you know he won’t come?
– I’ve fixed bigger guys, dear! After what happened yesterday,
he wouldn’t dream of coming here! In that case, you’ve a bet.
– Get 5 for 1! Place your bet. You guys welcomed me
with fireworks yesterday. Right? It was my turn today. Welcome. Come. I’ve returned to you what you gave me.
Greetings. We’re even, right? Don’t look at him! Our honors are intact.
Neither did you lose, nor I. Open your books. What? Out with the money!
The teacher wouldn’t come, indeed! This one is smarter than you!
Now give me the money! Ok. This bloody teacher
has spoilt my mood today! Here. You! Why is money being distributed.. mercilessly in this poor nation?
Answer me. Karan and I had wagered a bet, sir.
– What bet? That.. – Answer me! That you would run away. Well, I did run away. I came here to rest,
instead of going out! Buy sweets with the money
and distribute it on Karan’s behalf. Very well, sir. Children, let’s study history now. Can anyone tell me, who was Akbar? May I, sir? – May I, sir? He was Humayun’s son. – Wrong! Answer. Babar’s grandson. – Oh no! Wrong again. Akbar was Salim’s father!
– You too are wrong. So what’s right, sir?
– Akbar was Prithviraj Kapoor. That’s not history. Have you forgotten
the film ‘Mughal-E-Azam?’ Now tell me who was Salim? Dilip Kumar! – Bravo, boys!
Now you’re on the right track! How many sons did Akbar have? Prince Salim was his only son. Wrong. Salim was indeed Emperor
Akbar’s son, sir. Akbar had 3 three sons! – What! I know them personally! 3 sons. Raj Kapoor,
Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor! The punk is like us!
– Being informal with me! You..! Now stand right here. Teacher! Do I come in or will you come here? Yes? This chap is a rascal! Don’t abuse!
This is a school, not your inn! Stop smoking in front of the students! I know them all!
I find them smoking everywhere! This is my aunt’s son. Teach him. He’s mischievous naughty. If
he gets naughty, give him a tight slap. All right. Go away now! Now, sit there. What’s your name? Listen! What is it?
– What will you have for dinner? Turkey. – Shut up! I’ll eat whatever you cook.
Now don’t bother me. I’ve to teach them! Leave! He’s acting smart just
because he’s a teacher. Now, children take
your History text books. And you read out the lesson. At night when Humayun’s
soldiers were sleeping.. ..Sherkhan attacked the sleeping
army at the middle of the night. Bittu! Pal, from where did you get that bangle? This isn’t a bangle,
but a handcuff, sir. Where did you find it? You seem to have forgotten me,
sir, but I haven’t. I remember everything. Have you told anyone? – Not yet. Good boy. Don’t tell anyone, ok? I can’t guarantee that. Please give me that. Give me that cuffs. It’s a handcuff and I
can’t give it just like that. How will you, then?
– Give me your mouth-organ. What? – You can have it in return. Take this instrument. This is a single piece.
Where’s the other? I’ll give it to you if you promise me.. won’t teach me. – Ok. Won’t hit me. – Ok. Will I still pass? – Sure. You won’t tell my aunt? – I won’t. You mustn’t tell her either.
– I would have, if I had to. Good boy! Now give me the other bangle. It’s not here with me.
I’ll have to search for it. It’s lying somewhere at home.
I’ll give it to you this evening. You’re a big imp! You’re the big imp. I’m still a kid. Sure, you are, but you’ve surpassed me. Stop there! – What is it? Come here. Don’t waste your and my time. Find another prey. I’m broke. What will I do with a prey?
I don’t touch money. I’ve moved closer to God.
People consider me a great saint. Come here. I could reform you. Saint, I’ve been a conman. I’ve traveled far and wide.
So don’t act smart. Cruel man! For all your innocence,
you’ve a black heart! Sit down! – All right. Why yell! Show me your palm. – What? No matter what you check,
you won’t get anything. My creator gave me birth,
but forgot to write a destiny for me. Wow! – Stop spinning a yarn. It’s true!
Jupiter is moving towards Mars! You’ll be rich soon. You’ll reach the top very soon! Those in uniform are
hell bent to do that. I seem to have some more time. One of these planets,
spell darkness for you. But it can be resolved! There will be lightning!
And it will brighten up your life. There will be lightning?
