Roots | The Story of WOU’s History of Excellence in Education

[Scribbles On Paper and Footsteps] [Modern Upbeat Piano Music Starts] [Vintage Car Honks] [sounds of marching soldiers, military orders being shouted fade in on top of music] [WINSTON CHURCHILL] We shall fight in the fields, and in the streets… … and we shall never surrender! [boots fade out as CHURCHILL’s voice echos] [MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.] Because I have a dream! [voice echos and fades out] [Muscle Car Engine Revs] [Wind, Thunder, Rain] [Beams breaking] [Electric Guitar starts playing a fast riff alongside existing piano] [birds chirping off screen] [Pace speeds up] [Hippie Bus Honks] [Music Hangs] [Beat drops into fast paced percussion. vocalists chanting “oh” at same pace as cuts in video] [Music slows, strings play long, inspirational notes] [pace speeds up, rhythmic clap sounds play at same rate as cuts in video] [Instruments slow down and slowly fade out until only the beat and piano are left] [Final Long Piano Note] [Music Ends] [Upbeat Remix of Beat from the Main Video] [Captions created by: Andy McDonald and Kayla Dow]

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