Rockabilly Guitar Lesson – Jitterbop Baby by Hal Harris

hello everybody and welcome back to another rockabilly guitar lesson some time ago I did a lesson on 16 chicks by a joke clay with Hal Harrison guitar you can watch the video right here good thing happened had Harris's grandson saw it he wrote me and told me that he really appreciates that I keep the music I was granddad alive and he also requested another Hal Harris lesson and how could I say no because he's a big favorite of mine a fellow asteroid player so I picked jitterbug baby a song that was unreleased in the 1950s unbelievable but now you can hear it on countless compilations at every good record hub so I will show you how to play the solo from GTA V right here on YouTube I also want to let you know that I'm in the middle of producing a Elvis Gotti more udemy course which should be our hopefully by the middle of August or at least the end of August so if you're a Scottie more fan or Elvis Presley fan and you want to play his songs just like Scottie did in the 1950s then this course is for you and I put a list of the songs that will be featured in the course right in the description below yet about babies in the key of E and it's got two parts essentially the first one you play some rock and roll licks and the second one some nice rockabilly finger picking so let's do the first phrase it sounds like this you start sliding into the twelfth fret E and B string and then you picked the ENB string five times then you play 14 to 12 on the g string and 14 on the D string one more time this part here then back to the g-string 12 and 14 and 12 on the ENB string and then you slide down yeah and doesn't matter too much where you end up with your finger and then you repeat the first phrase and then the chord progression changes to a and you play this phrase here starting on 14 and 15 a and B string 12 on the ENB string and then again double stops your b and g string together 14 and 12 12 again and again and then you end up here on 14 and 15 on the E and B string and again you slide down you know when you finish the phrase so one more time in these two bars played over a and then you play the first phrase again with a little change that sounds like this so five times E and B string and then you play 14 12 and 14 again all on the g string and then 12 on the b and g string 14 again just the g string and 12 slide down again so let me play the first eight bars here i'm pretty straightforward laughing then you play 17 and 18 a times 14 and 15 eight times and then you play this phrase on the truth further goes like this yeah watch out from the phrasing and I do it again in the middle you slide again from 11 to 12 let me play this part again and here's the whole first part and the second part of the solo starts like this and the bass you play the E and the D string like this and as usual if you do or when you do some finger picking you want to dampen the strains by putting the right hand on the bass string behind the bridge to get the percussive sound yeah and in the melody you just use the E and the B string on the E string it's just the open E string and on the B string back and forth between the third fret and open B string let me play this again slowly one more time then Phobos three and four you play this starting with a third fret on the high E string using your pinky and by the way I have the e chord grabbed for the whole first four bars so one more time bars three and four and the first four bars together then the Cobra coop aggression changes to a and you'll play in a seven I usually do it like this or like that and with your index or the top four strings and then the middle finger goes into three of the high E string or here buddy haughty style and the pinky goes onto three of the high E string and then you play and you stay the whole time in this a seven chord on the bass you play a and D string yeah like this one more time to these two bars played over the a chord then again II but you will play this isse Evan here d7 shape ring fingers on four of the high E string index on three B string and middle finger and four of the g string in the bass you can play whether the open e in the open D string like this yeah the the D is in the e7 chord so it works you could also play the 4th fret you know when you wrap your thumb around the neck to grab the 4th fret of the low E string so the bass would sound like this so you got the 3rd of the chord whatever you prefer it's hard to hear what he's doing so let me do it with our open E string it's easier you play so starting on the e-string high string in the melody in the B string and then the second bar over this EcoRI seven chord you play east string B string g string and an e string once again these two bars ye seven then to B I will grab a b7 chord like this here yeah just the F shape and then the thumb is on the low E string you could also do a barre chord and you play it's just the E string the high E string in the Melody's seventh and ninth fret the ninth fret taken by the pinkie than to a or you play the eighth fret with your pinky on the B string and then at the end five which is covered by the index so these two bars sound like this and then back to E to finish the solo one more time the last two bars you have a hammer-on from the open B to the third fret B string in the last bar so it sounds like this so here's the whole finger-picking part

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