There already is! I can see everything already! Listen. – What? There is this beautiful girl. – Really? A chatter-box, but she’s good at heart. She’s not in love with you. If you woo her, your life would be made! What is her name? She descended from the heaven
along with the clouds. She’s Bijlee. Bijlee? How disgusting! I won’t love her? She’s dark-skinned ugly girl.
I don’t care for her. What did you say? – It’s true! Everything about her is haywire. Must I invite death by marrying her?
– Am I dark-skinned and ugly? Am I, buck teeth? – Of course! Well what do I lack? Tell me! You ought to be thankful
that I love you. You wouldn’t find anyone
as beautiful even.. the neighboring villages! Get lost! – See my fair skin? No matter what you do,
you can’t be as fair as I am! “Don’t be so vain about your fairness” “that fair complexion
will be gone very soon” “Don’t be so vain about your fairness” “that fair complexion
will be gone very soon” “I’m the flame, you’re my firefly” “I’m the flame, you’re my firefly” “You’ll burn out before me” “Don’t be so vain about your fairness” “that fair complexion
will be gone very soon” “Beauty vanishes, love is undying” “One wilting blossom isn’t
the end of Eden’s Spring” “Beauty vanishes, love is undying” “Oh what a thing to say, I swear” “Oh what a thing to say, I swear” “my infidel heart goes out to you” “Don’t be so vain about your fairness” “that fair complexion
will be gone very soon” “Oh give up this love” “In love’s season,
give up pointless arguments” “Oh give up this love” “And give me your hand” “Give me your hand” “Don’t waste time talking” “I’m the flame, you’re my firefly” “You’ll burn out before me” “What if I leave
you in drunken ecstasy?” “What if I can still resist you?” “What if I leave
you in drunken ecstasy?” “What if you fail to
save yourself from me?” “Try as much as you will
to save yourself from me” “the magic of my beauty
will enthrall you” “Don’t be so vain about your fairness” “that fair complexion
will be gone very soon” Have you seen this man? I think I’ve seen him. But I can’t recall. Ok. Inform the cops
if you see him again. Move. I kept it here. Where has it gone? Try to remember where you kept it.
– I kept it here. One minute. Did anybody see you keep it here?
– No, sir. Where is it then? – It’s with me. You’ve been looking for this, right? How did you get it, aunt? It flew to me. Get lost. What will you do with it?
– What will I do? A handcuff is meant for criminals. Kids ought to stay away from it. Do you want to wear the handcuff then? Me? What nonsense! Why would a respectable
man wear handcuffs? Why are you staring at me? Are you Mangal? Mangal? Who’s that? I don’t know any Mangal! Tell me the truth or I’ll call the cops! I’ll assemble the villagers here! You won’t be able to escape. Aren’t you Mangal,
whom the police are chasing? Right? Yes. I’m Mangal. I seem to be struck by lightning today! Go away. Don’t you ever
come to this village again! Go away! Bijlee..
– Don’t utter my name, criminal! Don’t humiliate me like this. Yes, I’m a criminal.
I have even killed.. ..but I’ve not hurt your feelings. That’s what you think, Mangal! If you stab a man with a dagger,
he dies only once. When you break someone’s heart.. ..he dies bit by bit every day. You’ve committed so many crimes.
Could you do just one more? Stab me to death! I had warned you.. ..I’m like fire, don’t play with me.
You’ll burn. I tried many times
to tell you the truth. My sinful past wants
to end my present and future. I know it. Every day of my life brings
warnings of my impending death. It can happen anytime. A bullet of the police
will pierce my heart! It will deliver me from this
life of shame and humiliation. I wonder why God wrote
such a terrible destiny for us. I already lost my dear ones. For the first ever time,
I wanted to belong to someone. And you find him already
a captive of the law. I’m glad I got to know
before it got too late. Or you would’ve adorned me with blood.. ..instead of vermilion, after marriage. No man is born a criminal, Bijlee. It is his circumstances
that compel him into it. You once called me an angel. Look at the quirk of destiny.
You consider me Satan today. No man ever changes, Bijlee.
But time does alter his image. You don’t appear
to be a killer by your.. ..appearance and your manner. Why then did you..
– I wish I felt no hunger! I wish no one had ever
snatched bread from me! Had the knife not landed in my hands, I wouldn’t have killed anyone! That’s Mangal’s story. Have me arrested, if you wish. Go on. I might let you go away,
but my heart can’t forget you. Inspector? What’s the matter? Sir, I’m sorry to inform you.. ..that your son, Shravan might be dead. No! You’re lying!
