Ross Critical Thinking Research Paper

hello students Detra Davis here your critical thinking instructor and I wanted to go over the week forward research paper I'm just gonna read through it and hopefully provide a tiny bit of insight if you have questions you know how to get in touch with me nine one nine four one two nine one five eight or you can send me a message through canvas now the research paper becoming a better critical thinker that's the title of the paper is due tomorrow on Sunday in this research paper you will identify your strengths and weaknesses as a critical thinker and create an action plan to improve your skills now critical thinking is a skill not a talent and it can be learned you will acquire many tools of critical thinking in this course and so think back from week 1 to week 4 what you've learned so far apart from learning to use these tools you must also learn to evaluate your skills and make systematic efforts to improve them now students the first step along the path of growth is to know where you stand you will begin by assessing your current critical thinking skills you're going to write personal experiences of how you thought critically or fail to think critically in various situations do you sometimes fail to meet certain standards of critical thinking are there any barriers to critical thinking especially difficult for you to cross and when I talk about barriers I mean for example when you're making a decision and you need to trust your gut or when you feel like you're making a decision or you're in an argument and you're talking to someone and you don't feel like you have enough knowledge about the topic another barrier might be just a lack of willingness to engage you just go we have all done it I have a sister who had just plain and I'm not willing to argue with her though will is gone perhaps misunderstanding the truth you know when someone tells you something and you're not quite sure what they mean or you don't quite believe them maybe because you don't have enough knowledge or you just you know they're that kind of person where you just go I'm not gonna believe anything they say another barrier could be simple closed mindedness I'm just not going to I'm just not gonna listen I'm not going to engage in this ok so just think back about that does a rigorous analysis of arguments come easily or do you have to work hard at it do you naturally use language precisely or do you tend to be a little lacks as you complete the readings and the assignments in this course you may wish to make a list of your strengths and weaknesses in critical thinking as well as questions that come to mind now students once you have identified your strengths and weaknesses and your questions you need to organize them identify your three greatest strengths and three worst weaknesses as a critical thinker your plan for improvement will be based on these strengths and weaknesses ranked your weaknesses and identify three to five journal articles about improving critical thinking skills that offer practical advice what you can do to improve in these areas so you're going to look for three to five articles you can use the virtual library which is in canvas you can use Google but remember we're looking for journal articles so I would highly recommend that you use the virtual library finally develop a plan for improving your critical thinking skills now the plan will be for the next it says for the next one year what that means is the plan is going to cover the next year so you this is something you're going to be working on between now and 2020 describe at least three specific actions you will take and the expected outcomes of these actions so if you decide to change something what are you gonna change and what do you expect the outcome to look like the outcomes should be specific and measurable students your paper should be two to three pages in length and any sources you use and quote must be cited using APA style you know that you need an APA formatted title page the body of your paper and of course the last page will be your references as I mentioned if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me this paper is due tomorrow that's Sunday July 21st at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time everyone have a great weekend

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