44 thoughts on “Robinson Cano teaching how to hit for power.”

  1. Por eso es que Robinson Cano vale tanto dinero. Hace su trabajo y ayuda a los demás pa qie el equipo evolucione.

  2. This is what I got from hit (with my limited Spanish):
    – Hands inside of the ball
    – Hit the ball out in front
    – Keep your body and hands loose through the swing instead of muscling up

  3. Injured and then ?PEDs all while being a teacher of swinging motions which decimate your body is really lame dude. Injuries playing baseball from the pitching plate and the batters box and they're only exposed to the FTC SAFETY PROTECTIONS without ever receiving any compliance enforcement by the FTC. What a waste of time.

  4. no homo but cano has one lazy, sexy swing. I was hoping he'd hit a few. I love when players hit no doubters they just drop the bat. bat flips (they're actually more like tosses) are ehh but when cano, hicks, sanchez to name a few just drop the bat right at the end of the swing it's a sort of cockiness but awesomeness. my 3 favorite swings: cano, griffey jr, and strawberry. so effortless it's like watching a jordan hangtime jumper, a work of art

  5. Kevin Long's drill he brought to the Yankees. Robby loved it when he was a Yankee working with Kevin. Now he is spreading it.

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