The moneylender has sent you! You want to scare us
out of this house, right? We’re even willing to leave the village,
if you wish. Please say that this isn’t true! I wish it were not true. What harm had my son done to anyone? Why was he killed?
– How did it happen, inspector? The compartment in which
your son was traveling.. ..also had the fugitive Mangal in it. There seems to have
been a scuffle between them. And Mangal threw your
son out of the running train. Can you tell me something
more about your son? I can’t. A friend of his is staying with us. Perhaps he can tell you something. Don’t worry. Let me get my hands on Mangal. I’ll send him to the gallows! Pay attention.
The two of you will bring.. ..Bhagat Singh,
Sukhdeo and Raj Singh here. You will ask, ‘Do you have
a last wish before you die?’ What if they say, don’t hang us? Pal, Bhagat Singh wasn’t
a petty thief like me.. Bhagat Singh wasn’t a thief
or a killer to fear death. He went to the gallows
smiling all the way. If Bhagat Singh was so brave,
why didn’t he run away? Fool! Has anyone ever escaped the noose? Right, sir? What? There are people who do escape. But there’s no saying how
long they will escape the noose. Now show me how you
will walk to the gallows. What a shame! That’s not
how patriots walk to their death! Could you show us, sir? Move back. Hands like this. Teacher, the police officers
are here to see you. Welcome, officers!
Thanks for coming. Tell the children.. the police punish criminals. The teacher’s a simpleton. He doesn’t know how
criminals are hanged. He hasn’t seen gallows. Welcome, sir. This way, please. Imps! You won’t stop
playing your pranks! They’re really very naughty! Teachers ought to be given
training like the police! So we can handle these imps! We’ve the noose ready!
You’re here too. Just hang the boys! Children will be mischievous, principal. Just call the teacher here. How would you like.. take this route
down or the other way. The other way. – Come. Come, inspector. The real drama was
what we staged in our days. A wrestler once threw me to the floor. That was it.
I forgot all about plays and dramas. Let’s check how our teacher is. Teacher? Are you all right? Please come out! The police want to question
you about Shravan Kumar. Hurry up, mister.
Straighten your back later. Or the cops will straighten us out. Principal!
Have you bolted the door from outside? No, dear! It is latched from inside.
– No. Push the door. Push? – I can’t open this door. Okay. Inspector, just push it. What’s that? I’m playing the jailer in the drama.
So I thought I’d dress up. Yes, inspector. What can I do for you? Are you the new teacher? – Yes. I wanted to inquire about Shravan Kumar. Even I wanted to ask you that.
Where is he? Why isn’t he back?
His parents and I are waiting for him. When his train reached the station.. ..he wasn’t in his compartment. We found traces of
blood in the compartment. Finger-print reports have proved that.. ..he got into a scuffle with Mangal.. ..who has escaped from the gallows. No! – Shravan must
have recognized Mangal. He must have attempted to catch him. As a result, the poor man lost his life. After killing him, Mangal
threw him out of the running train. His body might be consumed
by river creatures.. we still haven’t found his body. Can you tell us something
about Shravan Kumar? When was the last time you met him? For God’s sake,
don’t ask more questions! Can’t you see how badly
he has taken his friend’s death? Ok, principal.
I won’t ask any questions now. Till we complete our investigations.. mustn’t leave town, teacher. We might need your help.
– C’mon. Let’s go. ‘I’m responsible for Shravan’s death.’ ‘I’ve snatched son of blind parents!’ ‘I must atone for my sin.’ I must meet him. – Where are you going? I’m going to do what
I should’ve done long ago. Aunt! What’s wrong? He’s badly wounded. The moneylender’s
thugs must have hit him. Sit here, Bijlee.
I’ll fetch some turmeric. Ramu, how did this happen? The poison of sin
was flowing in my veins. I was trying to cleanse my body. I’m the man who has snatched
the support from these blind parents. Mangal? Was it you? – Yes. It was me. Bravo! This is the most sensible
thing you’ve done! Take 10,000 rupees. Had you paid heed to me earlier,
you wouldn’t have faced any problem. Problems are in my destiny, Lala. Our fate is written with tears. Make all the arrangements, Malti. We’re leaving this place tomorrow. Uncle.. – So you’ve
regained consciousness. Yes. And at the right time. Why are you leaving this house? Where have you brought that money from? I’ve sold the bungalow
to the moneylender. This bungalow won’t be sold at any cost! I won’t let them demolish
it to build a hotel. Forget it, son.
