Robert French–FINALIST–2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education – Outstanding New Teacher

He’s just one of those people who really
did choose the right career for himself. It’s just part of him. When I have a
teacher who performs and works to the level that Robert does and gets involved
in as many things as that it makes the whole school community that much better. He’s kind, he’s caring, he’s empathetic cares for students, he cares for learners,
we’re just extremely lucky in our district to have such a wonderful person
teaching our students and be part of our community. So I’ve got the standard
structure of my classroom and then from there it’s unique to each student. It’s great
because I can see the success with the students and it also is great because
I’m always forced to learn. Seeing people succeed, overcome barriers, obstacles,
learn those are the ones that inspire me where they’ve had to work for it and
they’ve wanted to work for it and they’ve pushed through and persevered

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