Robotnik Teaches a Calligraphy Class

I decided to dedicate myself a tube chip servitude chip savages I decided to dedicate my squeak-squeak the key to still in perfect working order [Applause] kids won't say no yes I'm here to claim my son take it up with the management watch the management is dr. Robotnik squeak squeak it's a most famous watch just that something that sweet little bottle of 2×2 ik so just stand there boom hands do me you squeak-squeak

41 thoughts on “Robotnik Teaches a Calligraphy Class”

  1. 1:04

    Robotnik: I'm here to claim my son.

    Some Pig Lady I Forgot the Name Of:Take it up with the management!

    Dr. Robotnik: WHAT?

    -The management is Dr. Robotnik!

    T H A T ' S M E Y O U F R I C K


  2. "I'm here to claim my son."
    "Take it up with the management."
    "W H A T?!"
    "The management is Doctor Robotnik."
    "That's me, you F R I C C!"

  3. proposal Scenario

    "Sonic won't say no."

    "What you gonna do Sonic?"

    ”Say yes."

    And that's how your best friends/bro becomes your parent by marrying your adoptive father

  4. XD hilarious but hey something intrigued me. When Robotik Flicked Grounders head, it sounded awfully like some of the note in The American Robotnik theme in Sonic CD. It makes me think you can out that idk it's just something I noticed. Also what's the song at the end also

    Squeek Squeek Robotnik the Mouse

  5. 1:53 "I'll have to give myself a fan-fiction"

    This is oddly close to a joke I can no longer find from another YTP

    "I'll write my own fan-fiction…"

    "Oh… That's GAY!"

    Edit: Nope, turns out I combined two separate jokes into one… Whoops…

  6. Now I understand why you asked us which "kids cartoon network" we enjoyed the most! XD

    Also, good choice of bumper, that's one of my favourites. 😀

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