Roberta Sergant. Educational Triage.

I’d like to share with you something that I think is very important at the start of the year once the class is unified and everybody’s feeling secure their self-esteem is coming along I like to keep in mind something that I call educational triage so what is educational triage I need to find out if my students are ready to read if they’re ready to write and if they’re ready to speak so you know in China how they have can’t see can’t hear can’t speak I need to find out do any of my students need glasses can they read can they track can they hear what I’m saying do they have a speech impediment that prevents them for getting up and talking in front of the class is there something going on mentally that I need to be aware of and need to get help and emotionally are they able to concentrate or are things going on in their life that are bothering them so much that they cannot function as far as concentrating on their work or interacting with their peers or interacting with teachers are they is there child abuse going on in the home is there violence surrounding them or are they hungry a box of crackers in my desk or a jar of peanut butter can solve some of those problems but sometimes I need to get help from a school psychologist or from the nurse or from the principal but if I ignore what I call educational triage if I don’t do that I just start right in to teaching without consideration of they can see here speak or have the mental capacity to do the work I’m not doing justice to those students

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