Rotation and Revolution of Earth | Educational Video for Kids

The Earth and its movements. The Earth is the third planet from the Sun, and it has a unique characteristic that no other planet we know has: it’s the only one that has life on it Life of all types, plants and animals… Its average temperature is 15 degrees Celcius,
and because our planet also has water and an atmosphere… it is the perfect place for
life. Like other planets of the solar system, the
Earth moves in two different ways: one is called rotation… and the other is called
revolution. Rotation is the movement of the Earth on its
own axis. Rotate means to turn. So, the Earth turns around a slightly-inclined imaginary
line that joins the two poles, called the axis. Do you know how long it takes to make
a complete turn?.. It takes 24 hours to make one rotation… Think about it for a second:.. One day, day and night together, lasts 24 hours too. So the movement
of rotation causes day and night. Interesting, right? Now let’s see the movement of revolution… As you can see in the pictures, the Earth
goes around the Sun in an elliptical orbit. That might sounds a little strange… but
if you look… you’ll see it is simply the journey that the Earth makes around the Sun…
Do you know how long it takes the Earth to make a complete revolution around the sun?
Well, it takes… 365 days… Exactly – one year!.. This revolution movement is what makes the spring, with its colorful flowers… the hot
summer, full of fun… the autumn, when leaves fall from the trees to the ground… and the
cold and frosty winter. So let’s remember the 2 kinds of movement
that the Earth makes. There is rotation, which is the Earth turning
around itself… causing day and night… which lasts exactly 24 hours, the same as
a whole day. And there is revolution, which is the earth
travelling around the sun… which takes 365 days and causes the seasons. So, now you know the movements of the Earth. Goodbye everyone, and don’t forget to subscribe
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  1. Wrong. All of it. YHVH…your Creator says the earth is a circle and is IMMOVABLE so many times He created it He should know. Water does not ever curve . Gravity, no such thing, Isaac Newton Freemason, just came up with that. If there was gravity it could not be powerful enough to hold an ocean to a ball and weak enough for a bird to fly. Common sense if we use it. The sun is a greater light for the day and the moon is the lesser light for the night. Moon doesn't reflect.

  2. Also if there WAS gravity, you should be able to pour water on a ball and have it stick. It wouldn't be able to pick and choose where it holds and doesn't.

  3. 1:27 Earth spinning backwards. For kids! To help explain the West to East Solar Eclipse that would otherwise be impossible! Nice job!

  4. Do you have any idea what you are doing to our children teaching this pitiful garbage? Gods not happy about what you are doing and you will be held accountable for your lies whether you know what you are doing or not. Research flat earth so you can stop this nonsense. Sickening.

  5. I like your simple explanation but to this day no physical experiment has proved that the earth is in motion

    The earth doesn't rotate and even NASA didn't prove physical evidence of earth rotation other than logical conclusion.. It's the same as Darwinism because Darwin fooled us for biological evolution, but so far nothing happened.. . However, now days we can see live earth from space which is ISS orbiting the earth means earth doesn't move… But, some say earth rotation can shoot from the moon or from mars….well .. I too personally believe sun orbit the earth as a source of energy, but earth not… whatever the mystery is going on..

  6. Earth doesn't move but these globalist pieces of shit need
    you to think it does so they can suck your country dry.
    They're being reported.
    They don't think they can be punished.

  7. Its 365 days and 6 hrs. This 6 hrs fall into the month of February every four times so a new day falls in the month of Feb which is called a leap day and the year is called Leap yaet

  8. The earth spinning and revolution theory math. 0.462 km /sec (spin rate) and 30 km /sec revolution rate(but, we don't know how they got this number, is it picked from computing 150,000,000) km orbit path length?), can work mathematically.It appears to work good mathematically,but, in the real world,

    The earth is flat and stationary. That is why mathematics can appear to work in the fake world/ fiction world. right?thanks.

  9. in the begining he said plants animales and when he show the image of humans he didnt say anything,
    like if humans are irrelevant 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  10. I’m in science class right now and EVERY SINGLE planet should be all around the moon. Not in one cluster, little boy.

  11. A very clear, video about how the Earth is perfect for supporting life. Also discusses rotation and revolution. LInks the Earth's movements with time (hours, days, years, seasons) and temperature so great mathematics links too.

  12. one revolution takes 365 1/4 days.
    that is why after every four years the 1/4 become one day and a leap year occurs.

  13. Me: mom dislike button is not working
    Mom:it won't cause it is the best video ever
    Me:okay but the like and subscribe button work yay! I can be happy now

  14. Thanks. This will help me for my presentation about the model of the Moon revolving around the Earth and the Earth revolving around the Sun while rotating. I hope this will help me! 😀

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