Romantic Acoustic Song D – Guitar Lesson

[Applause] a Folsom hpn that you're going to talk about a romantic acoustic song sounds like they serve romantic acoustic chords very nice little progression and let's check that one out is a typical line but with some little extras as normal here you're also complaining on your electric guitar if you want but I find it more gene more fading to the acoustic guitar so let's check it out I would suggest finger picking but you can also play with the pick if you want really makes not such a difference but I personally think especially for codeword or this kind of playing finger picking has more touch to the strings then the pick but it's really up to you so let's get started now it's in D so we start with the D chord here fifth fret and with the picking and we play thumb index then middle and bring at the same time one and two and and we already switch to court same picking pattern this is a a with the C sharp in the base but it's a snare with a 89 with the C sharp in the base here in the fourth fifth g-string doesn't spread pinky on the seventh on the D string then we go to B minor seven normal one here second fret bar in second Midland of third ring finger in the fourth again same picking pattern but now we make a slight little difference now to make a little variation when on the next chord we just stay a go with the pinky down in the fifth fret now thumb goes down as well and now we play 216 note so instead of an eighth so instead of we make this variation gets more life into it yep now sorry something is my throat this is a G at nine now Jesus 9 here 3rd fret 2nd fret D string is open and with a ring finger we are in the 3rd fret again saying picking pair of thumb now is now on the low E string then these two no we switch though to deal with the f-sharp in the bass so 2nd fret 2nd fret 3rd fret a string is damaged so if now we go to Iman or nine pretty to grab open E string in the fourth fret and the 3rd fret g string is open and Tom begins on the low E string same picking pattern and then and we make it G with a in the base third fret fourth fret fifth fret open acing and then we slide up the whole chord two bars two frets so this is basically a a sus nine and sliding up two frets makes it out of that so let's play the whole thing now what you also can do when you switch the chords like a weighted here I did this I go over the open string above the low basement and then have some time to change the chord see here again in this case the the open string is the same as the basis of play twice yep and then you can make of course variations of this is just suggestion how this is played yeah what more to say there's a typical kaliesha land why because the the trick is the base the base goes always done that's what the base is doing and the chords are aligned to this base figure that really makes the awesome sound of this yeah what more to say as a said you can play this on any guitar I've chosen the nylon one because the thing is for romantic stuff so how that sounds romantic for romantic stuff romantic songs banal on guitar is probably the best choice because of the sound and the feeling of the strings you can really and just let it ring yeah yeah and probably it helps to get your beloved one or the one which you want play the song I cannot guarantee but it might help yeah good the taps of this little song can be download in the HP crazy students club the coolest online guitar club in the internet join their the basic membership is free but to download the tabs you need to make the premium membership upgrade if you have more questions you can also Brooke a private lesson which is probably a little bit expensive but it's worth every Swiss franc you're spending paid in Swiss francs and now that's more or less if you wanna have a t-shirt I have a t-shirt shop on my website it's very cool I don't wear it one hour I suppose the same color black and little log it's very cool good so that's all we're gonna say play this song if you're in a romantic mood don't say it romantic stuff and you have a bigger chance to get the attention of the roof of the one which you want [Applause]

6 thoughts on “Romantic Acoustic Song D – Guitar Lesson”

  1. Nice progression HP!! Been looking for something like this. I’ll try it out today, I bet it’s going to sound just as great!
    Waiting for next video..

  2. Excellent chord progression HP! Will loop it and see what comes out. Will this continue but for lead? Thank you so much! My best regards HP

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