RiversideTV College Football – Riverside City vs Golden West

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from across the city the Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and
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officer involved deaths receiving complaints and conducting hearings on
misconduct against sworn Riverside police officers making policy
suggestions and bringing community concerns to the attention of the
Riverside police department if you’re interested in learning more about how
you can serve or for information on the Commission visit Riverside CA gov /c PRC welcome to Wheelock Stadium on the
campus of RCC Tiger football back on Riverside TV I’m Ghazala son this is
Jeff Gorham Tiger 6a no maintaining their number one ranking in the state
their 1a knowing League after a win over Grossmont last week they come back to
the friendly confines of Wheelock to take on Golden West the rustlers Jeff
they’re also want to know in competition and they’ve played RCC tough over the
last couple of years well I’ll tell you what they like to play defense and
that’s where they’d like to hang their head they’re gonna rush 75% of the time
they’re gonna try to get after the quarterback so that they cannot go to
that secondary as good as RCC has been on offense they rung up over 600 yards
last week they’ve also played very well on defense and they’re gonna do a lot to
limit what Golden West can do the Russell’s gonna try to play a little
ball control and I run the ball between the tackles try to shorten this game
they’re gonna have to just because Riverside has such great speed and
strength they’ve got to play to that strength and that is just playing off
tackle the plan for RCC is simply to take care of business if they continue
to win week to week you know it’s the old coach is cliche one game at a time
they’ll be in a position to play for a bulwark berth against Saddleback in the
last week of the season we’ll kick it now to the third member of our broadcast
team standing by on the sidelines is Brian Wilson yeah thanks guys
as you said should be a pretty good contest tonight Golden West has turned
this into a game the past two years year ago only losing 24 to 6 and the year
before that keeping it to 20 to 14 should be a tough matchup Golden West
has a lot of playmakers on offense we’ll see how our CC can shut them down
tonight that thanks Brian Tigers come in six and
oh the rustlers three and three but they both won their first league game and as
Brian mentioned you know historically Golden West has really kept it close
with our CC mentioned the 24 six game last year but two years ago 24 22 14
right here at RCC and the year before that outing Huntington Beach it was a 22
17 game so Nick Mitchell and his rustlers they always loved the challenge
of playing against Tom crafts Tigers Jeff and they keep these games close
well they like it because they they think they match up pretty well with the
Tigers they are concerned about their speed but I’ll tell you what there’s a
giant bullseye on the Tigers back and everybody wants to knock off the Tigers
especially being ranked number one in the state and the country
Martinique Finn and Roland is whitener deep for our CC mass max Casper the
sophomore from Corona del Mar line drive kick to the right corner and Martinique
is gonna bring it out of the end zone he’s about seven yards deep
Martinique making a Juke move trying to get outside and will be tackled at the
23 yard line making the tackle for Golden West TJ Tophet tech Tophet a is
from Vallejo California Vallejo high starting lineup for RCC we’ll see Mike
Erwin behind center high Kennedy is nursing an injury they’re just playing
it safe with him not particularly serious but they’re gonna be cautious
with him tonight so we’ll see retz laugh split out to the near side in the far
slot is giovanni sanders split out to the top of the screen for our CC is Isaiah leaf first in 10
from the 23 here’s the handoff to Griffin and Griffin surges over the 30th
about 8 yard pickup second and short I think Riverside is really gonna test
their running game here early because we do know they’ve got two great
quarterbacks that they can rely on they’ve got the mobile quarterback and
Barlet the purlins to ruts laughs complete to the sideline looked like
Reich jumped for gold in the West close to a first down there is a penalty flag
on the play defensively for Golden West they run a very unique set they do with
three to six across the front on the defensive line Hosea Redondo Vijay mala
Moses a lay the two linebackers for Golden West our cell a pas masa and
Rafael Jones and then those six defensive backs watch Earl and Palmer on
the corners Alex Reich number 27 he is a Swiss national coming to America to play
football and talking about those free safeties their assistant head coach Sean
Corcoran talked to me freely and said he would go against anybody with the two
guys he has deep for the rustlers so the five yard penalty marched off against
Golden West makes it first down line is the 36 watch Sanders down on the near
slot ruts laughs split out to the near side is our CC goes to by two now
Griffin will shift back into the backfield Griffin gets met by Reich’s
right the first man there Alex Reich the freshman from sure in Switzerland second
leading tackler for the wrestlers played American football
forkel andhe in a European football league in Switzerland that’s different I
wonder if he knows the Von Trapp family skiing jokes here
5-yard loss we’ll pull it back to the 31 of the Tigers urlan time complete no
incomplete looks like Laurent kind of couldn’t quite find the handle on that
at the 40-yard line third down and Riverside really relies on rhythm and
getting going we’ve seen him start slow at times but we’ve also seen him when
they get going they have started kind of kind of off a little bit tonight here
Lorant had a really big game last week against the crossbar murder last time we
were here he had a big game against Long Beach City as well really emerging for
the Tigers this season third and 15 line the 31 here’s pressure from Islay
they’ll fling it to the near side for Griffin Griffin needs to do some work on
his own but good short tackling there at the 34 and a flag will come in Sean
branch makes the tackle he’s the kid from stupid Stevensville
Michigan lakeshore high it looks like it’s gonna be a late hit out of bounds
see your on the replay and our CC Jeff still run on that to QB platoon we’ve
seen Erlin out here so a little bit of a bailout for RCC they make a play and
they get the personal foul it’ll advance the sticks they’ll keep the drive going
the Tigers as we talked about they’re number one
tied for number one in the state coaches poll with San Mateo they’re number one
in the divisional pole and then ranked number one by JC gridiron in the JC
gridiron top 30 from the 49 first and ten here’s pressure underneath screen –
Griffin can’t quite hold it little bit behind him pressure was coming and
that’s what that’s what they’re gonna do the rust they’re just gonna bring the
heat against RCC and try to force them into more of a running game they
really want to control the clock in this game job yeah they have to because at
any given point River cycle you know rally off a couple scores here but they
are gonna blitz and they’re gonna go try to get after her winner second down and
ten from the RCC 49 Griffin in motion her win back here comes the pressure up
the gut urlan dancing he’ll throw the ball and it’s intercepted so picked off
at the 36 to midfield goes Sean branch branch his first interception of the
year so branch the sophomore got flagged for the personal foul a couple of plays
ago finds Redemption with the turnover let’s see what happened and that’s just
rushed right there Irwin gets out of the pocket and just looks like he threw it a
little soft good play on the ball by Brandt he was in coverage with Giovanni
Sanders and we’ll get our first look at the offense for the rustlers of Golden
West rustlers averaging just under 31 points per game Espinoza will not start
Zach Lewis gets the start tonight as Nathaniel Espinosa nursing a high ankle
sprain big offensive line they can try to run between the tackles although they
play a four wide set Lewis in trouble and down he goes well he got rid of the
ball but James Hansen got too big pause around him before he could release it
Zach Lewis is the third quarterback that they’ve used this year they don’t have a
backup quarterback Gasol if he goes down they’re gonna pull out a receiver who
played a quarterback in high school so we hope that they can stay healthy
throughout this ballgame watch 32 the sophomore tache more rant from Macon
Georgia he’s an interesting story he’s been a very productive player for Golden
West second in ten line is midfield rustlers with an early turnover here’s
my rant dancing between the tackles trying to surge forward on that painted
Tiger Vistage at midfield gets a couple will bring up third and eight
obviously you see the flash underneath breast cancer awareness month in October
scoreboard has gone a little bit pink you see the pink armband around the
elbow of Tajima rant for Golden West to raise funding and awareness for breast
cancer here in October Susan G Komen fund big third down coming up for the
defense and as good as the offense has been the defense has been playing better
of late – for RCC yeah because we saw him earlier they were giving up a lot of
point it’s nice to see coach craft shoring up this defense third and eight
Louis looking to the near side complete but it’ll be short of the first down
Reyes on the cover or CB Estus on the coverage for RCC the pass completed a
Jeremiah Wright the sophomore from Vancouver Washington Cola with pressure
from the outside trying to get out of his hand quickly is Lewis Lewis on the
year completed about 56% of his passes has eight touchdowns and eighty-eight
passes and is thrown for 636 yards and here we go the special teams has been a
kind of a point of contention for Golden West Casper averaging 34 yards a kick
will try to pin the Tigers deep door so back to receive for our CC angle to the
left side is the kick drifting over there is door so drops at the 10 he’ll
feel that at the four circles back it’s over the 10 15 20 to the outside who get
tripped up just before the 25-yard line so a little bit of a dangerous play by
door so but it worked out okay almost a 20-yard return yeah I mean that’s what
you’re gonna get from the Tigers every single time they’re gonna go and be
aggressive offensively they’re gonna try to get good field position and just like
that he’s able to get some yards that probably shouldn’t have got so a good
job playing around the turnover by the defense of our CC and they’ll get
another opportunity to go after this golden last rustlers defense rustlers
last week got a win over Orange Coast College
they had a bye week the week before they lost to the canyons and when I was
talking to Nick Mitchell earlier this week he feels that from an athletic
standpoint our CC and canyons are very similar here’s the give up the
middle banging over to the 30-yard line is Kinslow and how about comma skins
though how he’s emerged as the leading rusher for our CC Jeff and we’ve seen
him at times he’s been a clutch especially in that Sammartino Valley
game we had had a big run against long beach city as well ball on the turf
falling on it and flags come in on the play Daniel use me that’s Jacob barrage
at quarterback for RCC so a quick switch by coach Tom craft that’s the first time
we’ve seen Bartlett’s pretty I think in the first half since we’ve been covering
these games this year he’s more of the pocket passer he’s not going to be you
know actively mobile but he has a dangerous arm and can really pinpoint
thread the needle I think against Valley we saw the alternate but yeah in the
game against Long Beach Irwin pretty much had the first quarter and barrage
pretty much out the first half second half so the illegal shift on whitener
they’ll take the play which will move the ball back inside the 32 about the 28
so third and seven first down to the 35 2×2 on the third down play for
Bartlett’s anything Auriga is the tight end in the
near slot here comes pressure over the middle and knocked away intended
receiver was Armstrong Johnson coming over the back isaiah palmer and looks
like they’re gonna get palmer on either illegal use of hands or a pass
interference yeah he got him early that’s for sure here i believe it’s
gonna be p i hear our white hat tonight george Arredondo the chief of this crew
I just want no weird you know they’ve been doing this for weeks his hat is
perfectly white perfect maybe he’s one of those guys that keeps everything
clean yeah I’m telling you all those kids who grew up with who on their
baseball cards the corners we’re always sharp perfect and then you get like the
Frank Tanana memory Frank did I have like fifty Frank bananas but I use those
on my bike spokes I remember a lot of John Wathan ‘s check it John I get a lot
of John Wathan cards back in the day so the ball moves up to the 37 so the spot
foul will make it a first down just 11 move the sticks here yet our CC from the 37 Jacob Arledge on the
second series comes in the freshman from Valley View High School in Moreno Valley
two by two are the Tigers here’s the give up the middle to Kinsler his low
running explosively traversing over the 40-yard line about a five-yard pickup on
the play King slow the freshman from Centennial
High in Corona played his high school career for Matt Logan in the Huskies the
evil 5th Lord man Logan ball on the turf again and barrage covers it bearing down
on him was Vijay Malo the Safa more all-conference player flag comes in let’s sort this one out as well under 10
minutes to play been pretty eventful on both sides we’ve had a turnover had a
couple of balls hit the turf had a couple of flags extend drives for our CC
and they’re gonna wave that one off so third and nine for RCC bought a 38 yard
line of the Tigers Tigers two by two with a single back kin
slow the back Rhett’s laughs split to the near side of the nearest lot Lorant
for our CC play-action varlets looking right throwing its intercepted Isaiah
Palmer with the pick the freshman from Edison High School and another turnover
so an interception for Irwin Jeff and now an interception for young Jacob
Bartlett well I’ll tell you what coach craft can’t like that being a
quarterback guru he might have to go deeper into the depth chart here early
because the Tigers just don’t look like they came ready to play and that could
be a snake bite and that’s something you can’t have if you want to be a
championship ballclub you cannot have let downs and we’ve had two so far
tonight Golden West has allowed just under 30 points per game twenty nine
point three on the year but they’re better against the run than they are
against the pass the two takeaways today give them 16 on the year 11
interceptions and 5 fumble recoveries last year against RCC out of Huntington
Beach the Tigers rolled up 460 yards on the
rustlers in a twenty four to six win so first in 10 rustlers from the 45 with 9
34 to play first quarter no score Morant tries the middle second effort
gets him a couple of extra yards the initial surge stopped him but he kept
churning maybe a yard and a half on the play Tajima rant yeah he’s a stud comes
in averaging nearly five yards of carrying met with the resistance
initially right there and gets away from Coby Fitzgerald finally Fitzgerald drags
him down they gave him a two yard game second and eight line is the 43 of RCC
second turnover by the Tigers let’s see if this time the rustlers can capitalize
man coverage on the outside launching it down the field overthrown intended
receiver was Adam Armstrong in coverage for RCC was ray Estes yeah three Kent
covers that’s hat that’s just how quick the Tigers are in that secondary Isaiah Powell Powell back at the safety
