Ronaldo Brazil Top 50 Skills

50 thoughts on “Ronaldo Brazil Top 50 Skills”

  1. Nunca vi niguem dribla o goleiro com tanta facilidade ele fazia sempre so numa gbalanlada de corpo o goleiro passava lotado e quando não passava era penalty

  2. O sea en otras palabras es fue y será la mera verga en persona para el fútbol ídolo señor R9

  3. A los que nos tocó verlo jugar sabemos que es el mejor jugador de fútbol de la historia simplemente increíble cada vez que el tocaba el balón era algo mágico

  4. Left foot, right foit – same same !
    He can go left he can go right ( he was a nightmare for diffenders )

  5. I think this guys a Corinthians fan or something as I do believe most of the skills Ronaldo performed in Barca and Inter were way better but all the skills in Ronaldo's career are very good.

  6. On the search for naffiest music, you sir are in contest to win, please sir, if you upload again will the music be this horrendous? i mean epic.

  7. "A tribute to my inspiration and childhood hero Ronaldo, the most creative and influential footballer ever to grace the beautiful game."

    Amen brother

  8. Ronaldo (19-22) = 🐐

    Ronaldo (after 2 knee surgeries) = 1/2 🐐

    Fat Ronaldo (36) = Level of Cavani, Hugain, D. Costa, Kane

  9. Fenomeno's dribble was one of a kind..he was amazing..bodyfeints to the keepers to break any marking..a quick sprint from nowhere..leaves him one on one with the keepers..and the defenders were like where does he go..when they realize ..he was already gone..truely once in a life time player..truely ..Fenomeno..and for me..the greatest ever..Ronaldo Nazario..the football god..!

  10. คมที่สุด..เท่าที่โลกเคยมีมา..สดุฎี R9

  11. Cai skin đầu tiên. T k hiểu dk ts ro beo co the lam dk nv. Và t tin chắc sẽ k có skin nào trong the gioi bong đá ảo diệu đên nv

  12. Because what everyone wants whilst watching a legend is a migraine inducing dance track.
    Excellent choice: thanks mate

  13. Rô béo vĩ đại nhất lịch sử rồi. Thời đỉnh cao anh ấy lừa bóng qua thủ môn rồi ghi bàn vào lưới, điều bình thường vs a ấy mà ko tiền đạo nào làm được. Anh em hay xem trực tiếp bóng đá banthang tv điểm danh?

  14. Never i found R9 tricks were useless or for showboating..
    His full set of skill were so complex yet so effective..
    I found none of today players who gives me joy just like R9 play back then..
    R9 definitely the greatest player with maradona in my opinion..


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