I can’t take my own share of sorrows. How long will we put up
with the moneylender’s atrocities? With this money,
I’ll take my wife on a pilgrimage. Even Shravan dreamt so. He always spoke of
taking us on a pilgrimage. Instead of taking us on a pilgrimage.. ..he left on a long journey. If I could get my hands on Mangal.. ..I’d riddle his body with bullets! Baba here’s your rifle. Shoot. Your son’s
killer stands before you. Where is he? Tell me! Here I am. – You! Yes. Open fire. That will give you some peace. And perhaps, it will give me death. I know why you’re talking like that. You can’t bear the
separation from your friend. So you want to leave us and go to him. No, son. Don’t do that. God has given us another
son in your form. Even you want to leave us? No, son. I’m your son, right? – Yes. You think I’m your son, right?
– Of course, son. Then return this money
to the moneylender! You won’t sell this house!
I’ll take you on a pilgrimage! How will you get the money? I’ll slog and do manual labor!
But I’ll take you on a pilgrimage! I’ll bear the expenses. I’ll bear the expenses. Won’t you dance? – No! No! Won’t you? – You’ve to dance! I won’t dance! I won’t! Kill me, if you wish! I’ve quit that dirty profession!
I won’t do it again! Scoundrels! You should’ve brought another girl,
if she wasn’t willing! Are you guys going to perform
when Suraj arrives this evening? Find another girl! It’s too far, sir. It’ll take us days to get there.
– Idiot! Didn’t you think of that before?
You’re telling me now! Get lost! I’ll set this girl right. Listen to me, lady.
I’ll pay you double the price! Had your daughter
been here in my place.. ..would you’ve forced
her into this profession? My daughter? If I don’t ask you to dance,
that man will kill me! Pal, we all have to die some day. The only difference is that
people mourn someone’s death.. ..while they celebrate
that of the other one. How dare you come here? I’ve enough daring.
No one can stop me from going anywhere. I’m not here to prove my bravery today. I’m here to beg of you. Take this money and give
back the documents of that house. Don’t render those blind folks homeless. Stop talking nonsense! That blind man himself
sold the house to me. I didn’t force him. Go and help them pack their stuff. I want the house vacated
before sunset tomorrow. Ok? Don’t be so conceited, sir. I am an atheist.
I’ve never even bowed to God, but.. ..I beg before you, sir! Don’t, brother! You? What are you doing here? You helped me get out
of that filthy profession. This man wants me to
take up that profession again. Return whatever he’s asking for. I’m willing to perform. No! You won’t take up
this disgusting profession! Don’t stop me today, brother. As a brother,
you had once done me proud in public. I can’t let my brother
get humiliated today. She’s right. I’ll return
the papers only on one condition. Let her dance tonight. I’ll send the papers with her tomorrow. Give me your permission, brother! Here are the anklets, lady. Get ready. My partner’s waiting. Yes. – Hurry up! Who are you? Don’t you recognize me? It’s me. But this.. – Listen. If you can stake your
chastity for my sake.. ..don’t I’ve any duty towards you? Feed them these drugged betel-leaves.
They’ll be out till dawn. Just do as I say. What about the guys with me?
– I’ve fixed them already. How long will I have to wait, Lala?
Call the beauty here! Wait a while, partner. She’s such a beauty.. ..that her every charm is intoxicating. Beauty is at your service.. At your service, sir!
– Who are you, old man? I’m nothing in front of you. But I’m renowned in musical circles. I’m the lady’s teacher.