position for RCC he missed the last couple of games so good to see him back
from his injury there with dorso Estes and playing on the opposite side Lionel
meseta in the secondary for RCC line is the 43 it’s third and eight Louis to
throw complete no it’s dropped to the near side
making the play as Estes intended receiver for Golden West was KC Carr
fourth down just couldn’t reel it in was in the breadbasket there Jeff it was
perfect pass I think you just knew it was coming Lewis throws the ball pretty
well Espinoza Jeff more of a dual threat he can run and he can throw he’s nursing
a high ankle sprain wasn’t even in uniform we were down on the sideline
earlier today and here’s the punt again coming from max Casper Casper will angle
it and dorso will signal fair catch at the 10 yard line we had a nice
conversation with Sean Corcoran who’s a friend of your family friend of yours I
guess he’s not only the associate head coach at Golden West but he handles the
special team she does special teams he’s the defensive guy the defensive guru
I’ve known Sean Corcoran since he was about 11 years old maybe even younger
and we used to go out in a boat his dad owned a boat my buddy mark guard who’s
sitting behind his we used to go out on this boat
we’d go to Catalina and I would always threaten to throw him off the boat but
now he’s a grown man with a child what I’m even what am i man you were oh no he
just he deserved it he was an annoying then kid now he’s a big-time coach first
and ten from the 10th Irwin back in and Reich blows that play up hand off to
boss Liam boss Lee gets a Swiss hello from Alex Reich
I’m talking about Sean Corcoran worked for the for the Raiders for a bit worked
for the NFL was that the University of Arizona and has been at Golden West for
the last eight years so you believe in the greatness of the raitis he loved the
way in fact his goal in life was to be the head coach of the Raiders still
could happen from the 11 at second and nine boss Lee is the lone setback the
near slaughter on split out to the near side
Rhett’s laughs but out to the far side for our CC is isaiah lief Kerwin gonna
launch for ret slap rust laughs adjusts and he picked off again third
interception for Golden West that’s JJ young the freshman from Des Moines
Washington coming up with a pick and I’ll tell you what that ball didn’t have
a whole lot on it in fact when he let go of it I said uh-oh that could be trouble
so the suddenly Larson s rustlers living up to their name not only they’re not
stealing cattle they’re stealing pigskin here tonight Jeff Gordon they’re bandits
rustlers but Kelly leak in the Bad News Bears miguel aguilar said it best
as soon Bandito you just went Kelly leak on us I’m more of a Tanner Boyle guy
Jackie Earle Haley Oscar nominee first intent from the 44 Golden West college
and flags and whistles will halt the play fullback in for the rustlers Devon
Jackson Jackson a freshman out of Seattle so the rustlers have had a really good
field position now three times but they have nary a point on the board
time for the rustlers if they want to be in this game with RCC to get that Ziggy
off you have three turnovers already but you haven’t capitalized you have to
capitalize in fact they haven’t really moved the ball very much tonight
I never look at quarterback for hunt for Golden West Zach Lewis originally
committed to Nevada was gonna play for Jane Orville Wright started last year
and decided to retry at the junior college route setting up the screen
complete pounding down inside to the 31 for a first down his Trevor Hobbs the
big tight end from Elkhart Indiana Jimtown high school was a three-sport
athlete in Indiana he played football baseball cand he gets the third sport he
played cricket he was born in a small town I guess he would probably be a
basket okay Indiana basketball yeah 13-yard pickup
makes it a second into I don’t think they played much cricket in Indiana
maybe a little bit maybe maybe some lacrosse Lynas 232 2nd and 2 for the
rustlers no score although three turnovers in the first quarter for RCC
complete oh and asked us just lit him up Adam Armstrong caught the ball and how
do you do from the corner back for our CC Estes
with the hits maybe a yard on the play so it’ll be third and 1 and we’ve seen
Estes and last few games that we’ve covered here for Riverside TV he is
super athlete but it’s so quick to get into the ball couple of picks on the
year for the freshman from st. Louis tackle number 22 on the season 19 of
them are solo tackles third down and one and no sir the middle
of the defense surges for RCC and they knock him backward the first man there
looked like Holyfield got there got help from Jalen Bowens and of course how can
I forget big alex navarro silva in the middle they stoned Evan Jackson in his
tracks and a pump coming up so interesting we were talking with Sean
Corcoran about the special teams here’s the insight Isaiah Palmer who was a
cornerback we’ll kick it away he’s their rugby kicker Jeff and he’s built like a
rugby player I’m telling he could play for the All
Blacks in New Zealand look at him we bought up cricket we bought up rugby
here tonight let’s see what else I can bring up I don’t know too many other
sports all those international players on Golden West have gotten to you Jeff
Gorham Germany Spain Switzerland oh I don’t any of those countries do
they cricket though but they might play some bocce ball I’m pretty good at bocce
ball have you ever played bocce ball I played the bocce like Star Wars but
never played bocce ball okay em over in posh East Asian fourth and nine and
here’s the punt coming i Palmer is gonna angle it to the near side and it’ll
bounce out of bounds inside the 20 so mission accomplished and that’s where
our CC will start it up so the bad news for the Tigers Jeff is they’ve turned
the ball over three times two interceptions by Irwin one by Jacob
arledge the good news is the defense although playing a short field has
played around each one of those turnovers yeah they’ve done pretty good
but I’m tell you craft the offensive mind that he is let’s see who he brings
out this this time at quarterback so our friend Jay Mont McLaury is in the
backfield Rhett’s laughs move to the near side
near slot is Laurent now they’ll have a trips formation as whitener comes over
to the near side here’s the play-action throw tourettes laughs rats laughs with
the completion we’ll dive over the 25 to approximately the 27 so a 70 yard swing
pass pickup on first down arrest laughs brings his lunch pail every single game
he’s he’s the one guy you can rely on you he was great against Sammartino he
was great against Long Beach – bye – Giovanni Sanders in the Far slot second
and 3 play-action erlan launching it down the field he’s got a man completes
Sanders still on his feet and Sanders goes down at the 30 yard line 44 yard
pickup so Erwin redeeming himself from the interception the hook-up – Giovanni
Sanders out of Murrieta Mesa a great pass release his hands there’s nobody
around him for five yards and that’s where Golden West did not want to happen
they did not want the beat ball tonight good protection – when they caught him
in one-on-one coverage first in 10 RCC from the 30 they flipped the field
McLaury in the backfield – by too far as the receivers go here’s Jay Mont Danson
Jayma he will not stop touchdown Tigers well we saw that young man play for
Arlington and you and I always thought he’d be playing on Saturdays and he is
something special at times I love to see him getting in the ball game and doing
some business you know it’s so refreshing to see him succeed because he
had two things working against it one was his size and two he was a bit of a
late bloomer it wasn’t until his senior year that rich munceford the head coach
Arlen’s hey we’re gonna build our team around J mama glory he had a great
senior year but wasn’t on a lot of radars before that as Chava is on for
the p80 kick is up in good seven nothing Tigers
so with 431 to play in the first quarter RCC after some fits and starts gets on
the board look at that drive ruts laughs kind of
starts it off with a little bit of energy getting to the 26 and here’s the
big play as erlan with protection flips the field of giovanni sanders who brings
the ball on the 30 yard line and then our good friend Jamin McLaury he did the
rest look at the Juke step puts his foot in the ground and pumps the other way 30
yard touchdown run for the Arlington graduate and it’s 7 nothing RCC well
that’s finally what we’ve seen and come to love from Riverside is that quick
scoring potent offense like you see them get going here tonight because so far in
this first quarter it hasn’t been lovely but this last area has been great for
the Tigers yeah Golden West kind of befuddled the offense a little bit and I
think it’s because it’s a unique look that 3 to 6 is a very different look
then RCC is used to seeing and Golden West you know we were down on the field
they got some athletes out there they do have some dudes not a not a huge team
you look at this the size team compared to Riverside Riverside fills the
sidelines Golden West though like you said some some big-time athletes on that
program Ralph Jones and Tanner Branson deep for the return and it’ll go for a
touch back and that’s where the wrestlers will start it to the wrestlers
have had some pretty advantageous field position Jeff on the first three drives
weren’t able to get anything done now they will have to traverse 80 yards try
to get into the end zone and this could be really big for river size defense to
stymie this offense even more than what we’ve seen so far tonight you know and
Tom craft talked about this early in the season when we talked with him how
against Fullerton in a 16 to 7 win the defense kind of uplifted the offense and
then against San Bernardino Valley in the first half the defense kind of was
all over the place but the offense kind of kept it going they settled in and
they put 58 points on the board first and 10 from the 20 here’s the gift to
Morant and Moran is going to be lassoed down inside the 20 yard line
making the play for RCC Cola Toa sophomore from orange Lutheran one of
those Trinity League guys a lot of zone blocking for the rustlers
and poet Oh wasn’t having any of it he said I found my spot I found the
ball-carrier so a six yard loss makes it second in
sixteen for Golden West and a flag thrown so George arredondo our white hat
tonight saying that too many rustlers were on the field that’s kind of how
they do it if you’re trying to rustle cattle you need as many people as
possible right Jeff yeah you are but you’re supposed to run around whatever
you’re rustling rising right right and 12 rustlers second down in 21 Louis
rolling Louis in trouble he’ll throw the ball nearly intercepted incomplete
making the play on the football for our CC was Bowens Jalen Bowens looked like
he had that in his breadbasket just couldn’t quite reel it in ooh no wonder
he was slapping himself on the helmet I’m telling he’s gonna watch this
tonight and not be too happy third and very long ball on the 14 yard
line split out to the near side is Jeremiah right in the near slot KC Carr
also split out David Atencio Lewis trying to escape
Lewis turns it upfield maybe the original line of scrimmage
fourth down upcoming so don’t give it they’ll give him to the 21 which will
make it a fourth and nine and Nathaniel Espinosa the sophomore he’s a starting
quarterback for Golden West he’s more of a dual threat
whereas Lewis who has 88 pass attempts on the year just more the traditional
drop-back passer shows us that lettuce is him they’re three and out max Casper
back on for Golden West spent last year at Orange Coast College where he was a
kicker upon tangling dorso fields in at
midfield will twist forward for about eight on the return tackle made on the
play by say out a more a more from Hawaii Konawaena high school an RCC will
start in Golden West territory so Golden West got the chance to start twice in
RCC territory once at midfield Kemp with zero points and now the Tigers starting
with the short field jump and that could be dangerous that is that could lead to
some problems for the rustlers here as you can see we have a new bottom line
Chafee with a lead over Santa Ana but ten minutes left in the first quarter
their first intent from the 42 urlan steps up in the pocket
Erwin delivers the ball to the outside incomplete short hop by Giovanni Sanders
coverage on the play by Richard men newsy the freshman he another freshman
from Hawaii Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest are a couple of pipelines for
Huntington Beach and what Coach Nick Mitchell was telling us with the polar
fresh and all the junior colleges has become much more competitive for Orange
County players now obviously the big schools you know st. John Bosco model
day they spend most their kids to d1 and FCS goals so the competition is just
intensified McLaury ripping off not another 10 yards he’ll get inside the 30
and we’ve seen Riverside to use eight backs and it came but I’ll tell you what
you keep going to my glory here he’s gonna earn a lot more of that playing
time well how about the big boys up front I mean the big boys up front
they’re just teeing off now big Kevin Brown missed last week’s game
against gross spot he’s back Donnie long Cole Sain just firing off player down for Golden West Daniel
LaMacchia the freshman he’s a Riverside kid played at La Sierra for Gary
headland nice well not nice that he’s down
no no thanks I enjoyed your talk with Coach headland by the way couple weeks
ago on the coach’s perspective a great guy where they played Nord Avista the
game didn’t go so well no it was not one of their finer moments but I’ll tell you
what just one of the class guys in the area at least comes from a football
background but really cares for all of his players and you guys had a very good
game last night yourself and Nick writes he called a a great one Dennis Brown
he’s gotten John W North going on the right direction setting up that big
showdown next week with North and poverty yeah and those two guys are
about the best of friends remember Dennis Brown was the head coach at Poly
and coach right your honor coach and know what my understanding is that if
coach rice hadn’t gotten the poly job he was all set to join Dennis Brown staff
at North right he was gonna be an assistant over there so was Bill
Powell’s gonna join them as well but hey let’s talk about the Day of the Dead
ghazzal dia de los muertos Saturday November 2nd from 1 to 10 p.m. it’s a
family-friendly evening it’s free it’s the 16th annual and they have a stick
dancers altars that represent people that have passed dance performers food
Cucina pageant and a live music for more information dial nine five one seven
eight four three one one one or go to Riverside Day of the Dead
dot-com in fact tonight Riverside Halloween fest is going on in white Park
as we speak I will be a day that then next week but you won’t be able to
recognize me but I will be in disguise you’ll be in disguise just to let you
know you know wear a mask maybe line is the 31st and 10 7-nothing are CC
playing around some sloppy play on offense in the first half Erwin with
time now it closes up and he’ll just take it himself and Erwin will get
wrestled down inside the 20 first man to him looked like Malo was chasing him
down and Erwin again Erland that the RCC quarterback more of a dual threat he can
run he can throw good protection within good coverage downfield and then finally
swallows it up coming over making the play was Madhu’s e4 Golden West so all
the way to the 18 other first down first in 10 RCC so after some early
troublesome early sloppiness they’ve been clicking pretty well the last two
drives here comes the Blitz Erwin to the corner touchdown he didn’t
come down with it so they’re gonna say incomplete Dylan Lorant was the intended
receiver I thought he had reeled it in but the official does not agree now
