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hello studio Latorre yes hi how are you doing hurry come on you and I'm Melanie Patterson I am your social worker nice to meet you too well before we even get started I'm going to go over some confidentiality forms with you this form right here of just states that whatever we talk about stays between me and you it will not leave this room okay if you want to read through before you sign you can do that have any questions or anything about the food thank you now what brings you in today I was referred by my own daughter's school if things are changing her although they don't know what's going on with her she won't talk to me I guess we just really need to just get some help as a family okay change what type of change decrease in have grades her socialization skills have did not the same she just won't talk to anyone to tell us what's going on okay give me a little family background history well my daughter she's sports me I had a son named angel okay now angel he is special you know he just has some issues I'm special he's been in the hospital a few times you know he hallucinates he just disappeared he's just not happy okay so that's you've been diagnosed with anything well okay he's trying to escape the devil I don't understand what's going so are these more like loose emissions hexie been violent towards you your daughter what are some things that he has done I mean he's just easily agitated I think I can just say something one day and it just rubbed him the wrong way and he's just spotted those things he girls screams and what is that doing to you see your smiling go through those type of behaviors it hurts because it's my father than I love you I can't do anything to help and I just hate the ex that way because now what about mr. wood for a howl how does he feel about your son angel how does he feel about you he's just busy I think he loves him he's just so angry with him for treating okay so how could you tell me a little bit more about you and mr. Natori our marriages I'm just so focused on my kids and trying to get them well I've let myself go my marriage everything's just fell right now I still fix your very you know sad about this situation and make sure Sater is it just seems like it's just kind of breaking your heart a little bit about your son leaving the home being gone for several months and then your daughter sometimes I don't want to go to bed just wanna lay there just waste away so what is the typical day for you I get up I get my daughter ready for school on the bus I pack their lunch and I get ready to go to work okay I work I come home I clean I cook and then everybody goes to bed and I'm still up cleaning and then I go to bed and it's just everyday I don't do anything for myself you know what I say before I don't think you're and because she is having some some problems there what do you feel like she's going through and maybe what she needs I think maybe the kids are teasing her she was so so just a bright child she just would light up any room and it just changed everything just changed so you're saying that at first you know she was just your typical young her old teenager girl she enjoyed my good grades and then all of a sudden it just it just changed around what time did you notice the change you know over the summer before was your son an angel at the home during that time yes what's their incident that maybe occurred that maybe kind of decline her behavior I just don't know so I just want to make sure that I get all the facts did you say that angel was there the beginning of the summer so how is his behaviour there over the summer I mean it was just his he was his self you know you know the hallucinations that you know gets angry he's an angry child I mean he's not a child anymore he's an adult he's 21 but he loves his sister I don't think he would ever do anything to hurt her intentionally Heskey put his hands on her I mean there was one incident where they were just trying to get him to calm down and you know he did kind of push her down and I think she really hurt he did not mean but right after that that Nick's that school year after the summer is that when she started having problems have you talked to your daughter about how she feels and what has she said about you she loves her brother but she doesn't really want him to be be there with us anymore she does love her brother she's just I think afraid of him so I wouldn't you feel like we need to do to help you all get back on the right track I know we have stated that the daughter's grades have been dropping she did you feel like that she's getting picked on at school and he said that your husband it's kind of really kind of done with angel and exactly affecting use your relationship with your husband yes because the eyes are open out there I don't understand how it can be done with his child you know yes angel has fallen angel he's caused a lot of pain but you know he's still my son and I don't think I can ever ever just give up on him then my husband he's so you just you just wants to give up on him and I just can't do that so yes it's causing some some friction between the two of us well this is the thing I'm I'm concerned that that your son pushed your daughter down and indeed it has some type of effect on her and she needs you know definitely some type of counseling to get through whatever issues are going on in your home so that is the concern that I definitely have and I feel like that you all definitely need some family counseling along with some individual counseling and I just would like to talk to you about what are some goals that we can possibly – what kind of goals we can develop to free our work towards and online keeps your guilt there and I want you to you know think of some things that you feel like they can help you and your family okay well with my daughter you know the disagreement I'm you know I think that she feels like sometimes that were fighting because of her you know we have issues with money he him and everything and I think that she's just taken on some of the responsibility for the fighting with me and my husband so I think the first thing we need to do is my husband so we feel like maybe if she sees me take care of myself a little bit more and you know and I'm not so depressed and crying all the time that maybe you know she won't be that way maybe if she sees that I'm happy she'll be happy as well I would like to spend some more time with my daughter what are some things that make you happy I don't know anymore well think about the past in the past what are some things with me that makes you happy pulling on trips and vacations and everyone just sitting around having a good family dinner that's taking breaks and just walking around help you know it's a part you know it's just little things so why don't we do this you like walk through the park you like the little vacations and stuff like that to kind of through your mind how about you all say excuse meexcuse no problem how about you all maybe set one day a week to go to the park you know go to your gym as well you know those things as a family you just try that once a week and then let's work towards planning a vacation I know that they could be something somewhere small that's you know our two hours away but just a little quick getaway and we'll we'll start there to see how that starts to make you feel just getting away from your house because it just seems like you just stay in your house all the time you go to work because there are things that that you are in an order for you to have a family counseling thing work those issues that we need to also work here their own issues so we've just you know well this is this is your spoon is he at home now or is he and what we need to work on to your acres and we will definitely talk about this in the next session but if your son your son is definitely has some type of control over you and your family and how he's acting so you gotta have to kind of work out some ways to cope with how he's what he's dealing with because he doesn't want he'll then you know you can't force him you're right so that's what we're going to talk about in our next session it's just finding ways to deal with your son and coping mechanisms to deal with his hallucinations and behaviors anything to talk about if you want him to continue to live in your home because I know I know if your husband wants bad or nice so we're going to have to tackle that issue do you have any questions or anything like that for me thank you okay so what we're going to do you're going to want you leave here I'm going to I'm going to type all of this stuff we're our next session we're going to go over our goals that we talked about and then I'm going to give you a couple another side I'm gonna give you a copy of it and then you're going to go out to the receptionist and her name is Carla and you're going to sit your family of four what you're your host we know I'm gonna be set up for marriage counseling indeed you're going to schedule a date or for your individual athletes okay okay and we'll go from there this is a great start okay all right thank you all right thank you for your time thank you all right