She has learnt music from me. What do you do? I serve the likes of you. The lord has given
me another opportunity. I sing song and she dances
to the beat. – Listen. Yes? – Who’ll play the drum? I’m quite an expert in that. Once I’m through,
you’ll remember me for a long time. Let the girl show us something too. Why do we need these wrestlers around? Drive them out so we can begin. Alright. Go on, guys. Get out! Get cracking. Let’s begin! I won’t dance. What? I’ve changed my mind. Changed your mind? What nonsense! This is how I make people
change their mind again, darling. “Dance, dance, dance” “Dance, my song-bird” “Dance, my song-bird you’ll make money” “Where else will we find
such patrons of your art?” “Dance, my song-bird you’ll make money” “Where else will we find
such patrons of your art?” “Wear your dancing bells on your feet” “Where else will we
find such magnanimous men?” “Dance, my song-bird” “Dance, my song-bird you’ll make money” “Where else will we find
such patrons of your art?” “It’s a colourful season” “Your lover fancies you” “It’s a colourful season
and your lover fancies you” “You’re free to have your wish” “This is a wonderful opportunity” “Will you ever find
so innocent a lover?” “Will you ever find..” “Dance, my song-bird” “Dance, my song-bird you’ll make money” “Where else will we find
such patrons of your art?” “These moneyed men are so thirsty” “this rich man are so thirsty” “give him a drink of ecstasy” “Where will you find
such an innocent lover?” “Will you ever find..” “Dance, my song-bird” “Dance, my song-bird you’ll make money” “Where else will we find
such patrons of your art?” “Our wishes” “our wishes are little.,
only food and clothes” “Our wishes..” “Where else will we
find such a grand house?” “Where else will we find..” “Dance, my song-bird” “Dance, my song-bird you’ll make money” “Where else will we find
such patrons of your art?” That mark on your arm! It’s a birthmark. There was a mark like this on my.. Lala! She was supposed to
dance and she has done that. Wait a minute. Don’t try to act smart! I’m playing no tricks.
She’s the one. I’m sure! I’m going to call my wife here.
Just wait. What’s it? He’s gone to call his thugs. Let’s go. Wait. Where are you going? Stop, child. Please! Come here. Look! Isn’t this the mark? She is our daughter.
– Yes! This is indeed the mark! Who are you, dear? – I’m an orphan. I was only 4, when my parents
were separated from me at a fair. We are the unfortunate
parents who had lost you, dear! What? Am I your.. Yes, dear. Are you my parents? Yes, dear! – Yes, dear! Mother! – My darling daughter! Brother! Where are you going?
– I’m leaving. I came to steal those papers. But this is my sister’s house. And one doesn’t steal
at his sister’s house. Wait! These are the papers
you came to steal, right? I had lost my daughter
and turned into a devil. That devil goes up in
flames with these papers today. I was about to commit
a grave sin in ignorance. You’ve saved me from it. You’ve given me a new life today! Tell those folks that
their home won’t be demolished. I won’t build a hotel there. Accept this as a gift from me. I wouldn’t take a gift of life in alms.
How can I accept money? This isn’t charity!
You’ve given my daughter back to me! Take it please! Go on! One doesn’t get paid
to escort his sister home. Brother! Take it. Utilize the money to take
your old folks on a pilgrimage. It might help wash away our sins too. Take it, son! No, sir. Please! Stop. Greetings.
Could you drop us at school, sir? It’s on your way. Hop in. Let’s go. Have you seen this chap anywhere? This man?! He’s our teacher! Your teacher? Will he be at school now? No, sir. He has quit his job. Where does he live? Something wrong, sir?
– We’re looking for him. We don’t know where he stays. Thank you, sir. There he is. Karan, the cops are
looking for our teacher! Looking for him? What for? I know! They want to arrest him. Let’s warn him. – C’mon. Greetings, sir.
– Any news on the fugitive.. ..Mangal who escaped from Punjab prison? We’ve locked him up, sir. – What? Of course, sir. This way, please. Will I get a promotion now, sir? Sure. Where is he? In there, sir. Mangal Singh! I’ve told you I’m not Mangal! Is that Mangal? – Of course, sir. Nonsense! – I told you I’m not Mangal! I’m constable Kadak Singh! But they wouldn’t listen!
They’ve gone mad! Lock them up and release me!
Where’s the key? Shut up! – Shut up!
– How could it be, sir? It was this man’s posters
that you sent us, sir! Where are the posters? – There! Oh my God! It’s the rogue’s doing! – Yes. Do we release this man, sir? – Yes! No. Let him remain here. Why, sir? – He’s a lunatic. The police were looking for him. – Yes! He thinks he’s a constable. – Yes! He escaped with a police
uniform from an asylum. – Yes! He’s from a good family though. – Yes! Let’s go. When death looms over someone,
his posters are published! My posters are out there. My posters are out there. This way. Did you get our luggage loaded? Yes, uncle. Ok. – Have you taken the lunch box? The lunch box?