we’ll get a second look at it so Laurent well yeah he’s still fighting for here 1
2 he’s got 2 feet down doesn’t have control the ball that’s a good call he’s
still fightin though great effort by LaRon fall at the 18 second and 10 down to 158 to play here in the first
quarter Irwin over the middle
Sanders immediately met as soon as he catches the football Jordan chambers
comes over chambers the freshman from Western High School in Davie Washington
was a redshirt last year at division 2 Florida Tech that’s in Melbourne Florida Chambers had three tackles in a sack
last week in a win over Orange Coast College five-yard pickup makes it third
and five line is the 13 of Golden West trying to go up by two scores is RCC third down play
Irwin can have the first down and they’ll get pushed back we’ll see
where they mark it if they mark it to the five he’s got the first down and it
will be maybe not he needed to get to the four it looks like and so he’s gonna
be marked just inside the six yeah he got those extra two yards
chambers in him and then Erlin kept surging so he did get it first and goal
line is the seventh Rhett’s laughs split out to the near side Laurent in the near
slot Sanders to the far slaw Sanders the DeGroat touchdown giovanni sanders just
ran that dragged across the middle of the endzone and Mike Irwin found him out
of the far slot boy and Erwin you got to really appreciate he is willing to give
up his body and run the ball dual-threat like you said but he is so patient
outside the pocket great pass that’s what makes him special
when Jacob barrage is in the offense seems to run more frenetically erlan
definitely a calming influence experience athleticism kind of just
keeps it seems like everything’s moving real fast but he keeps it reasonable and
the p80 is good doesn’t ever seem to panic always seems to know exactly where
he needs to go seems to be unfazed by pressure hit pressure up the gut and
this takes the run down inside then he hands the ball to my glory
bulgor does a nice job moving even further play in the short field then
Erwin again his coverage is pretty good he’ll get the first down here will ride
a couple of extra yards after the contact and then he’ll find Sanders here
for the touchdown look at the Block in front by Jamin McLaury great job on
blitz pickup by Jamin McLaury to set up that touchdown pass so looks like
whatever problems they had early in the first quarter Jeff they’ve sorted out
they’ve definitely shorted it shored up what they had with problems in that
throwing game but I’ll tell you but glory really got him going I think Raphael Jones back deep along with
Tanner Branson before Golden West read boobs it touch back my first conversation I had with coach
Tom Kraft this year was coming off that win over fuller and he said you know
Carson Reed was our MVP and talking with Sean Corcoran who’s a special teams
coach for Golden West you realize at this level also at the high school level
how important it is to have effective guys on special teams in fact Golden
West has like a platoon of kickers he said he I think he said he had four
different punters we got two punters two kickers and they have AK like a to
kick-off guys two punters and a placekicker they’ve got everything we’re
an age of specialization Jeff Gorham from the 25 first and 10 lone setback
devin Jackson for the rustlers three receivers to the far side
Lewis gonna throw complete in the scene nice run after catch over the 45 yard
line ball was complete to Jeremiah Wright
tackle on the play Jalen Bowens for RCC so give it they got to the 45 20 yard
pickup on the play Jeremiah Wright had signed out of high
school with Glendale college in Arizona but then ended up at Golden West
interesting story he played his first three years of high school for a
eight-man team had a big senior year though from the 46 first and 10 Jackson
trying the middle and won’t have much credit
maybe it’ll line of scrimmage have you ever watched eight-man football yes I
have it’s quick it’s fast moving and that’ll be the end of the first quarter
14 to nothing for RCC the story in the first quarter three interceptions by
Golden West they weren’t able to convert any of them in due scores and then RCC
their last two possessions move down the field pretty quickly got a shot at Tom
craft talking to Jacob Bartlett you hear at the end of the first quarter
yeah they finally started to kind of get going and I honestly believe it was due
to their running game and that was because my glory really opened up a lot much is made of how RCC is able to throw
the ball they went over 600 yards last week in that game against Grossmont but
the running game is really predicated on the big boys up front Kevin Brown Donnie
long Brian Zulia foul Cole saying Christian Connelly will get
help from Brian Rowe as well Theo Bullard has seen some time
the offensive line just doing a bang-up job for RCC in the 1st 1st quarter but the first real movement for Golden
West as well now there is the 46-yard line they’ve gotten the ball in very
good field position a couple times off turnovers but haven’t really been able
to advance it for receiver is set up in the formation for Golden West split out
to the far side a Dammam Armstrong the trips to the near side
KC Carr Jeremiah Wright David Atencio second intent Jackson bounces off the
left side he’s got some space pretty agile for a big guy now he’s pushing and
moving the pile down inside the 33 Tigers finally bring him down rumbling
like old Pete Johnson remember back in the old days for the Bengals and the
charge beeps – yeah he was moving pretty darn good
so 24 yard pickup for davon Jackson Jackson from the Seattle Washington area
had signed with d2 Central Washington out of high school he won two state
titles in high school as a receiver about 20 pounds lighter he’s a wide
receiver but up to about 240 now and they got him as a bruising kind of
physical running back so the rustlers to the thirty-first
intent Morant back in the backfield they’ll toss him more and he’ll try the
left side and he’ll reverses field find some space not much a couple of yards on
the play I believe Navarro Silva was the first man to him and our old buddy
Edward Calhoun cleaned him up nice to see Calhoun back we didn’t see him in
the first two games young mr. Calhoun the Safa more from the previously
aforementioned John W North High School and part of the Calhoun family that has
been around forever and ever and ever in Riverside I thought he was no relation I
thought he’s from a different I thought he was his family with friends dr. Bob
is he the one yeah the one exception maybe that could be wrong though when it
comes to Riverside I always tend to believe you Jeff yeah everything that’s
Marant diving over the middle maybe three yeah there are more Calhoun’s than
you could throw a stick at that if gone through John W North High School Moran
started his career in ciske use Community College in weed California
back in 2016 he had 433 yards had some injury trouble and then got his
academics in order and finally it was interesting call Nick Mitchell was
telling us I’ll tell you after the play third and five coming up line is the 24
they need to get inside the 20 for the first down Jackson shifts in the
backfield here comes the pressure over the middle incomplete and I think
they’re gonna get a flag on Fitzgerald he got tangled up with Hobbs he saw the
ball saw the man kind of got in between unfortunately a little bit too early so the foul looks like it’s going to go
against honey beach that’s one you don’t hear too often now on third down I would
have thought they would have declined to make it fourth but they’re in field goal
range so the Tigers will push them back to the 39 yard line it’s still third and
19 so that’s car to the near side split out
to the far side is Jeremiah right in the far slot is Trevor Hobbs the tight end
third and 19 they need to get to the 20 swing pass out of the backfield of
Jackson he’ll break the first wave of tacklers but will stumble forward just
inside the 40 so maybe back to the line of scrimmage and that’s it
punting unit coming out for Golden West for all the trouble that RCC’s offense
had early the defense has had no such challenge they’ve been very good
beginning of the game job they’ve been solid the entire time other than the one
past and went for 25 yards they have really shored up this this rustlers
offense Isaiah Palmer the punter had an
interception earlier the freshman from Edison High in Huntington Beach rugby
style kick who will bounce at about the 15 fielded by dorso and dorso get
through the first wave he’s got a convoy door so to midfield door so sir yes sir
door so in command an 86 yard punt return for a touchdown how about that Jeff gora that’s Tiger
football a lot of fun that’s what you expect and you know we were talking with
Sean Corcoran before the game we were joking around they’ve had some issues on
special teams mostly on the punt team but not generally on the coverage and
door so just makes a play there for our CC and ran behind those blocks it was a
great great run Chavez pumps it through to make it 21 to
nothing let’s get another look at it so the ball bounced at about the 20 in fact
he scooped that up on the hop it was a true hop that came up to him and then he
was off to the races the last man with a shot is Palmer the
punter and then in the touchdown for our CC it’s beautiful night here in
Riverside though feels like fall finally it was a little warm today those door so
is longest punt return before that one had been 47 yards been averaging about
ten ten yards a return which is pretty good but anytime you’re in the 80s that
just upped his averaging wait a bit was Robert DeNiro saying
Goodfellas a little bit a little bit Jeff just a little bit a little bit well the Tigers you know the state
coaches poll had them tied at number one with San Mateo how do you tie but the
national poll had them number one well cuz they got the same number of votes
I think that’s silly the SATs PSID still had them number one good thanks
thanks Nico so 21 nothing RCC reminds me of the great sportswriter formerly with
the LA Times is out what the Sammartino son now his name is Mike Terry Terry
used to cover he covered everything from you know Major League Baseball to the
NBA and high school football and this is Jones bringing out of the end zone Jones
up the middle and Jones gets stopped at the 35 yard
line last line of defense was Torrance Hill
dropping Rafael Jones so first intent from the 35 Mike was big
golfer back then you know any day he wasn’t working he was golfing and he
said it’s not how you drive it’s how you arrived that’s he I’m a golfer I don’t ever use
a wood I just played play easy golf parlor
I’m not a park over though from the 35 play-action Louis rolling right and
he’ll just burn the down flag comes in so will sort out the flag and the
defense for RCC they’ve been playing well today so back it off five yard the
play fake was so good that one of the linemen was down field for Golden West when these plays are on timing sometimes
the line that are going on what they’re watching em fence do a little bit and
might have gotten bluffed out Spencer Blakey was an all-conference players in
Newport Harbor kid first and 15 from the 30 of Golden West rustlers trailed this
one 21 nothing Morant right up the middle
he’ll get about four yards on the play Zach berola makes the play for our CeCe Tajima ran the Georgian the game the
five well they gave him all the way to the 35 so a five-yard pickup by Marant
and now Jackson in the backfield three receiver to the near side
Carr Hobbs Atencio and then split out to the top of the screen is oh Joe lobby
Shawn oh gee lobby the freshman from Western High in Anaheim Luis steps into
it Atencio reels it in but goes right down
he hit the ground over the 40 yard line for about 7 yard pickup Atencio is a
sophomore from Edison High Huntington Beach had 31 catches last year another
look at the Play Oh Bowens nearly got a hand on it so third
and three Atencio tore his ACL before his junior year in high school had
reconstructive surgery in austria that is a procedure called lar s ligament
ligament augmentation and reconstructive surgery that sounds like the bionic man
steve austin we’ll get back to it there there is a bionic aspect to it third and
three Lewis throughout ten ciose hands and in complete fourth down coming up
Kobe Fitzgerald on the coverage check that instead it’s Isaiah Powell Powell
on the coverage for RCC fourth down upcoming so normally when you get an ACL
and you know a little bit about this it’s a 9 to 12 week procedure what they
do is they use synthetic ligaments his turnaround time from surgery to getting
back to football was 12 weeks Wow yeah the surgery cost $25,000 the family had
to raise about ten thousand of that just from friends and relatives to be able to
get out to Austria to have the surgery but looks no worse for the wear making
that catch synthetic link meant I think I need a synthetic ligaments
throughout my entire body you used to be playing you got the synthetic ligaments
high snap Caspar trying to make something happen and what a Jawa it
would have been a great for him to get the kick off he got the kick away but it
was a short kick go down to Brian Wilson he’s got something on the RCC sideline hey guys yeah just something history I
saw down here on the sidelines though Jacob arledge and Mike Rowe and we’re
warming up on the sidelines looks like both of them who knows at this point
back to you guys so the net on that pond Jeff is gonna be one yard it like you
said look good got out of it as soon as he got outside the area as soon as he
got to the number I thought he’s gonna be able to boom one but went off the
side of his foot so from the 42 first and ten that’s my glory in motion and it
is Irwin little tunnel screen over to my glory nice move by Jay Mon over the 40
spun down inside the 40 we’ll get to about the 37 yard line 5 yards 2 jaemin
McClure come on man that was awesome great stop
there jam on jam on jam on whole wheat remember the old Weird Al Yankovic’s
move bad by Michael Jackson so they gave him 6 second and 4 lime is the 36
play-action Irwin complete to the sideline and then
nice run after catch mr. reliable Reggie ratzlaf rets laughs we’ll take the ball
inside the 30 to the 26 10 yard pickup move the sticks great job or one just earth or when it’s
just great throwing that out Jeff oh yeah and that’s where he’s at his best
he really is he gets a the ball out of his hands so quickly three receivers to
the nearside split out to the far side Rhett Slav then flexed is LaRon in
between them as leaf here comes pressure Berwyn stepping up and he’ll go down and
lose the football ball on the turf officials will say rustlers football making the hit for Golden West Was
Steven Cruz Cruz the sophomore from Santa Ana had five tackles when these
teams got together last year watch him as he trails and he drops erlan and
strips the football away and the ball was loose there was a scramble for and
Golden West came up with it Cruz playing this year at 63 225
graduated high school in 2017 Jeff when he graduated high school he was 275
pounds so he’s dropped 50 pounds between 2017
and now and makes it much more mobile as far as a pass rusher for the Golden West
rustlers he was very quickly losing 50 pounds
woof a lot of weight to lose so fourth turnover of the game for RCC but they
lead 21 nothing 1st and 10 from the 30 delayed handoff to Morant runs through
the first pin attack will maybe get back to the line of scrimmage somebody lost a
helmet the big fella AJ Tal Afar had the helmet has helmet knocked off he’s gonna
have to come off for a play second and 10 that’s the one thing about RCC men
they can get pressure with three men when your front three can occupy
blockers like that just the linebackers all they need to do is come in and fill
those gaps second ten here’s the circle route is
