Riddles To Test Your SURVIVAL SKILLS

hello friends it's me you know today I was just chillin minding my own business browsing videos on YouTube and then I came across this video seven second riddle uploaded a video called 13 tricky riddles that Sniper Wolf will fail to solve I feel called out okay how y'all gonna call me out like this you know what you're only a riddles channel I'm a real human challenge accepted but today we're gonna be doing some riddles to practice so that I know for sure that I can solve their riddles in the next video come at me an old King had no children but had to choose an heir he gave a seed to every child in the kingdom Wow look at her see me talking about okay like an almond he gave him the nut the child who would grow the largest plant would earn the throne wow that seems like a pretty good deal whoever goes the biggest plant gets to be king what ruler of this land because I grew the largest plant I was like a pretty good deal after he looked at all the plants he chose one girl with an empty pot to be the next Queen why did he choose her I don't know maybe because that's not how you choose the next heir to the throne by how well they could plant something she probably has other qualities she's probably smarter oh maybe she planted it like in her backyard or something she could have trees growing somewhere else instead of in her pot also why would you pick the best gardener to be queen the little girl was the only honest child who didn't switch seeds oh my god did it say like three days later or something oh three months later okay wait he gave everybody the same seed I look at all these liars out here with different trees and plants young Liars she's the only one who didn't switch the seeds and was like yeah I grew something he probably gave her like a shriveled up hot cheeto and was like here try to plant this and all these kids come back with like daffodils and the king is like not y'all liars can you make hardest choice would you rather be deaf or dumb as you can't speak well if I can't speak how would I do videos but if I was deaf then I want to hear people's bullsh but then instead of talking for videos I would just do hello friends it's me and today we are doing another riddles video if you chose death for you giving is better than receiving your balance and live in harmony with yourself yes I like to talk as much as I like to hear but that one is a hard one cuz it's like damn you can never listen to music again wouldn't you rather never eat pizza again or let two puppies die oh no you know those puppies are probably gonna die one day all their puppies they're not even dogs they're puppies they have their whole puppy life ahead of them oh man I love puppies so much I will never eat pizza again you know I can still have a calzone I can still have a flatbread you know what I'm actually not a huge pizza person it's like I like pizza it's good it's not like top five foods or anything you know I will never eat pizza again for the sake of these puppies lives and those puppies grew up to pee on my white couch if you never eat pizza you can keep your priorities in order yeah I guess you stand your ground whatever it takes if you let you puppies die I eat pizza every day I love pizza if did you puppies have to die for my love of pizza that's so be it comment below what did you guys pick would you rather a be in jail for 10 years or B be in a coma for 10 years I mean jail is gonna suck it's gonna suck really bad for ten years either way you're wasting ten years of your life I mean you cookie and gel for ten years have a ton of stories inks to tell I actually really don't know this is hard because I could be like bye I'm about to have the best sleep of my life be for ten years so basically suffer in jail are suffer in a hospital I think I'm gonna go to jail for ten years goodbye friends yeah but either way man these both suck equally as much like that is horrible would you rather eat the same food for the rest of your life Arbeit never use Instagram again Oh easy peezy B I'd never use Instagram again don't leading it off my phone right now if it meant I couldn't eat the same food ever again food is like one of the best things in life and not being able to like eat different things every day might as well die I know some skinny legend be like understand would you rather be able to control all animals with your mind or control all electronics hmm this is a good one you could wreak some havoc with this rule the world either way you could control all electronics I love how they showed oven vacuum washing machine in the picture like I will set my worst enemies vacuum on at 3:00 a.m. I mean if you can control all electronics Elon Musk's bank account transfer it over to me yes ma'am you'll never hear from me again but if you could control animals with your mind nobody would know there would be no trace of it you just be sitting here like planning a Seagal attack on the beach and nobody would know I think I would control all animals in my mind that is like insane I don't think you could get like any better than that you won't be the animal whisperer you'd be the animal thinker but you rather eat the food you hate all of your life or be a virgin the rest of your life all right guys we're gonna be a virgin for the rest of my life because I love food left or right which one would you go to that's a pile of steaming hot doodoo why lift the right what can I go up oh no it's the house I would dig diagonally this is