– Yes? – Oh, no! It’s lying at home. I’ll get it. – Come soon. Where are you going, Bijlee? With you.
– I’m taking them on a pilgrimage. I’m coming along.
Maybe, it will wash away my sins. What sins have you committed?
– Helping a sinner is sin enough. I hope you won’t go away. I’m going to fetch the lunch box.
– Return soon! Hurry up! It’s time for the bus to leave. Get in. Wait a little, conductor.
The teacher will be here any minute. I don’t care for the teacher, lady. It’s time for the bus to leave. We can’t wait any longer.
Let’s hurry, driver. He’s here.
– How did he get in the moving bus! I’ve come, uncle.
– I thought you had fled. Take them inside the temple, Bijlee.
I’ll wait here. Why? Aren’t you coming in? No, aunt. I don’t believe in God. You shouldn’t say such things, son. It’s true. Had god really existed,
your son would’ve been alive today! And after that, I went straight.. Ghost! There’s a ghost! I’m not ghost, but Shravan. I’m back! Yes! He’s Shravan! Teacher.. Where were you all these days, teacher? With a group of fishermen
who saved my life. When I regained consciousness
after many days, I discovered I had lost a leg. When I was fit enough to walk,
I came here. Now tell me. Are my parents’ fine? Mangal, let’s go.
The boss wants to see you. Mangal is dead for you! Not yet. You’ll die,
if you refuse to come. Welcome, sir.
Would you like some betel-leaf? You make a deadly betel-leaf.
Please have. I didn’t know he was your partner. Bloody rat! You didn’t know! You’ve betrayed me!
I feel like chopping you into pieces! I don’t know why I’m so fond of you. C’mon. Return to me. – No, sir. I had told you I wanted to quit crime. I see! That’s why you’re here
to atone for your sins? Silly of me! I thought you would be
hungry and wandering aimlessly. So I’ve got bread for you. Remember? Have it. No. I don’t want bread earned
by committing atrocities on the poor. Bread is bread. There’s a difference
between pieces of bread, pal. The bread snatched from others
stinks of an innocent’s blood! I want bread that
is earned by hard labor! I hate sermons, Mangal. Let’s go! Let me at least accompany
the old folks on their pilgrimage. I can’t say if they will
complete their pilgrimage. But if you refuse to go with us.. will certainly to go the grave! Sir.. – Thrash this rascal! Listen! If you do exist, show us your miracle. Save me from these devils! Let me help those blind
parents complete their pilgrimage. You can even kill me after that! Thanks a million, God. Our life is truly blessed. It’s our son, Ramu, who deserves
the reward for our pilgrimage. Bless him with the
rest of our lives, God. Call us unto you, God. So that we can meet our Shravan. No, uncle! Bijlee, take them to the public inn. I’ll fetch a doctor. – Ok. Your wound has healed, inspector.
– This wound has healed. Actually, I’ll get relief only.. ..when I’ve Mangal arrested and hanged. How do you know he’s coming here? He’ll surely come here. My uncle is seriously ill, doctor!
He’s finding it difficult to breathe! Don’t worry. The old are prone to asthmatic
attacks at this height. I’ll give you some medicines.
He’ll be fine. Take this. Give the medicine fast! Ms. Saraswati. Take it in the morning and evening. Get the coat. Here. Here you are, doctor. By the way, this is Mangal’s snap. Inform the police, if you see him. Is this Mangal? – Yes. He just walked out
with medicines! – What? Yes! Your medicine.. God has at last shown mercy to us, son. He has answered our prayers! He has returned Shravan,
safe and sound, to us. Son, it was possible only due to you. Had you not taken all
the trouble to bring us here.. ..we wouldn’t have found our son. God bless you. May, God grant you
the rest of our years. Why don’t you speak? Why are you silent? He probably didn’t expect
me to return, father. He’s so happy to see me alive,
he finds himself tongue-tied. I’ve been awaiting for
you here for the last 15 days. A visit to the Badrinath
Temple is said to be the last one. You may not believe me, Shravan.
It’s true, friend! Today.. seeing you
alive has eased my pain. I can’t say about your pain,
but I’ve lost a part of my body. The killer did try his best. Maybe, I wasn’t destined to die. And the fishermen saved me.