complete to attencion attencion with the move gets outside surges through a
couple of tacklers before Fitzgerald finally brings him down at the 38 yard
line so it’ll be third and short the young man David Atencio with the
reconstructed ligaments in his name so they’re not having much luck going right
at RCC Jeff they’re gonna try to work the perimeter yeah cuz they’re they’re
not getting anything off tackle tonight and they are gonna throw these little
tunnel screens so Jeremiah Wright split out to the near side Atencio and the far
slot car split out to the far side the tailback for Goldman best has been
Valley or and Val Ural make the carry and Valley will surge for the first down
up to the 43 then with two ends he’s a freshman out
of Fountain Valley High School’s he’s a baron sit then with two N’s and with two
N’s b and n so first intend for Golden West trying to convert a turnover
finally they’ve got four of them and Valliere with a little more meat to him
burst through the middle of the line for about four more so Moran who goes about
190 was trying the middle and one having much trouble Valley is a little bit
heavier he’s 205 210 maybe a little more bulk to him finding the holes a little
bit easier so call it three air for the ball moves to the 47 second and six
little right back up the middle again he’ll surge to midfield I believe he
crossed into our CC territory and he did just barely by the nose the footballs of
three and a half more yards so it’ll be a short three whose value is gonna after
carrying the ball three times will tap the helmet and come out of the ball game
good idea by Mitchell I think the strategy of being physical with our CC
is the way to go yeah you’re gonna have to me you wanna eat up clock II do not
want to get the ball back into the Tigers hand and if you’ve got strong
back to can eat clock and get you these first downs in possible field goal
territory that would be great for the Russell’s third down from midfield low
at Lewis completes the ball on the outside they’ll go out of bounds at
about the 32 yard line out of Armstrong the freshman from Laguna Beach hauls it
in reception number 17 on the year for him
and that’ll move the sticks yet again so 16-yard pickup to the 34-yard line
that’s 16 yard pickup base I think was because of that running game that we’ve
seen the power it definitely opened it up for the passing game here so car
split out to the far side they’ll be stacked with Hobbs
as tensio in the near slot and Armstrong’s split out to the near side
for the wrestlers first intent of the 34 dancing is Lewis down the field triple
coverage incomplete intended receiver was Adam Armstrong so second and 10
upcoming nice job by our crew in the truck and the bottom line I guess it
debuted yesterday in the high school game yeah we had all kinds of scores all
this dancing around through that out-of-bounds I don’t have much of a
chance you know conference secret season is started in the national southern
these are two teams that won their first conference game RCC and gold and what
Saddleback also want to know southwestern OCC and Grossmont all Owen
Wong here’s the gift to Devin Jackson Jackson may get to the 31 in fact I’m
looking forward to seeing go up the Saddleback this year they’ve got chance
Noland if you remember chance the home plate for Paloma Valley was a a great
quarterback he’s doing a phenomenal job well and that’s a huge matchup because
that would be the regular season finale so if both teams take care of business
meaning RCC and Saddleback that would mean two undefeated teams both would be
nine and OH playing that last game in Mission Viejo on the 23rd of September
the Saturday before thanks to third and eight ball needs to get to the
24 Louis looking downfield incomplete intended receiver in the vicinity was
John og Lobby so from the 32 fourth down upcoming Holyfield I believe applying
the pressure instead that was Alex Oh yo Ally and they’re gonna keep the offense
on the field they have pretty good confidence in their field kicker Jose
Arredondo but his range is about 42 and in so this right now would be about a 49
yard attempt Jeff here we go fourth and eight from the 32 Louis flings it to the
outside and he did catch it first down reeled in by Jeremiah Wright they needed
to get inside the 25 which I believe they did better look here who I don’t
know that he have control of that not too sure if he did so first in 10 the
rustlers advanced it on 4th down from the 24 first and tenant flags come in
what do you want nothing RCC for 18 to play in the first half George arredondo tells us that little
premature movement before the rustlers so you’ll back it off 5 yards 4
turnovers in the first half Jeff by RCC if they lead this game 21 nothing yeah
pretty unheard of I mean three interceptions yes very very strange game
to say the least to start this one but still with 21 points on the board but
that defense has really stymied the rustlers tonight a change up front for
Golden West Julian port Daanish the freshman from Acorah Del Mar in at left
tackle here’s Jackson slamming to the left side running behind cord honest
he’ll get to about the 26 Julian’s father Shahriyar played in the NFL he’s
an Irvine kid played at University High and then went on to play junior college
football played at the University of Nevada and then played in the NFL for
the Redskins and for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Julian is down now his
younger brother Alex are running back on the teams missing the season from an
injury they both started their career at University playing for their dad’s alma
mater but then an attempt to kind of play for better competition they decided
to move over to Corona del Mar and dad was with it dad at the time was an
assistant coaching University and he told the security say hey if you believe
this will make you better you need to compete better you got to do
what you got to do and he had because he played the game at a high level he
played a college football and he played professors so he understood you know
this day of transferring a lot of times there’s some capricious reasons for that
kids transfer but he looked him in the eye and said if you’re honestly telling
me the reason you want to transfer is because you want a better level of
competition while I can I can go with them yes I mean that’s a pretty darn
good day especially if he’s coaching you what if you’re what if Connor told you
that like what if you Connors playing for you and he said dad I want to go
play for Mike Marquis because I think I’ll play better competition would you
let him go I’d say sure cuz I think I would love to I would love to play for
Mike party I don’t just pick anybody there’s a few coaches I would play for a
fact I will say this we lost a legend this week John doll a longtime
basketball coach Pat moreno valley’ 36 years at the helm of Moreno Valley
family friend of your dad’s two very good friend of the family
we lost him this week and so yeah just very tough for John doll so our
heartfelt condolences go out to the doll family Eric J and their mother so yeah
the great John doll River sites and Moreno Valley staple so the player
Julian Perdana SH is gonna walk off the field you just come in and kind of got
his leg cut almost by his own man it looked like there yeah that that’s not
fun landed on top of an RCC player kind of
twisted now he’s probably his back there – they got about 240 pounds of Devon
Jackson riding your back that can’t be fun either but nice to see him get off
the field and his dad’s sweet University High School in Irvine California right
by where I went to undergrad at UC Irvine I’d run on their track everyone’s
right right next to the campus and a bill Mulligan probably wanted you
to come there but you wouldn’t because you know we’re saddle shoes I do wear
saddle shoes now that I’m a announcer I will wear them to games especially when
her vine plays I always wear my saddle shoes was he was bid mill ever coach RCC
he did that’s right second and 12 Louis lofts it up there
tipped incomplete door so who had the punt return for the touchdown earlier
makes the play bringing up the third down for the rustlers they already
converted on a fourth down in this Drive pressure coming from the outside had to
get rid of it threw in a double coverage ooh how about though how about the ear
there talked to Jim Wooldridge let me get him on Phil Smith’s roster man holy
cow he got up pretty good I would imagine Shawn door so he’s 511
he probably come close to dunking a basketball third and 12 over the middle
complete to Hobbs Hobbs lowers the shoulder dives forward inside the five
tackle made by kuai Ola Toa for our CC clutch third down
pick up and Zach Lewis the quarterback for Golden West Jeff seems to be finding
a rhythm yeah they’ve looked a lot better here in this last Drive and
taking up a lot of time but it’s just a perfect pass over the top there first and goal from the for Marant
bounces off tackle and he’s bought down first man there for our CC sevilla v to
lull Alejo I’m sorry that was Leigh manga actually 46 not 45 Leigh manga out
of Vista Yuri Etta second and goal line is the for Golden West trying to get
into the endzone morant this time we’ll get in
touchdown Golden West 4 yard run for tache Marantz and the running game which
had stalled a little bit for the rustlers they get into the end zone but
a couple of nice throws one on fourth down one on third down Zach Lewis makes
a couple of place to extend that drive for Golden West his act Lewis really
found his groove but I’ll tell you what you’ve got a credit the big guys up
front and the the big backs that they brought in to really spread that field
open for them to be able to pass the ball against his potent defense dat is
blocked so a block by our CC and we talked with
your guy Sean Corcoran about this we’ll get a look at the turnover here this is
what setup the drive Steven Cruise strips the ball and then
they go to the ground a little bit to kind of loosen up the RCC defense the
full-back been Valliere with three straight runs and then Luis kind of
settles in a little bit completes this past – Adam Armstrong which gets him a
little bit of space and then throws to the outside nice catch we weren’t sure
it was quite a catch by right and then finally Moran dances into the end zone
on his second try remember starting quarterback
Nathaniel Espinosa unable to answer the bell this evening due to a high ankle
sprain so Zach Lewis stepping in he thrown 88 passes already on the year the
redshirt freshman the bounce-back from the University of Nevada as this game
has gone on he’s really settled in looking pretty confident on that last
Drive 21 six and RCC gets the ball back and here’s the return for RCC bouncing
to the outside still on his feet near midfield martinique Finn with the return
for RCC I mean he was right at the goal line that was it
a 48-yard return yeah took it from the goal on to the 48
so good field position 225 you know with the way our CC plays that is an eternity
yes if if so my career went back out we saw Jacob Barley’s for one Drive as
we’ll get a look at Martinique fin and fin just kind of up the right side
running through a couple of tackles was one thing that Nick Mitchell told me he
runs the defense he said we really need to be sure hey than our tackling today
this is my glory but glory still keeping his balance dives forward to about the
41 so another first down for Jamin the glory they reset the ball clock moves
first and 10 from the 41 the glory right up the middle surges inside the 35 to
the 30 for 7 more yards well he has been special tonight for the Tigers they go
right back to Jay Mon this time he won’t get much room
Nicholas Kaufman makes the tackle he’s one of the international students for
golden west from lubeck germany so he we’ve talked about Alex Reich already
from Switzerland they have a player from Barcelona as well and then player from
Germany coming in to play some football I mean movie to Huntington Beach is a
pretty good excuse yes so call it third and four here comes
pressure Berlin steps up launches the ball down the field and it’s complete to
Laurent Laurent hauls it in at the 5-yard line 29 yard completion bearing
down on him was Ralph Jones from behind erwin stepped up and just threw a dart
to dylan LaRon without a couple of big games in a row for our CC and I can’t
say enough but how the big boys up front have been doing for our CC Ryan suely a
foul at center he’d really been the key on those runs by Magloire E and there
they get into a little pass blocking first and goal inside the five Berwyn
keeps it touchdown RCC how many times have we seen him run
that play with the play action and misdirection that urlan just takes it to
the pylon I’ll tell you what that is we’ve seen it several times this season
he is such a talent out of the as a a pocket player I mean he can really
really run he reads the defense well if sees he has nothing there and is able to
just get to the goal every single time he’s with them yeah if you’re a high
school coach you put that video and that’s textbook how to run read off it’s
exactly what you doing the read option Chavez with the p80 and it’s 28 to 6 RCC
the rustlers got on the board Jeff at 2:35 of the second quarter we talked
about how fast they can make and score meeting RCC a minute 41 later a
touchdown by Mike Kerwin here’s the McLaury couple of runs setting it up for
RCC and then the big play to LaRon urlan getting pressure but keeps his calm just
flings it downfield the neuron splits the coverage that helped overtop didn’t
matter and then the play-action or the play
fake and Irwin into the end zone for the Tigers 28 to 6 so Erwin with a touchdown
pass to Sanders earlier a touchdown run and then the glory with a touchdown run
and on the 86 yard punt return by Shawn door so so by land by air by return
everything yeah different modes is scoring for RCC whole home and that we
haven’t even talked about how good the defense has played if defense has been
phenomenal I mean incredible tonight yeah James Cook can coach a little bit
huh defensive coordinator for RCC 28 to 6 as we are under a minute to play in
the first half here at Wheelock Stadium thanks for joining us ghazal Hasan Jeff
Gorham with you alone with Brian Wilson and an entire award-winning Riverside TV
crew great to be back at Wheelock Stadium special year Bruin for RCC
kick-off filled it on a hop at the 15 by Tanner Branson and Branson up to the 23
yes in fact the Tigers keep playing well it could be their second National
Championship if they can continue to run the table
last time they won it what I believe was in 1989 that be 30 years Branson from Eugene Oregon playing for
Golden West and the rustlers will have 49 seconds try to make something happen
how would you assess Zach Lewis today pressed into duty because the injured
Espinosa I thought at least after some jitters in the first quarter he’s
acquitted himself well here on the cell I thought he he was great here in the
second quarter like say the first quarter little little rough but I think
he credit the defense in that first quarter and I really do think he’s
really found his niche a little more relaxed in the pocket so rcco called
timeout Morant stopped and we started to the story
about Moran he is freshman year he played for sis kiyose junior college in
weed california up in the sacramento kind of north state area ran for over
400 yards and a couple of touchdowns and then had decided he needed to get
academics together and then got hurt so he’d come down to play last year for
coach Nick Mitchell and got injured and was sorting out it was a foot injury
than he was dealing with and they weren’t sure he’s gonna be back this
year and coach Mitchell was tell us before the game we got a call late July
early August hey coach my foots ready I’m ready to go
you still need me and of course coach Mitchell a man true to his word said mr.