such a horrible situation to be in Oh No they didn't give me a right answer there's no right answer so it's either doodoo or snakes man going back to jail goodbye or you could have just like dug a little diagonally so we go for a swim in a lake and then you see a bunch of thing in the water who would you save first your dog can't swim someone's kid can't swim and $5,000 can't swim brah I'm looking around like whose kid is this who let their child who doesn't know how to swim unattended and in the water it's like we're trying to get rid of the kid yikes bye anyways this is a no-brainer sorry my dog how did my dog get in the water my dogs kind of know how to swim but like I'm sure that big old child could figure something now I would get my dog and then I will get the child I probably grabbed one in each hand but like come on if I really have to it would be my dog sorry someone's kid where were your parents when you needed them cuz I ain't your mama would you rather be oh this is a hard one be the only person in the world or get bullied every day yikes I would rather get bullied every day because if you're the only person in the world what are you gonna do it's gonna be so boring you won't have anything to do you'll be so lonely yeah I'll take my daily dose of bullying swallow it down like a champ with some sparkling water maybe it will lead them back I ain't gonna let them just be like ain't give me your lunch money no you give me your life savings so if you chose be the only person in the world you're afraid of pain or you just want to be alone you never run away from problems when you get bullied every day damn right I don't I put them off but I don't run from them Oh No who would you say first mother father a $1,000,000 goodbye parents you've lived a nice long life I'm just kidding no I there's no way I would do that there's no way oh it's just dangling from a tree I would just grab my parents grab that million dollars you know it's just chillin on a tree right there and then going anywhere and then be out but you know what if we playing by the rules and I really have to take like my mother's like the most important person to me like in my life it's always don't be my mom over anybody else now that I answer the super hard question comment below who would you save mom dad or money would you rather be married to an extremely attractive person or be extremely attractive and you married to someone extremely attractive you're gonna be like hella and secure all the time and like be nosy like oh they didn't want me like why wasted on your man's I mean it's probably different for girls and boys like guys probably want to be married to someone extremely attractive and girls want to be extremely attractive I don't know this is society we live in would you rather be the person everyone hates or be the person everyone ignores ah I rather be the person that everybody ignores wouldn't you rather people ignore you then hate you sometimes that wish most people would ignore me but everybody ignores you that might be annoying maybe I don't want to be somebody everybody hate it I would rather be the president everyone Hey then ignored you know what let's go with that I'll be the girl you love to hate cuz if everyone ignored me that would suck even more it's like you didn't exist that would be so frustrating but would y'all ignore me if I want to go rob a bank if they still do that okay I'll take the ignored be final answer okay you're in a hospital and there's a lot of hallways shenanigans going on billy-bob over here slipped out of his coaches and he about a fall Nurse Joy dropped your important files why'd Barbara over here bow to stab the potted plant and Billy over here he's just crying because he can't find his apple juice I mean the only person I feel like is worth helping is Billy Bob who's not only gonna have a broken foot but a broken but if you don't help them so three I'm I help Billy Bob one so I got it wrong you can get that one wrong oh okay so if you help blind Barbara first it means you approach problems rationally never acting without having a doc about it you find it hard to accept thin justices of the world you're often given boring work that others try to avoid I mean blind Barbara didn't even need any help she was gone for our afternoon stroll okay wow you must be very rational to help her over Billy Bob if you pick the baby you're very sensitive and you bit hard more than once your friends feel calm when they're with you because they know you always be there for that if you pick three that's me you're the wife and soul of the party and a lover of good times brought what the hell y'all couldn't be further from the truth I'm not the life and soul I am the person who sits in the corner and eats a burger at a party I do love me some good times but like what does that have to do with me helping a dude with a broken foot and come Buzzle oh you're a natural leader and a equally strong people you know that's why I keep my friend group close yeah Renee Z going an optimistic person who sees life and bright colors and you rarely pay attention to the problems of the world yeah that's why you help a Nurse Joy over here with her files that she dropped okay that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment below let me know you guys's answers to these if you guys enjoyed this video make sure if that like fight in death and make sure you turn on notifications so you know when I 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