19 thoughts on “– Role Play-Intro to Social Work Practice”

  1. I'm currently in my graduate program for MSW, how did you get the text to show up on the screen? Great video by the way!

  2. Oh wow thanks for posting this. I'm in social work school and we've been doing role playing in junior year, I believe. I hope I do well as you both. Great job 🙂

  3. um.. great work for casework demonstration, the listening skill from the social worker ( clarifying, paraphrasing, probing and also i have seen empathy! too bad i couldn't watch the whole play i had to rush out.

  4. This was a good role play. I feel like you helped her uncover a lot of issues. She was able to connect the dots.

  5. thank you Charlie Fombay, I was soo waiting for the limits of confidentiality in the beginning, I have an assessed role play to do at university. that error in the beginning has lead me to not watch any further. I am assuming this is the USA??, I study in the UK. I like the informal chatting tough, but I was hoping I would get to see how best to explain confidentiality.


  7. It was a good video however, you have to first ensure that the physical arrangement it fixed.
    then you welcome her the sitting arrangement is supposed to be 45° so that you can observe your client behavior. A desk however, makes the client feel as though you're higher than they are ( as though you are a form of authority)
    the question structuring is good. but did you do the Pyshco Social Assessment?
    There's Alot that isn't done but it was a great attempt.

  8. Really good scenario and interview, her portrayal of the client is really amazing. Thanks for the video 🙂

  9. Sorry, but there is a major problem in this demonstration within the first minute of the video. Confidentiality is important to discuss, but she implies that it is absolute. This is misleading and could lead to serious trust issues in their relationship. She needs to explain the limits of confidentiality, including the fact that she is MANDATED to break it if the client shares information about harming herself or others.

  10. Great Video! Some questions that I wanted to ask were:

    1. When did you notice the change of the daughter as far as grades decreasing significantly? Like, how are her grades when Angel returns vs when he is away.

    2. What are the family dynamics when Angel returns home vs when he is gone for several months?

    3. Does the daughter show any signs of emotional abuse or physical abuse.

    4. I would like to know a little more of the family ties between the husband and the wife. How do they deal with Angel's outbreaks?

    Sorry for asking so many questions. I uktimately would like to become a social worker and hope these questions are on the right path towards assessing this family.

  11. Wonderful role play, Social Worker was good although I feel the fright from the client was not dealt with thoroughly.    

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