27 thoughts on “Root 4p Play-through & Teaching by Heavy Cardboard”

  1. I'm getting this game as a birthday present from my girlfriend in a few days 🙂 this was an amazing and entertaining resource and helped me learn the game ahead of time ^^ thanks very much!

  2. Is it just me or did the Eyrie player place a Bird and another card into the Decree on his first turn? Either way well played all, love this game 😀

  3. When the Vagabond crafts, my understanding was their hammers count as the suit of the clearing they are in, not as wild.

  4. At 1:10:25 isn't there a rule saying that the tokens don't get you victory points? And at 1:35:00 : a move action allows you to move twice right? So this would only be one move he did plus the second were he places a sympathy for his warrior.

  5. I like the camera/board layout. The player cameras are smaller and the board is emphasized. Player colors are noted. Thanks!

  6. Really looking forward to picking this one up. I'm curious how it compares to COIN games as I've played many of them and love them.

  7. hey does wood alliances just start with 3 supports and with 0 hand cards? if thats the case, then Michael cannot craft in the first round right?

  8. I'm signed up to play Root at an upcoming convention, and so I wanted to make sure I knew the rules before I arrived. I watched this video after having read through the rules to help reinforce them, and I couldn't be happier. I came here only after getting 20 minutes into a Game The Game play-through where they kept missing/ignoring rules left and right.

    Awesome play-through! Great how knowledgeable your players were about the game such that you could take a break and let them explain a bit. Asked great questions to help reinforce certain aspects throughout the game.

  9. Could you PLEASE start adding time stamps in your description for those of us who already know the game and just want to see a play through? It would be a huge convenience and much appreciated.

  10. The vagabond player didn't seem to enjoy this one too much >.< I'd give it a play at playing it, but definitely not a buy for me.

  11. It seems this was a game of fake appearances. Alliance seems scary because you can't clearly see their progress and they explode out of nowhere. Ayrie seems weak because they are limited by decree and can be toppled. So everyone focused on the former ignoring the latter completely. Not even once was Ayrie countered. And that was a total mistake.

  12. Got my first Root experience planned for Wednesday night. This video really helped. Would love to see you get a close-up camera so we can see individual cards. Thanks.

  13. Wow..45 minutes of learning curve with patient players. Would not fit our gaming group. Way complicated and pale colours, way of boredome. Congrats for the explanation tho dude and the quality of the video.

  14. Thank you for the rules explanation. Very helpful.
    1:11:26 Should that card be the second dominance card at side of map? Or we just have one in a game?

  15. Hmmm… Interesting game! Very nice concept with the asymmetric player powers and cute art work. Probably not a buy for me, but I wouldn´t mind playing it a couple of times.

  16. Oooh! Just spotted this! Starting to watch it now, but can't wait. I sooo much want to buy a copy of Root. It'll be on my Christmas wishlist.

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