Rise Up for Equity: Cleveland Heights – University Heights Equity Policy 1 Minute

we had some systems and practices that
were not good for kids and not good for families we had some schools that had
vibrant programs some schools are underfunded we had students who were
doing well our minority students were not in our advanced courses you know
what I did I told the board we’re put an equity policy in place we grow up in a
place where stereotypes about African Americans are prevalent so we’re trying
to counteract misconceptions that teachers have about their students and I
think when you go in with a certain version of who they are in your head you
act on those things when you’re doing this you want to make sure that the
teachers understand the idea of equity and and to create that into their
practice I want every student to be successful I want them to leave out of
here confident no matter what their race is or their economic background I want
them to say I’m a scholar you

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