– Forget the past, Shravan. It’s enough that God has
saved you from the jaws of death. Consider this to be a
new lease of life from Him. God has granted me a new lease of life.. repay my friend.. ..who has done a huge favor on me. Let’s go, my friend. I want to talk to you in private. No, Shravan. I too shall.. You? No way. Only the two of us. Come along. At least eat before going out, son. Not yet, mother. We’ve met after ages. Till we’ve made up for the lost years.. ..we won’t be able to eat anything. Shall we leave, friend? Come back soon. I’m not begging for my life. You’ve every right to avenge. When you tried to pull
the chain to stop the train.. ..I thought you were
pushing me towards.. ..the very noose I had escaped. I just couldn’t control myself. I didn’t know your parents were blind,
helpless and.. ..had no one except you. Pick up that rifle and kill me! I want deliverance at your hands! Mangal, do you see that mountain? The country’s border
lies across the mountain. Cross the border.
The law won’t be able to get you. Are you letting me go? Won’t you kill me? No. That was my intention,
when I left the village. I found out how you
had served my parents.. ..and saved their lives
on so many occasions. I could’ve forgiven you even
if I had lost both my limbs in return. The cops have got very close. Run away before they arrest you. I’ll stop the police with this gun,
if they arrive here. No, friend! One bullet against the law will
give birth to another Mangal like me. I’ve always fought my battles alone.
I’ll do that even today. Listen. You’ll need this. Take it. Good luck. Don’t tell your parents
the truth about me, Shravan. The love they gave
me could turn into hatred. They know the truth, Mangal. They still have as much affection
for you, as they earlier did. You’re lucky to be
born to such noble parents. Tell them that if I’m alive.. ..I’ll meet them again. We’ll surely meet! Mangal. You cheat! You had promised to
spend your life with me. And you’re deserting me! Go back, Bijlee! – Where to? I’ll come with you! I’m walking into the jaws of death! Well? Do you take me for a coward? I’m not selfish to be with you in joy.. ..and desert you in sorrow. What will I do if you’re not with me? C’mon. Mangal! We’re even here to take you along! Who are they? – These are the men.. ..who turn petty criminals
into hard-core ones. Scores of Mangals’ are born
and breed under their shelter. Come! Mangal! No, Bijlee!
How could this happen to you? Coward! You were running
away with a woman! You’re no brave man either!
You’ve fired at a woman! I knew it, Mangal. As long as that woman was with you.. would never return to us! I can’t run with you now. – Bijlee! Give me that gun!
I’ll stop those scoundrels! Go across the border. No, Bijlee! We’ll be together.. ..either in this world or up in heaven! What are you thinking?
Drop that gun and return to us! It’s said that you can cause
an avalanche with sound of gunshot. This is the last warning!
Come here, Mangal! What’s the hurry, boss? ‘I’m going to die,
but I’ll take you along.’ Leave me here, Mangal. Run away, Mangal. I won’t be able to go with you. Mangal, escape! Run away, Mangal! – Go! Hold it! No one will
fire without my orders! Mangal! Stop, Mangal! Else, I’ll shoot! I’m running out of breath, Mangal! No, Bijlee! Don’t be hasty. Let’s die together. Wait! Inspector! What day of the week is it? Mangal, it’s Tuesday. In that case,
I’ll embrace my death today! No! Didn’t you say.. ..I’d apply an innocent’s blood on you,
to take you for my wife? It isn’t anybody else’s blood. I take you for my bride
applying my blood as vermillion. Come to me, Bijlee. Bijlee! No! You have deserted me, right? You’ve left alone. I had told you, inspector.. ..there isn’t a noose
in the world to hang me. No bullets? Here are the cartridges, inspector. Were you aiming unloaded gun at me? I could have opened fire if I wished to. But I had already
committed so much crime.. ..that I couldn’t do
it anymore before dying. Don’t go away too far, Bijlee.
I’m coming! Mangal! – Where is he? Where are you, Mangal?
– Where are you, son? Mangal! – Bijlee! No! – Mother! Have you brought some
bread for my last journey? That’s what I have chased all my life. I wonder if I’ll
ever get it after death. Don’t say that. Father! I’ll go there. When
I’ll meet God, I know he will avoid me. I will seek him out. I will tell him.. ..give brain,
heart and everything else to man. Don’t give him stomach. If you
must give one, don’t give him hunger! If you must, then arrange
for the poor man’s two square meals! Or you’ve no right to create man!
– No son. Son!

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