14 thoughts on “Roger Federer – INSANE Defensive Skills”

  1. i started watching tennis back in the 70's, connors, evert, borg, navratilova and the list just goes on. i have watched videos of matches with nastase, court, king, goolagong, laver, ashe……roger federer has the most beautiful game i have EVER SEEN. to be fair i haven't watched enough of the 60's matches, there aren't too many available. laver and ashe were GOOD…THERE is no other player like federer. nadal and djokovic are very good and difficult to beat on THEIR surface. i believe djokovic has the best chance of surpassing federer on all time gs wins. Federer, to me, will almost be the best player ever.

  2. Such points would not be possible under old court and racket conditions of Sampras tennis generation! Only slow courts and big headsize racket and polyester stings make that possible.

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