27 thoughts on “Rita Pierson: Teaching Tips (Win-Win Conversations)”

  1. We lost an amazing educator but through her wonderful videos we gained a lot more amazing educators and that's a legacy worth celebrating. Seven years on and still highly relevant information and teaching strategies and skills.

  2. I felt so inspired after watching her video. her approach was really dynamic and in the way she had the conversation with her student in the second video. I left me as a teacher from another culture ,a lot to think about and add to my practice. love her.

  3. i just discovering this chanel today, i'ts incredible, i wanna be a great teacher, this woman is wonderful person.

  4. What if the student lies? Not all students will be so quick to admit they’re cheating if you accuse them without clear proof. You can’t go through their phone or possessions, you mostly rely on the word of peers or honesty. Can’t punish a kid if you arent 100% sure they’re cheating

  5. This video has helped me to understand how to give the students options and how they can take responsibility for their actions at the same time. Very helpful.

  6. Many thanks ,its awesome way to deal with students! can i ask you kindly to use this video in my training session on mainstreaming psycho social support for kids at school,its humanitarian ,non-profit training!we are helping Iraqi displaced students

  7. I love this. Great example of trying to understand and not just yelling at a student. There is work to be done with students instead of being another person that seems to be against them.

  8. Thank you for posting this video, the native Americans most valuable treasure in their culture was their young ones, we should value our students the same way

  9. We venerate Doctors in our society when actually good teaching should be the most prestigious job a person could have

  10. hello  does anyone know if possible to see the subtitles in spanish??
    Saben si es posible ver los subtitulos en castellano?? ( no tengo la opcion en el boton de subtitulos)

  11. Ms. Pierson,
    I would like to thank you for posting your strategy videos. I am studying to become an educator myself and your talk that you gave at TED in 2013 inspired me so much that I immediately downloaded it and shared it with my wife who is a first year teacher. Thank you for being such a great role model

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