Moran get on down here and we’ll see what happens and it’s worked out pretty
well for him over 300 yards already this year for Moran and coach Mitchell
believes that the young man has a future because of his clock graduated high
school in 2016 he’ll need to go d2 but he’s pretty confident he’ll get an
opportunity to play football on a college level that’s a great story there the aforementioned murat bangs to the
outside over the 25 to the 28 maybe four yards on the play
I really do think a lot of people forget there is other football other than USC
UCLA and San Diego State here there’s some great football around you’ve got
the sky AK which is University of Redlands Laverne those that’s great
football I mean d2 and ni schools do give
scholarship money they do so if you can go get your education paid for so we’ve
got a replay of the last PA T this is the second time this has happened on
Riverside TV so Cruz it’s so true it bangs on our camera we have an end zone
camera and bada-bing there you go that’s what that was I was looking at an argyle
sweater didn’t realize it was the that’s twice that’s happened gonna build these
guys who do we send the bill to just such young wolves before the game I
don’t know if you see it here still here now athletic director for RCC former
head coach of the men’s basketball at UC Riverside third and four luis hauls it downfield incomplete estes
one-on-one with jeremiah wright breaks it up fourth down upcoming s that’s been
super active today Jeff he has it I’ll tell you what that was nearly a great
catch but even better defense there the defense has been pretty stout for the
Tigers today but go back to the first quarter RCC turned the ball over three
times and each time it was from midfield or closer and Golden West couldn’t get a
point because of the way the Tigers defense stepped up and stiffen to play
the short field in fact they only had one first down in that first quarter Kaspar this time gets away a decent kick
dorso drift to the sideline he’ll let it bounce and we’ll go out inside the 30 at
the 28 yard line so about a 43 yard kick no return 24 seconds to work with for
RCC and like you said on the last Drive an eternity for Tom craft 24 it was 44
yeah yes 24 cuz they’ve already used I think
they have only one timeout left but they’re gonna try to move the ball it’s
a first half you never know what will happen I can’t say enough about how the
offensive line though is played for RCC Ryan Rowe running out there with Ryan
suli ephah’ Kevin Brown’s been out there Donny long
we’ve seen Brandon Hendrix the big fella played last week and he’s played well
this week as well up front for our CC Erlin dancing gonna look downfield
attempted to get a hold of Laurent couldn’t quite hold it
branch on the coverage for hunting then before a Golden West college it seen
Huntington Beach yes so fluid is Mike early man he just looks he looks good
playing the position you know Oregon kid so you always think of Mariota of course
in terms of how he played the position when he was up there at Eugene second
intent from the 34 RCC they lead 28 6 o’clock moving flushed out got a launch
downfield will erlan got a man but it’s income giovanni sanders was locked up in
coverage with Alex rake the freshman from Switzerland the second leading
tackler for Golden West has a couple of sacks as well played high school
football in Switzerland how about that yeah I don’t know how good high school
football would be in Switzerland well his AAU team was real good they
have basically a u equivalent in they call it the Central European Football
League and he played for a team there and the balls on the turf on the third
down play Irwin will cover it up and now just
probably just do it for the first half they’ll just let the clock expire and
that’ll be the end of the first half tigers 28 rustlers 6 give me some
thoughts Jeff Gorham I’ll tell you what the defense of Riverside was phenomenal
in that first half the office took a little while but they
finally figured it out as they were going into the second quarter with the
turnovers they should be happy with walking away with a nice lead here up 22
but yeah I’ll tell you what a very very good first half by the Tigers are CC
looking to go to 7 and oh and maintain their number one ranking the Rustler is
looking to go over 500 they’re want to knowingly but three and three overall
we’ll have some stats for you and we’ll have some highlights from the first half
when we come back right now we’ll step aside for halftime here on Riverside TV
our CC 28 Golden West six back with the second half of football after this new
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aviation and fly everyday and still do police work and fly them out here work
day shift 7:00 to 5:00 I usually get here a little before 7:00
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check temporary flight restrictions so I’ll check those and see if there’s any
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protecting and serving a community that grew up in some los novios is a Mexican market located
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anything from my house I’ll you know any supplemental groceries I come in and I
buy everything fresh Alberto says he trains his staff to treat customers like
family Mercedes Duran is one of his cashiers
just asking with how are you doing that makes a really big difference and just
being in a small market you kind of notice who who’s who and what are they
doing there sometimes well even ask them like what are you cooking today I do
spaghetti are you doing cutting your side liar you know that’s makes
different I wonder the people when they came I wonder they feel like walking
like oh this is my house you know like this is family and that’s what I’ve
wanted to tell all my customers that they’re not just customers they’re
guests from another gases they’re my guys they’re my my family all the time
when they came if I know their names I you know I tell them about their names
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him my name is lovey Jung and I work for the city oversight fire department I’ve
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we’ll haul it away welcome back to Wheelock Stadium 28 to 6
the halftime score and three interceptions in the first quarter four
turnovers overall in the first half by RCC but didn’t seem to matter they’re
still ahead by a score of 28 to 6 touchdown three interceptions two thrown
by Erwin one by Jacob Bartlett’s and then a fumble Layton of half but they
came to life at the end of the first quarter first touchdown run by Jamin the
glory 30 yards at 4:30 one of the first quarter make it a 7 to nothing game and
then about 4 minutes later Mike Erwin finds Giovanni Sanders on a 7 yard pass
to make it a 14 to nothing game set it up by they set it up on this run he gets
down to the 7 yard line of the next play he finds Sanders over the middle on the
dig route touchdown to make it 14 to nothing then 11 46 to play in the second
quarter how about door so taking it pump back 86
yards for our CC and all of a sudden it’s a 21 the nothing game the defense
really stood up for our CC Jeff in the first half playing around those first
three turnovers finally with 235 in the second quarter
Golden West gets on the board at tache Marant with a three yard run but then
right back the other way Mike I want the five yard run to end that off and then
we lose our end zone camera to give you an idea the 15 play 70 yard drive for
Golden West took 5 minutes and 59 seconds the 3 yard the 3 drives combined
for RCC were 5 minutes and 24 seconds so 111 passing yards passing with two S’s
of course for RCC compared to 101 for Golden West total yardage in the first
half 195 for Riverside 164 for Golden West but the 4 turnovers for RCC unable
to be capitalized Golden West got one touchdown are those turnovers and Golden
West held the ball for nearly 21 minutes in the first half
while Riverside held the ball for under 10 minutes yet they still lead it by 28
6 that’s the potency of this offense and that is exactly
what happened you talked about the Eternity with two under two minutes left
and a half and they scored so quickly but yes exactly what Golden West wanted
to do is they wanted to control the football they had the time they just
haven’t had the scores Branson and Jones deep for the rustlers read with the
kickoff for our CC underway here in the second half
this is Rafael Jones the Mater Dei product from the – up the middle of the
field nearly broke one in the first half and
he gets pinball down over the 25-yard line
27 yard return to the 28 and that’s where Golden West will start it so we
talked to Nick Mitchell I mean mission accomplished did listen we want to play
ball control when running the ball between the tackles want to keep the
ball away from our CC just that when our CC has had the ball they’ve had
touchdown drives at 56 seconds 80 yards they went the other Mon as a punt return
obviously they went 42 yards in two minutes and 40 seconds and 52 yards in
91 seconds that’s pretty darn effective so call it the 29 officially morant
gets lit up Kobi Fitzgerald gives him a pretty rude hello they’ll give him
forward progress just to the 30-yard line second and nine Moran 25 yards on
11 carries in the first half did have the touchdown run coming into the game he was averaging nearly five yards of
carry to call it second and nine play-action
they’ll fling it out to Atencio who dives down and makes the catch
should be for a loss they gonna say him complete so just be third down Atencio
looked like short hop that been a nice play at the World Series going on you
know is the first time I don’t care about the World Series very much I’m a
little disappointed in myself you got the zombie Expos you got the
Astros there’s no like West Coast baseball third down and down he goes lame-o Unga makes the tackle he gets the
quarterback sack back to the 25 yard line fourth down punt team on the way
out for Goldman West Max Casper the Safa more from Cornell mark came over to
Golden West after playing last year at Orange Coast College last year for OCC
he had five punts versus Riverside averaging 36 yards of kick and this is a
good kick it drives dorso back backpedaling fields inside the 30
Doris only the 86 yard return earlier and he gets away from Reich he’s got
some space he’ll get to midfield finally tackled by Jonathon Earl I thought his
jersey was gonna come off but I think when he let go of the Jersey was like a
rubberband and shot him out happened in Switzerland Alex Wright though did lead
Golden West with four tackles on the first half and right at midfield on that
beautiful tiger visit here at Wheelock Stadium and the offense comes back out
for RCC first and ten from midfield after the
play we’ll throw it down to Brian Wilson Irwin’s still in a quarterback complete
two Lorant short gain Brian Wilson what do you got hey guys yeah just something
to look for in the second half I did some research and it turns out that
herbicide is in fact a second half team and they come out strong in the second
half their outscoring their opponents 153 to 63 in the second half of games
this season some to look at is this offense tries to gain some more traction
after the first half back to you guys and to stack on top of that what Brian
Wilson just told us when I talked to Nick Mitchell second half’s have been a
problem for Golden West you feel his team has bought the Africa they need to
in the second half in some of the games this season second and eight a two yard
pickup on the pass here comes the Blitz stepping up his erlan Berlin has the
first down Irwin surges over the 35 dives forward nice pick up about 13
yards on the play for Mike early that’s why you have my Kerwin behind Center he
can create so many things with that RPO Berlin in the first half had a six yard
touchdown run so on the year 48 carries for Mike coming in 185 yards and now
he’s seventh touchdown first down in ten line is the 34 escaping his Erlin
launching the ball down the field into the end zone in turn but incomplete
nearly intercepted Cody salvo makes the play in the end zone knocking it down
the high safety for Golden West he’s a Hawaii kid played it
Kahuku high school in Hawaii Moses Olay on the chase and then the near
interception in the end zone but that’s the confidence you have in a quarterback
and the confidence you have in your receivers he threw it there he one guy
say hey it’s gonna be a jump ball I’m gonna get it to him but that is the
confidence of my Kirwan right there salvato played in the 2016 open state
final in Hawaii in high school against st. Louis high high school high school
the quarterback that year for st. Louis was to a two of I Logan who’s now
playing for Nicki I was not playing Napoli he’s hurt but he’s with Alabama
that’s right timeout RCC you know we have Halloween
coming up we’ve had tonight they’re celebrating Halloween at white part but
next week November 2nd it is the day of the dead from 1 to 10 p.m. at white park
in downtown Riverside I’ll tell you what it’s going to be a fantastic event it’s
family-friendly it’s free this is 16th annual Day of the Dead dia de los
muertos I will be there I’ll be in disguise that you pellet will recognize
me but I plan on being there for a little bit I won’t be there for the
whole time I’ll show up at some point for Dia de los Muertos I want to see you
in white makeup it look like one of the one of the the skulls I think you’d look
good as a skeleton effingham I’m gonna wear like a prison like a yellow prison
jumpsuit and then I’m gonna paint my face back to action second and ten RCC line
is the 34th Sanders in motion Rhett’s laughs vomit uh no screen inside
the 32 about the 28 so six yards on the play and there is the other undefeated
team Saddleback over at Orange Coast over 37 to 7 at halftime so setting up
that showdown of November 23rd chance Noland the Penn State Ohio State that
day you may end up with RCC and Saddleback third and three Erwin feeling
some pressure trying to escape chasing him down and getting the ball away incomplete fourth down whitener was the
intended receiver so line will remain the 27th fourth and
three I would think Tom Kraft gonna leave the offense out there
Erwin getting away Berwyn remember an Oregon product young man chasing him was
Moses a lay from Carson High fourth of three from the 27 Moses his dad Leroy
played at Oregon for Rich Brooks back in the 80s fourth and three and incomplete and a
flag comes in Reggie Rhett’s laughing tenant receiver on the carpet is
Jonathan Earle and I believe it’ll be some kind of illegal use of hands pass
interference or defensive holding which will allow RCC to keep the football you
know who has call me organ gains at the time who is the radio guy for Oregon
back in the 80s under Rich Brooks I don’t know I do a gentleman named Hal
Raimi how Raimi father of John Wayne former voice of our UC Riverside now up
at Nevada everything comes full circle the old fashioned backyard do-over Jeff
Gordon’s chop block on RCC pass interference on Golden West and towel he
stepped on the towel a little bit that might have thrown Berlin off but then
there’s the pass interference penalty on rut slot who sells it well at the end
I’ve called a lot of football games this year I have not heard a chop block
called once we had to in this game Sanders in the near slot split to the
near side is whitener for RCC Laurent flexed out on the far side top of your
screen is ruts laughs and timeout Golden West Nick Mitchell in his 14th season at
the helm of the rustlers last year they were 6 and 5 3 & 2 in the national
southern but still got to go to the SoCal ball where they lost to Cerritos
21 to 9 they’ve had ballgames in six of the last nine seasons they missed bowl
games in 2017 and 2016 in fact they played RCC back in 2013 in the SoCal
ball RCC won that one on November 23rd of 2013 by a score of 27 17 14th year
head coach Nick Mitchell I mentioned your guy Sean Corcoran the assistant
head coach linebacker coach and he runs a special teams he’s gonna throw him off
boats he’s throw him off both his dad was one
of her good friends with Mike Ted Mark guard who’s here with us the former
longtime coach of who Roopa Valley High School supa dupa dupa we have to have
nice to have mark right up here very nice man he’s uh he’s my best friend in
the world and I’m gonna say I have lots of good friends but he is my best friend
ever his dad remembers dad was the head
basketball coach alongside Paul even coached a guy named Reggie Miller it’s
right hey he’s pretty good thank mark guard got to go to the Hall of Fame
ceremony from the 27 for RCC forth and three
here’s the pressure complete to Sanders first down
Sanders caught the ball 223 that needed to get to the 24 sticks move up see the
replay first intent from the 23 years to give
him a glory my glory juking and I’ll be bought down inside the 20 picks up
before on the play the glory in the first half had the 30 yard touchdown run
now a seven carries for 63 yards the sophomore from Arlington High School you
know it’s like Moses la is down on the field for Golden West college LA the
