Role of Technology in Knowledge Management

there's no doubt that technology and knowledge management have long been bedfellows however in recent years there there has been increasing criticism for km practices becoming to technology driven in your view what is the appropriate role of Technology in knowledge management okay I think for many years people like me have been saying that technology should be an enabling on a driver and that's that's not a new message and but I do think the shift towards social media recently well not even that recently over the last few years has enabled technology to be a bit more than an enabler I think there's an element of technology being a disrupter and I mean that in a positive way a certain technology has challenged the way we work particularly challenged the level of connectivity we have in with people we don't know so Twitter in case in point and now I find myself reading responding commenting having conversations dialogues with people I would never have come across if it wasn't for the fact that I was doing more of my thinking out loud and through tools like Twitter or Yammer and now that's a shift in there's a change in my behavior that's not just a accelerating something I would normally do is it's me meeting talking with having dialogue with people I wouldn't otherwise have met so there are places where technology is being disruptive in a positive way because it enables us to work and connect differently and I think that's a good thing however to counter that I have a little bit of frustration around the term km 2.0 and which which are here now I understand what people mean by it but I think there's a danger that it suggests that everything in first generation knowledge management and is has been superseded and all we need are the enterprise 2.0 toolkit now what if a client really needs km 1.7 yeah combination a blend of traditional knowledge management tools towards the learning and sharing and communities and capturing plus some the enterprise to social media tools the suggestion is they have to go one with ever it's too quantized and I don't think we really believe that so as a bit of caution about the label I think yeah a good organization and a good consultant will find a way to pick the optimum blend that will fit with their needs their culture and and help them on their journey so that's one thing I would say about the technology I think technology is continuing to focus more on being a connect or than a collective so yes there will be technology for storing documents technology for developing content technology for discussing and co-creating content entry wiki's or other media but on the whole I think technology is shifting towards ever-increasing connections every time I make a business trip now and I know who else is going to be the destination I'm going to when they're making their return flights so a lot of the emphasis on connecting every time I make a comment on a blog or tweet there are people out there connecting with me so rightly so the emphasis is more on connecting although collecting knowledge capturing knowledge has also got a bit easy and a bit more of a social activity I think the final place where technology adds something to knowledge management is just in the specialist domain where you need a technology tool for example to visualize social or organizational network analysis there will always be a role for specialist technologies that can help you do that as a knowledge professional but in the main is around connecting and enabling I would say you

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  1. what a bullshitter…a person that has a limited and narrow definition of technology….go away.. intellectual lightweight pretending to be otherwise

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