freshman from Carson California you know Nick Mitchell’s had to deal
with a lot of injuries this year particularly on the defensive side of
the football but Moses LA he’s got it really
mentioned his dad really interesting football lineage his older brother Roman
is a quarterback for Sacramento State but his dad and his two uncles his uncle
Ruben is an assistant coach he was a Carson High stand out of LA Harbor right
now dad already mentioned played at Carson High and then later for Oregon
but his uncle Arnold may be the most intriguing he’s currently the head coach
at Carson High School Arnold a lay played on the 1988 Notre Dame national
championship team under Lou Holtz and then later transferred and played at
UCLA under Terry Donahue the Ahly brothers are kind of legends in Carson
not only that he has two older sisters who played Division one basketball his
elder sister Reina play the University of San Francisco for Jennifer AZ and
then Kristen LA one of his other older sisters played at Cal Poly for faith mem
nam and la will get help to his feet nice to see him get off and the
defensive line is one of the areas it’s been impacted for Nick Mitchell with
regard to injury you know they were gonna be a four-man front team at the
beginning of the year and by the time Camp rolled around in August they didn’t
have enough people to run that for me in front so they went to the three-man
front and now they’re even down a couple of guys more because LA was like that
fourth rusher and they had a couple of guys go down I had to slide him into the
starting lineup and now he’s gone down so let’s see who they moved to the front so they officially marked McLaury down
at the 19 4 yard pickup makes it second and 6 Berlin over the middle knock down TJ Tophet II making the play the
freshman out of Vallejo California I checked that instead Niklas Kaufman he’s
the German freshman is very dry van Foom didn’t Cajon have a couple of German
know who is a quiet Aquinas – had some big-time German perfectible played in
the pac-12 third and six RCC from the nineteen Berlin with a little pressure
now moving around scrambling around back there being pursued by follow
they’ll just tuck it under now inside the 10 where he’ll step out of bounds so
a first down for erlan with the feet about a 10 yard pickup on the play
it’ll be first in goal for RCC the way this game started Jeff the three picks
early you never thought that Riverside would be this much in control of this
one especially in the first half man 21 minutes to 9 in terms of time of
possession first and goal but glory pinballing away escapes Reich keeps his
balance he’s churning inside the five down at
the three looked like he was dead to rights still managed to pick up five
yards good stick-to-itiveness displayed by Jamin McLaury great
stick-to-itiveness and I’ll tell you what
Jamal nor glory is a guy that we all really root for it’s great to see him
doing so well he has had his coming out party night he has been amazing for the
Tigers second and three gives him a glory runs
into something but in second effort touchdown the glory his second touchdown
on the evening tigers with another score Jamin McLaury puts the exclamation point
on that one and it’s 34 to 6 RCC pounding the turf in frustration with
Steven cruise because McLaury went through him just kept driving into the
end zone let’s get another look Jeff so there’s Cruz he hasn’t stood up but
nobody’s gonna tell him a glory when to stop except Jay Mahatma glory he is a
torpedo we saw him do it in high school he’s doing it here as well
Chavez with the p80 and you know you made a great point about the glory about
we root for him but there’s a reason you root for him as we get another look at
the Dr Irwin does a lot of the work one run early had another run late McLaury
last year played mostly wide receiver yes for RCC if you’ll remember and this
year when we talked to Tom craft early the idea was he would kind of be a
change of pace back but he was mostly needed to play special teams they wanted
him to be a special teams guy and now he has come in and in this game his second
touchdown of the game has carried the ball nine times for over 70 yards and
two touchdowns yeah I mean just a great game and tell you what he is boost
bolstering his his stat line I’m sure he’ll be playing again yeah you think
about he’s so versatile does that hurt him in terms of maybe the next level I
don’t think so I think it actually helped him because he can’t play
multiple positions he played last year like said wide receiver it makes him
kind of you know kind of a Reggie Bush type back I got it and catching out of
the backfield so he can throw into the slot Branson from the one for Golden
West and Branson is gonna be pushed out of
bounds inside the 20-yard line making the play for RCC Kenneth
Cervantes Hill tilted the windmill and you’ll knock Branson out of bounds so 17
yard line will be the line of scrimmage I wonder you know particularly if you’re
live FCS team if you’re a Cal Poly or UC Davis somebody like that there’s a guy
he can be versatile for you and probably be pretty productive and they have a
real playoff in the FCS yes they do normally it’s is Eastern Washington
versus South Dakota State Villanova was pretty good Montana was really good for
a long time yeah that’s right first and 10 from the 17 for Golden West Marant
trying the right side trying to get the edge close to a first down is shoved out
Fitzgerald I believe pushed him out of bounds so they’re going to safe move the
sticks he did get to the marker Moran in the first half 11 carries 19 yards a 10
yard pickup on the play and RCC to shut a great job shutting down that running
game in the first half Golden West just averaging about 3 yards that carry in
the first half 11-yard pickup to the 28 here’s the
play-action picked off by door so flat comes in on the play door so still on
his feet door so we’ll bring it all the way back
to the house so a punt return touchdown and an interception to return touchdown
but there’s some laundry sitting at the 38 yard line we’ll need to sort that out
before all can be decided well he looked like he was going down two or three
times and just kind of slid underneath door so played at citris Hill for the
zom– all brothers penalty is on Golden West so the touchdown stands pick six by
Shawn door so we were just hanging out with his own moths last night he’s a guy
who played for the zone waltz yes zome all brothers are back they had a tough
one last night against a very good north team Dennis Brown has brought north back
they’re willing lost this year is to serve ight John W north back in action
they’ve got a big one this Friday versus Riverside Poly two friends going at it
John rice Dennis Brown Chavez with the p80 42 to 6 I’ll tell
you what I was at OCC when survive against see John Bosco there were an
extra point away from sending that game to overtime and a missed p80
as we look at the pic 6 by torso runs into his own man but it’s able to keep
his balance and nobody is able to bring him down and then the second opportunity
he’s not going to be denied the second time through second returned for
touchdown by torso 86 yard punt return and about a 45 yard interception return
a pretty good night for that young man good day at the office for dorsa 42 to 6
good day of the office for the Tigers as they continue to hold on to that number
one ranking maybe this will separate themselves a little bit from what is the
school up north San Mateo San Mateo come on as the
coaches poll them nationally they’re still ranked number one kick-off fielded by Jones officially
from the 30 over the 20 down at the 25 is Raphael Jones Jones an interesting
study too he was a running back at Mater Dei in fact played with JT Daniels at
Mater Dei really and bounced back he went to San Diego and then bounced back
and they were trying to figure out a spot for him and Bruce Rollins and
called Mitchell and said hey you could try them on defense and it worked out played in a CIF final loss to st. John
Bosco back in 2016 the game last night mattered a kind of show there the big
dog in the Trinity lead first in ten from the 25 option pitch to the outside
Jackson for about four and that was modern day as ranked number one in the
country and what st. John Bosco was ranked third second or third so nine
minutes to play here in the third quarter an RCC worked around some
trouble in the first quarter when they turned the ball over a few times back
three interceptions second and six from the 30 this is
Marant up the middle still twisting and fighting about two and a half on the
play third down upcoming toughest game for
the rustlers according to Nick Mitchell was canyons they lost that 135 24 back
on October 5th and he felt that the effort they would need then we’re gonna
have to play tough canyons is big strong and physical RCC is tough strong and
physical if we can replicate the effort against Kenya and get a break or two
we’ll be able to hang in this game they got a couple of breaks early but weren’t
able to capitalize actly and when you’re playing a good team that’s just really
tough job ifs you can never get ahead I mean your sister Riverside is so quick third and three for Golden West from the
32 Jackson first down pounding forward to the 40 I’ve had fun watching Jackson
though he needs it needs a little bit of play more playing time for that jumbo
back so first down from the 40 good to see Julian poor Daanish back in
the ball game the freshman of Cara Del Mar high we’d left the game earlier with
an injury he’s in at left tackle right now tick down to seven minutes to play
here in the third quarter Jackson shuttles into motion circle
route oh and Moran get slits whitener got there for our CC as did
Elton add equal another look at it Lewis gets the ball and yes yeah two for
the price of one but Marant holds on to it second and eight from the forty two
o’clock Moops give to Marantz he gets submarine he’ll go down after a short
game zack Barolo with the tackle will throw it down to brian wilson hey guys
yeah earlier here on the side – jacob Arledge starting to warm up and get
loose so look for him to come in the game in the near future cuz all jeff
back to you thank you sir yeah I expect to see barrage in the second half
normally butter ones been playing so well third and seven for Golden West
Lyon is the 43 here’s the throw to the outside it’s complete to Atencio
taking him down immediately his door so so torsos everywhere returning punts
returning pick sixes making a tackle it’s almost like there’s two of them
maybe 3/4 now we’ll probably see max Casper again so door so they’re gonna give him a
break they’re gonna put whitener back to return the kick door so well-deserved
rest here on the pot return his team up 42 to 6 we need 5 minutes to play in the
third quarter good kick high kick whitener will feel
that about the 17 they’ll get around right now he’s dancing he’s to the open
field turning on the speed is whitener no one’s gonna stop him touchdown Tigers second punt return for
touchdown of the evening for our CC Shawn door so did the trick in the first
half row Landis whitener pulls it off here in the second half what an electrifying run by whitener
looked like he was hemmed in that about midfield jackman once he got outside he
turned those afterburners on and he was gone I really thought he could call a
fair catch but no nothing fair there he was gone fact when he ran out of the
endzone I thought he’s gonna run into the parking lot and interesting we were talking with
Sean Corcoran before the game who’s the special teams coordinator for Golden
West and he was telling us the issues they’ve had on punts were with blocks
and with blocking in the long snapping the coverage had actually been pretty
good this year but our CC blowing that up twice in this one cannon firing off
here at Wheelock stadium that thing scares me every single time 49 to 6 is
the score with under five minutes to play and another look at it whitener
from about the 18 goes 82 yards to pot returns today there was no doubt he knew
he was going nice block at the end there that was berola with the block at the
end for a whitener to cruise into the end zone okay I mean just kept running
yeah when you’re running that fast Jeff it’s hard to stop but neither you or I
wherever that fast you kidding me I’m still that fast you’ll have to run 94
feet that’s true that’s a difference yeah
it could still be running it’s a little bit of an inside base but I’ll never
forget when I first met Danny Griffin Danny Griffin who played at UNLV later
at Rhode Island for frame job superstone Crenshaw high school guy and I mentioned
that I knew you and I guess you and him are buddies and he goes hey Jeff ever
tell you we had those dunking contest on the wall if he Gorham was at dunkers oh
yeah that Gorham was a great dunker it wasn’t good as me if worth Gore had some
creative doug’s he was the first guy that told me that you were a bit of a
showboat I was to see Danny Griffin had the longest arms in the world he would
walk in the door and he could touch the floor standing up well he played the
five at six seven back in the 90s which is a big deal
here’s the return diego jackson the freshman from the
pacific northwest with the kickoff return to the 25-yard line for Golden
West Jackson a freshman and the offense will go back out for Golden West not to
be fair the rustlers without their starting quarterback Nathaniel Espinosa
although Zach Lewis I felt acquitted himself pretty well in the first half 10
of 19 through the air for 101 yards didn’t turn the ball over
but Espinoza more of a dual threat that can run and throw the football and that
does really change the aspects of the of the game we we have seen many times her
win’ and Bartlett’s two completely different quarterbacks and how they
dictate the game three receivers to the near side closest to Lewis is Atencio
and then car is split out with Branson rumbling up the middle to the 28 yard
line is the big fella Devon Jackson Jackson we mentioned it earlier he
signed with division to Central Washington out of high school he was
with Eastside Catholic in the Seattle area he won two state titles in high
school where he played wide receiver a running back here for Sean Mitchell
coming into the game 35 carries 282 yards everything eight yards of pop and
a touchdown so he’s kind of the more physical back Moran although can play
physical is kind of more of a traditional setback for Nick Mitchell
and our Golden West college before yard pickup second and six
Jackson again right up the gut Jackson bouncing it outside rumbles to
near midfield gets up near the 45 yard line about 15 more yards for the
rustlers and you’re telling me he used to be a receiver though they’re talking
about is that he was about a 220-pound wide receiver they wanted him to go down
and be down about 200 190 he bulked up to about 235 240 look at him he’s still
very agile still very quick up to about the 46 yard line that’s me the 44 so
call it a 15-yard pick up first in 10th Golden West this is Marant driving to the right of
the logo so Tajima rant for 4 yards second and 6 coming up sevilla VTOL ogle
AO with the tackle we see him running off the field Kazaa Hassan Jeff Gorham Brian Wilson
our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew been a pleasure to work with you this
year on these RCC games I’ve had fun you know we used to work together every
Friday but you are all over you were worldwide your time’s up Jeff your times
just up out of the backfield complete to Jackson Jackson into our CC territory
tackle there by Kyle and Ross so about five yards on the play well Louis they got something in Lewis come on I’ll come back because of a
penalty on Golden West first half there were ten penalties
whistled on the rustlers none on our CC that’s pretty darn good we’ve seen our
cc’s had some some problems with penalties this season so ball moves back
to the Golden West 41st down would be up to the RCC 46 second and 14 receiver
stacked high and low Marant alone set back in movement giorgia redondo will tell us false start
rustlers so another penalty on Golden West Nick Mitchell told us that was an
issue they they thought they’d cleaned him up but tough penalties pushing him
back even further so second in nineteen now Louis to throw looking to Carr
incomplete double coverage there for our CC Isaiah Powell Powell was there in
coverage good to see pal pal back he’d missed a
few games with an injury and a line change for defensive coordinator James
Cook the whole new platoon of defenders comes in for RCC third and nineteen Lewis just puts it
into the ground bearing down on him was alex navaro
silva the freshman from gone Lugo High School in Chino fourth down so another punt coming max Casper back
out he’s kind of been the MVP for Golden West yeah he has been so let’s let’s
break down we were talking with Sean Corcoran before the game and the issue
that he felt they’ve had so Golden West had their long snapper graduate last
year and he got picked up by watch in state and they just haven’t been able to
replace him this year and it’s a lot about timing
it was very analytical yeah here’s the kicker I look pretty good that was a
pretty good snap and whiteners gonna let it bounce and then yeah Golden West
ain’t gonna let him out an opportunity they’re gonna down that football sale
I’m more came down and got his to pause on it immediately but the bear snapped
long snapper last year was exceptional it’s why he’s at division one was about
a half a second on the Longstaff ideally you want to be between about 0.6 and 0.7
seconds unfortunately for Golden West this year according to coach Cochran
they’ve been between about 0.7 1.0 which is not good no no and that really could
suffer and the other thing is when you have an experienced hunter they can do a
one-step and punt it he’s saying because they use different punters they have
guys we do a two-step in a one and a half step when you couple that with a
long extra long snap it makes leaves it ripe to be blocked
here’s Jacob barrage and he completes the pass his second completion of the
game but his first completion unfortunately was to the other team he
throws that one to Kinslow barrage in the first half he threw one
pass and it was intercepted is the second throw of the game complete to
Kinslow out of the backfield there’s kin slow running in between the tackles and
he keeps driving and maybe very close to a first down most of the first string
offensive line though still in there and you know and that’s the catch-22
here for coach Tom craft because you’re up big in this game but you need to play
week to week your guys need to play four quarters they do in fact when you’re
playing a bowl game or you’re playing in a tight game you want to make sure that
those guys are are fit and ready to go and you know a lot of high school teams
have probably Centennial has a problem of this you have to be able to play your
guys four quarters but do you beat teams by 70 80 points and that’s kind of the
the drawback they’re two by two on first and ten they did give him the first down
from the 40 yard line barrage setting up the screen to leaf and leaf is lit up
immediately at the 40 yard line making the hits a Lew cook the freshman from
Hawaii Hawaii Joaquin a high school clock continues to move and now you’re
just working on stuff to yard pickup on the play second and eight upcoming
Cerritos and Mesa tight one there third quarter about ready to come to an
end here at Wheelock Stadium big lead for RCC the gift of Kinslow still shifty
jitterbugging in the Golden West territory 13-yard pickup the clock will
stop as they reset the football and I mean again he’s just running behind
those big boys up front and they are big suely a foul Ryan row in there here’s
the give again to Kinsler trying the right side he’ll cut back up inside and
roll over the 40 to about the 35 nine more yards for him another first down
and the third quarter comes to an end so our CC driving with a big lead 49 to six
over Golden West then we always make the joke but this battle station Jeff pulley
operation they I’m telling you this is the best team I have seen since 1989 and
that national championship team man they just they’re so deep in every position
it’s scary and they’re healthy which is something that so they’ve sat out a
couple guys for precautionary reasons but can you imagine this will be a
fantastic finale if they can continue to win saddleback wins for that last game
of the year yeah I mean the bye week really came at the right time for them I
mean you remember they had this year we were here for the Long Beach City scare
was a 31-28 game they were trailing that game 28 to 17 in the fourth quarter they
scored the last two touchdowns of the game they went up to mace and he was
playing really well they went up on the road against a very good Mesa team and
put 61 on them and then got the bye week in the last two weeks and then last week
Grossmont who’s kind of at the bottom of the of the conference to the conference
opener they won by a score of 55 to 12 in that one and now here they’re putting
it on Golden West who were coming off a win over Orange Coast so call it third and two from the 36
Kinslow again and Kinslow will be written down by Richard minutiae the
Hawaiian four Golden West bringing up fourth down running backs for our CC
averaging three of them averaging nearly eight yards per carry with Rory I’m
sorry with a quarterback Irwin and Kinslow eight per carry
speaking of Kinslow there he goes and he makes the first down to the 25 yard line
about a nine yard pickup on the play so with that one Riverside now 288 total
yards 160 on the ground hundred and twenty-eight through the air and again
they turned the ball over three times in the first half in the first quarter and
Golden West unable to capitalize they were able to tread water with the
defense of RCC and then the offense kind of opened it up they scored with 431 to
play in the first quarter then again with 40 seconds left in that first
quarter Bartlett’s throat akin slow incomplete
and here’s one stat that kind of stood out to me is hey the punting situation
for RCC hey I’ve been punted tonight yeah nine
punts for Golden West two compared to none for the Tigers and two of those
nine punts have come back four touchdowns 86 and 83 yards from the 26
second and 10 Kinslow we’ll try the right side try to
get the stretch and he’ll be taken down steven cruz ranging and makes the play
before golden west soak in slow getting some workhorse usage here at the end of
the game try to crime this clock my glory with 72 yards on nine carries and
a touchdown or two touchdowns urlan 47 yards on six carries and a
touchdown and then Kinslow now getting the bulk of the work here right into the
line again he’ll get to the 20 maybe a yard on the play fourth down coming up
for RCC the important thing they just want to keep the clock running exactly so perhaps we’ll see the field goal unit
here and indeed we will so Carson Reid will get an attempt at a
field goal Java has been the man on the PA tease this one about a 37 yarder fly
comes in Golden West had some trouble with
penalties on the evening looks like Eric matute is pointing over
long snapper is pointing towards Golden West indicating the flags on the
rustlers remaining schedule for our CC at southwestern next week
they host orange coach in the home finale on the 9th of November and
they’re at Saddleback in the finale on the sorted out for us as soon as the PA
announcement is over that’ll be a first down
so our CC will pull the field goal unit off and I’ll drop the offense back out
there I mean just those little costly
penalties yes it kind of flips it the other way for the ruffles I mean the
game kind of out of hand right now it’s the world series going on right now and
they talked so much about timely hitting in baseball exactly but there’s an issue
of timeliness in football and really this game goes back to the first quarter
when Golden West had three turnovers all inside the 50-yard line and weren’t able
to get a point out of it Bartlett’s took the snap and a flag and
a whistle and this time it looks like it’s going to go on our CC either a
delay or a false start all right so I guess that’s the reason to shut the
shot clock that’s the reason the play clock didn’t go because they never
started it okay from the 16 first down this is Kinslow ventura with a big lead
over Moorpark there up in the San Fernando Valley area Kinslow right side turns the corner is
pulled down inside the five but I think they got a piece of the facemask say oh
I’m more of the sophomore from Hawaii Kona wa inna high school so I guess it wasn’t a facemask the
penalty was on our CC the replay showed pretty much the face mass was grass so they’ll back it up to the 17-yard
line first down to about the seven for RCC
Barlet corner for leaf he did not get it incomplete Isaiah leaf the freshman long strides
get into the corner of the endzone third down so big weekend the football coming up in
the City of Riverside wrapping up the high school season on Friday CIF
coverage on Riverside TV and obviously we got RCC putting on the rustlers from
Golden West college 4096 lead here in the fourth quarter Gasol Hassan Jeff
Gorham but Brian Wilson with you as well as our award-winning Riverside TV crew
Bartlett steps up delivers this time lief reels it in for the touchdown boy that cannon has had a lot of work
tonight it’s gonna cost a little bit of money to fill that thing up so Isaiah
lief latches on to his first reception of the evening in the end zone and the
first touchdown for Jacob Bartlett’s deny him the barrage a kid who grew up
around the RCC team his dad Daniel who’s now the head coach at Valley View High
was an assistant coach here part of the time for Tom craft between about 20 2007
and 2014 I’m Carson Reed pumps it through to make it fifty six to six
umber when he was at Valley View High I was joking with Dan about Jacob cuz he
was starting he was a freshman or a sophomore when he got the starting job
and got a couple plays for this Drive and he said you know he was confident
that Jacob could win the respect of his team when he was a young guy playing
varsity because he’d grown up hanging around with linemen with JC linemen
because Daniel barlas would eat before he became the head coach at Valley View
he was a head coach valve you twice but in the interim he was the line coach
here under Tom Kraft so he hung out with the big guy
like you bring you bring Jacob to work and hang out the linemen and they take
care of him and make him like peanut butter sandwiches and he would just
laugh with him and so he understood how to speak their language and so now when
he needs to command a huddle he’s been you’ve been talking alignment since he’s
12 years old because he buy him lunch is my big
question he has a good game you gotta buy those guys like it’s near a day like
there’s a day the quarterbacks paid for tacos and linemen edom yes they’re
supposed to or some thing like that you know it could be chicken wing to be
tacos his high school kids yeah at the time so probably you know I take you
order the cafeteria here’s the kickoff here’s Jones Jones
from the goal line and goes down at the 20 nice open field tackle on the play actually think that was Lionel Messina
they said Lionel map is buzzing see beyond the tackle to be fair I do have binoculars so I try
to make anybody look bad it’s like accuracy very accurate 11:19 to play in
this one fifty six to six the Tigers announcing their presence with authority
very much I mean this is kind of a win I think it was one I mean you definitely
the way that Golden West had played you figured they would muster a little bit
of resistance not necessarily because you know they were better than our CC
cuz coach Mitchell’s an experienced coach he understands what Coach Kraft
does the last couple of times they played they’ve been very competitive
against our CC last year was twenty four to six but the two years before that
they’re both one scorer games yeah III don’t know what it is but coach Kraft
him can you say recruit I mean this is it but this is a he can always recruit
but this is a pretty talented he is very talented here’s the give devalue he’s caught for
a loss well how about that Chaffee running it up on Santa Ana 63 to
14 you know Jermaine Henderson from Riverside Polly’s playing for Santa Ana
Community College’s right poly and North gonna get down next
Friday or this yeah next Friday potentially for
a playoff spot for the Bears Lewis gives two value right up the
middle got some space to the second level and down he goes to the 40-yard
line 16 yard pickup for the rustlers and he’s slow to get up Val you’re kind
of limping off the field got the worst of that one yes so first in 10 Golden West from the 40
years to give to Jackson Jackson will pounce over the 42 the 41 short gain on
the play it looks like now golden wedges what
wants to get out of here unscathed they’ve been battling some injuries
coming and they had to really shift their defense around a lot cuz some guys
are banged up and they’re playing without their starting quarterback this
evening as well but I think as Jackson finds some more space he’ll
dive over the 45 to the 46 making it third and manageable and it’ll be about
a third and four has been really fun to watch for us or team yeah Jackson had 58
yards on nine carries in the first half set a big run earlier so he could be
close to 200 yards but you’re without your quarterback I thought Zach Lewis
acquitted himself pretty well than I did a great job and he said you’re their
biggest concern now is to make sure he is healthy cuz he’s the only quarterback
right now on the roster play-action slant route complete to Branson to the
40 it’ll move the sticks coverage on the play by Tyler Kinslow as opposed to
Thomas they’re both from Centennial High in Corona the evil empire if you will graduations to Matt Lo and really built
that program was an assistant I’m kind of on their way up and then kind of got
them to that next level Jackson Anglin 40 35 hurtling towards
the 30 they’ll mark him down at the 30 yard line so they’ll move the sticks
again so Jackson kind of finding a rhythm here in the second half Devon Jack’s on the freshman from the
Seattle area flag on the play so the catch Jeremiah Wright with an illegal
block and it all come back well saddle back now these two teams just headed on
a collision course Jeff saddle back up 51 to 7 on OCC Golden West beat OCC last
week so that November 16th game in Mission Viejo looming very big
Saddleback and Riverside headed for that collision Lewis being pursued there’s
pressure coming gotta unload the ball down the field
incomplete Lewis was running for his life there
like I said you got to make sure he is safe got to protect that quarterback that imagine they probably have a third
quarterback on the roster he’s probably read sure because they don’t want to
have to use him no no it right now they I just said they
were gonna bring out I really have it on the roster it says
they have symbol Wagner or two other quarterbacks so I guess they’re just not
with the team right now right now that they believe they’re not second and 20
from midfield for Golden West the outcome here was decided a while ago Louis to throw pulls the ball down and
now he’ll go down Lewis has held it too long first man to
him was Omar Morocco Victor Terry also got in there good push-up the middle and then a
little dose IDO and he went down Caleb Fitzgerald occupied a couple of
blockers allowing the outside rushers to get to luis and collapse on him so ball
back to the 46 of Golden West first down at the 40 of RCC check that at the 30 of RCC so
the rustlers call timeout here with 620 to play in the fourth quarter tom craft
looks fairly satisfied as he’s stalking the sidelines for RCC the old Ball Coach
the old Ball Coach you think the old Ball Coach is gonna go to the Day of the
Dead November 2nd maybe in disguise I he better and it’s gonna be at white park
in downtown Riverside from 1 to 10 p.m. make sure you get down and check it out
it’s a free event it’s family-friendly it’s the 16th annual they’re gonna have
art Aztec dancers altars that represent those who that have passed a dance
performances food a Katrina pageant live music make sure you visit white park
downtown Riverside if you need further information dial nine five one seven
eight four three one one one or Riverside Day of the Dead calm your
frontal assess thickest you’re an old San Diego State guy third and 24 line is the 46 of Golden
West Marant left side and Marant will run headlong
into Torrance hill at about midfield fourth down and 20 coming up clock
continues to move they stopped the doubt I guess he was out of bounds started
again now a pretty prominent alum of San Diego States getting a lot of ink
recently young Kawhi Leonard with the Clippers he is got off to a great start
knocking off both the Lakers and the Warriors in succession and you know you
have a kind of a interesting relationship with kowai kowai is
following since he was a young young player back when you were coaching right
back when I was coaching and I’ll tell you what I never thought he’d be the
best player in the world but he sure has become that guy fair catch at the 22 and
that’s where our CC will start it off flag on the play
so door so out there after the returner they pulled him off the field then
Whitner bought it back so the roughing penalty will make it a first down for
Golden West they’ll throw the offense out there I just want to set the record
straight because when you look on social media Jeff yes there are a lot of people
there taking credit you know the Riverside guys and I get it cuz you’re
proud of the City of Riverside for those who don’t know Kawhi Leonard played his
high school ball at Martin Luther King high school over there on family earning
would Eric Weis is on that team you play with Tony Snell for a year I think is
Harlan Brown who is the also a pac-12 Player of the Year tournament Player of
the Year I should say a very good team so you got all these guys trying to take
credit for Kawhi Leonard and get back to that story in a little
bit first intend for Golden West from the 37 Zach Lewis and the pistol the
value to the 35 to more yards but and I’m reluctant to say this because you’re
my friend but my understanding is you had been a general a graduate assistant
for Steve Fisher when you’re in grad school at San Diego State and you said
you call them and say you need to take a look at this kid yeah you know what
happened is there was a kid named Marcus slaughter who played at John W North
High School that’s right and you and you referred him he was the first guy that I
kind of recruited he was the first all-conference player firsty Fisher to
give to value right up the gut driving forward to the 31 yard line for more
yards third and four coming up so I ended up getting him he was the Fall
Conference player was the best player San Diego State had had because member
San Diego State’s program was round trodden uh-huh so I saw a young player
named Kawhi Leonard who at the time was not considered the best player on his
team but I had thought hey this kids really good I thought he was gonna be
the best player so I called Steve Fisher after a game I saw I’d seen him play a
few times I said get down and see this young man he showed up the very next day
and the next day was history he always said Steve Fisher is the first person to
ever talk to him first person who came out and recruited him so he ended up at
San Diego State and the rest is history Lewis goes down the sack recorded for
RCC by Theo Bullard Bullard the sophomore speaking of Moreno Valley from
Valley View High School in fact Hawaii had his first I think his first years at
Canyon Springs High School finished how played king high school with his last
three years but one of the best high school teams I ever saw and he was
literally the third or fourth option on that team remember you’re talking about
that I said how do they ever lose a game like well they lost three I remember seeing Eric wise in the Big
West he played first for Irvine then ended his career at USC and he was a
heck of a player I can imagine those two guys together and they had a point guard
Carlin Brown who ended up played at Utah but finished his career at Colorado and
when they had the pac-12 tournament he was the MVP of the bank Walter
timeout Golden West with 3:45 to go in this 156 to 6 the Tigers is really all
over the Golden West it was a 28 to 6 game at halftime then a 3 yard run by
Jemima glory with 9:45 to play in the third quarter
Shawn Darcy with a 37 yard pick six that came at 9:19 to the third quarter then
went about 5 minutes left in the third quarter whitener with an 83 yard punt
return and then a touchdown pass earlier from Jacob Arledge
we’ve got a chance to watch the the referees squirt and water in the mouth
with a Gatorade bottle two of the three were pretty good
the third one not so good fourth down from the 41 of our CC for Golden West
looking deep Atencio what a catch touchdown Golden West with a 41-yard
touchdown strike from Lewis to Atencio and we talked about how Atencio is their
main threat they’d kept him pretty quiet tonight Jeff let’s watch this again oh
this beautiful pass just a perfect pass ten seal goes up and just reels it in
over the shoulder does Atencio p80 coming and the kick is good Jose
Aaron Dondo the soccer bore from La Quinta high school the Westminster La
Quinta yeah tensio catches that nice touchdown and then as the holder the
extra point good pressure here just nice throw by Luis good touch on it and good
adjustment by Atencio to concentrate and catch the ball he was a big-time player
at Edison High School in Huntington Beach for Jeff Grady they mentioned
already the story about his reconstructive surgery he went overseas
he went to Austria for a special type of ligament replacement they take an
artificial ligament and put it in the knee he had torn up his ACL the summer
before his junior year about 12 weeks later he was playing it’s called the
large surgery ligament augmentation and reconstructive surgery and it cost how
much 25 won five thousand was his parents had to raise about ten they had
15 and then kind of went around to friends and relatives and said hey we
need to raise some money to get this thing done they researched it obviously
to make sure it’d be okay but he had the surgery and within 12 weeks he was back
working out with the team was the summer before his junior year he had very –
very good years at Edison his junior and senior year and now he’s here having a
second very good year at Golden West college Stan the six million dollar man
the $25,000 man there you go Finn on the run
stumbles and keeps his balance but is able to keep upright till he gets to
about the 30 so Martinique Finn’s done a nice job on the returns today on the
kickoffs then now a touchdown but he’s been very dynamic
he wanted his though just to actually tripped over he tripped right over the
30-yard line so rustlers out of timeouts then will be
able to stop the clock and I’d imagine that RCC they’ll just run behind those
big boys up front and just chew the clock the rest of the time some of the
backup linemen are in and Bartlett’s back at quarterback tailback is Elijah
Bennett they’ll hand to Bennett and the Russell just kind of selling out up
front they’re just loading to put ten guys in the box almost defending our CC as if the Tigers
are in victory so a rough one tonight for the rustlers 56 213 and a flax come
in you know the old the great film director
Billy Wilder talked about when you’re working on a movie you’re writing a
script he said you know if the end is not working out look at the beginning
and I think for the rustlers the skort does not look good but if your Golden
West you look at that first quarter when you had some early turnovers and weren’t
able to convert them into points and there’s a couple of different things
obviously you’re you know you capitalize the offense picks up the defense the
defense like yay we got an interception and the offense is like thanks here’s a
touchdown but it also puts more pressure on our CC and when I think when Golden
West couldn’t capitalize too many men as a second that’s the second illegal
substitution penalty on golden was not something you can’t have in week seven
no you can’t but when Golden West couldn’t capitalize the first time you
breathe a little bit easier second time you breathe a little bit easier the
third time you’re like oh we got this and then all of a sudden they just
opened it up and all of a sudden before you knew what they’re up 21 nothing gold
was they they held the clock longer than our CC but this like said this offense
it’s just high-frequency scoring quick fast-paced dependent bangs the middle of
the line and we were mentioning it in the first half we went to halftime the
touchdown drive in the first half for Golden West was nearly six minutes the
three drives for three touchdowns for our CC amount obviously not including
the punt return Sanchez on a drive where they were it was under five and a half
that was three drops yeah that’s that’s pretty impressive
but Riverside on the other side can’t throw three interceptions against a
a Saddleback or a bowl game right expect to win here’s Griffin trying to get the
edge and he won’t he’ll get stopped the 35 yard line but you give credit to the
defense and James Cook and his crew they really lifted the office the offense I
won’t say they were struggling they were misfiring with the interceptions yes
the defense held it up for the first quarter the offense figured out what
they were doing and then it was business as usual yes it was Chafee with the
final big win over Santa Ana they’re in the top 20 of the state as well they’re
also on the top 30 nationally 3rd and 5 give is to Griffin bring up fourth so in
the coaches California poll San Mateo and RCC are tied for number one the SI d
poll the Tigers are the number one team they’re number one and JC gridiron on
the national JC gridiron fall San Mateo is number three Saddleback number four
they’re 14 teams among the top 30 Ventura at 9 Chafee at 22 Long Beach
City at 24 mount sac at 30 on mount sac they used to always be a
depth of those rankings well you know coach craft was on the staff there for a
couple years Daniel got us as well that’s right no
we’re at Sammartino Valley that’s the first punt of the game for the Tigers so
read with the punt caught at about the 30 and down at the 35 make it the return for Golden West
Niklas Kaufman the freshman from lubeck germany love the international flavor we
got Switzerland we got Germany we got Barcelona it’s the UN it is Pablo
Araya he’s a freshman he was an exchange student in Strasburg Pennsylvania as a
junior an 11th grader it’s an hour west of Philly about 90
miles north east of Baltimore went back finished high school in Spain and
specifically wanted to play football in the u.s. that’s how you ended up at
Golden West pretty cool so Sam sim rolling a quarterback the freshman from
Grant High School in Portland Oregon the Pacific Northwest so they did have a
quarterback that they probably said hey you can use him play a series won’t
affect him if they decide to redshirt yeah I think Corcoran was playing with
you a little bit he was little gamesmanship there right
that was for you teasing him on the boat when he was a child well that the first
thing he asked me is his Tyler playing we haven’t mentioned that all night we
haven’t had to know your your best offensive weapon didn’t play today it’s
precautionary we were told before the it’s not so much he’s injured he’s a
little banged up and they’re just not gonna take any chances with him and
that’s value running between the tackles for Golden West and probably be the last
play of this one impressive performance particularly in the first half Jeff by
the RCC defense they were phenomenal in fact one thing you talked about there’s
no penalties and that’s something that coach Kraft and his staff had talked
about they’ve had problems with penalties known in the first half that
is what got them back into this ball game in and really walked away with this
I thought Golden West game planned well in the first half they looked like they
had the offense for RCC a little bit confused they threw the three picks but
because they were unable to capitalize once RCC settled in and got their
footing they went kept going downhill and ended up leading at the half 28 to 6
and a 56 to 13 final there’s the first interception that we’ve saw him thrown
by Kerwin and that Jacob Marlins gets in the
we threw a pic as well and then orwen again another interception he lost it
down the field and it ends up in a rustlers hand but then Jamin but glory
with a 30-yard touchdown run put an end to the silliness early to give our CC
their first lead and then urlan lines it up and gets the ball into the end zone –
Giovanni Sanders and here’s the punt return by dorso 86 yards on the short
hop and then find some space and he gets a block upfield he is all the way in to
pay dirt for RCC and then the kind of the floodgates just open at that point
first score of the game by Brandt for Golden West here’s Mike
Erwin with the touchdown run the p80 which took out our camera and then but
glory with his second touchdown of the game pick six spite door so so Sean dorsa
with a return of a punt for a touchdown and also a pick six two touchdowns on
the game for him and then here’s my Landis white now let’s watch him
whitener brakes the first time mine and then once he gets up he’ll he’s got one
block here it comes boom and he’s gone so real and as
whitener with a touchdown 83 yards on the punt return and then Bartlett’s for
good measure will get a touchdown pass that’s to leave
final score of the game was by Golden West what a catch here by Atencio
the kid out of Edison and 56 213 is our final tonight the RCC Tigers and a
Golden West rustlers and we talked about in the opening right now you know it’s a
coaches cliched one game at a time but that’s really what the focus needs to be
for RCC they just need to go week to week week to week limit mistakes get
better as you get as you play on and you really just have to like set you have a
bull’s-eye on your back every single week you’re ranked number one on every
poll just have to play hungry still knowing that you have a big game coming
up every single final numbers Marla ch3 of
6 with the one touchdown for 22 yards Mike her when completed 11 of 22 424
yards and a touchdown rushing numbers for RCC and thirty-four
rushes for 177 yards 73 yards of Jumonville glory he had a couple of
touchdown Thomas Winslow in 63 yards Mike her with 47 yards in a touchdown
his seventh touchdown run of the season Giovanni Sanders 510 269 yards and a
touchdown Isiah leaf had his first touchdown catch
of the year and then how about Sean door so for punt returns for 137 yards the
big touchdown 83-yard cuts a punt return for the whitener so 220 punt return
yards for RCC tonight and they went this one by a score of 56 6 they hold the
offense of Golden West 219 yards compared to 325 for head that seemed
like a whole lot with a big difference in terms of mistakes 15 penalties for
Golden West for 103 yards Riverside was flagged twice for 25 yards and despite
the fact that Golden West they executed their game plan they held the ball for
39 minutes it didn’t really matter because once RCC got up and running it
was game over man it was game over and just the sheer speed of the other side I
have never seen a junior college team this fast they’re able to score so
quickly you watch a lot of other teams in take it off after Traverse 80 yard it
takes a while it doesn’t take Riverside anytime at all in fact it’s a pizza
snap your fingers and their score in the ball to be fair goal from West Point
without their starting quarterback playing with the banged up defense but
RCC took advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves Golden West
had opportunities early on weren’t able to convert those turnovers into scores
and I think that was that was the big difference in the ball game that was the
big huge difference and special teams for Riverside was fantastic there’s just
so fast I mean no Tyler Kennedy but there’s just another guy and another guy
and another guy that get in place yeah and that’s a scary thing if you’re
looking at RCC you basically took their best playmaker off the field tonight and
it didn’t matter no it didn’t matter efforting an interview I believe Mike
Irwin is one of the guys they’re waiting for his client will sit down on the
field so as soon as we get him will will he’ll tell us okay so we’re gonna go
down and peel the Brian Wilson 56:13 the final players of the game standing by
with Brian Wilson on the field hey guys so I’m here with Mike Arwen and Sean
doors so first we gonna start off over here with Mike Mike rough start to the
game but you guys were able to bring it back there in the end what was the
message to the team how’d you uh how’d you rather behind everyone yeah we just
came off I don’t know who’s nervous game day once we got our wits about us
and kind of calm down did our thing we I mean we know you look at scoreboard we
did our thing yeah that’s good Sean big game hunt return interception return
both for touchdowns breakdown those plays for us would you see coach always
tell me throughout the week he said make one thing go so when the ball bounced I
gravity I’ve seen teammates had one of the defenders blocked up
I made a cut and I just went yeah yeah seen I put up a touchdown on the
interception he was preaching about they’re gonna run slants all day they’re
gonna run it that’s they main player more on slant so when he went to slip he
worried who kind of rated too deep I seen it
quarterback threw it made a play on the ball Jeff it’s all back to you guys Mike
Irwin Sean door so great plays tonight I want to give my mange mom with glories
of love yeah two touchdowns today and he got it going with a 30 yard touchdown
run on the first quarter but a great team effort and we can’t say enough
about two units the defense for the Tigers and how about the offensive line
they were throwing interceptions they settle it down with a big drive doing
some blocking on the running game they did and the running game really spread
out the field I should say for that quarterback that those young guys
Riverside being ranked number one they like I said they’ve got to continue to
get better the games are gonna get harder but man
on both sides of the football they were dynamic tonight seven and OH three games
left on the road at southwestern next week they’ll come back and play Orange
Coast College here at RCC on November 9th and the grand finale at Saddleback
on the 16th down in Mission Viejo that could be before the league title that
could be for the league title that could be for a national title and that’s what
it all boils down to 56:13 the final your RCC Tigers go to seven and oh the
rustlers take the loss they’re three and four overall and one and one in league
play that’s the final here from Wheelock Stadium tonight for Jeff Gorham and
Brian Wilson and I our entire award winning wherever side TV crew my name’s
ghazzal his son we’ll talk to you next time
5613 RCC with the win big night for the Tigers we’ll talk to you next time so
long everybody

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