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Hey guys, ticktocksully here or just sully
back with another video and today I want to bring you a video on Rick Owens. We’ll be talking about everything Rick Owens,
from the brand to the man himself and looking at his journey into becoming one of the more
prominent designers in today’s industry as well as a leader in menswear considering
Rick Owens started as a womenswear brand. So hope you guys enjoy and lets get into it. Kickin it off, Rick Owens born Richard Saturnino
Owens was born in Porterville, California. He had a somewhat conservative upbringing
with his mother being a schoolteacher aswell as a seamstress And his father was a social worker who held
very strong traditional values that were established in his home. Rick attended a catholic school where he felt
uncomfortable and as he was sensitive as a child and also was an only child, he found
the other children to be cruel and harsh, Rick even said in an interview that at this
period of his life he could have went Columbine over there. So you can see just how little he enjoyed
his early school life. As mentioned, his father was very traditional
in the way he raised Rick and that meant that the household didn’t get a television in
it until Rick turned 16 years old, meaning for his younger days, Rick had to find enjoyment
in his parents music and books in which he listened to the likes of classical composer
Richard Wagner & read literature by the likes of Aristotle. Outside of his home he would listen to other
things such as Kiss & Alice Cooper & was also interested in the likes of painters Mark Rothko
& his first idol Joseph Beuys. Later on in his High School days, he would
even smoke weed and drink beer with friends whilst listening to bands such as Led Zepplin. The reason I mention these figures is because
they played a role in influencing Rick’s work later in life for example this darkshadow
tee from 2007, which featured a Richard Wagner quote printed on it. Before Rick had the TV in his house, at the
age of 15, he was exposed to fashion designer Thierry Mugler and later Claude Montana, which
really exposed him to fashion and allowed him to grow fascination within this industry. But besides all that, Rick continued to follow
the little ambition he had of being a painter and went on to study Fine Arts at Otis College
of Art & Design in Los Angeles. He studied here for 2 years but decided to
drop out after he found it to be too expensive and also didn’t see a future in the industry
seeing as he had already started to become intimidated by a future as a painter. So he decided to switch to Los Angeles’s
Trade Technical College to learn about pattern making for 2 years as he figured learning
a trade would have security in the job market for the future and he was also interested
in the construction of clothes. So it was a fitting decision for him. This led him to pattern making jobs after
college in which he worked for knock-off designers for 4 years that replicated popular designs
such as Versace. Overall, this helped him learn the basics
of making clothes, which would get him ready for his future. After this, in 1988 Rick landed a job as a
pattern maker for none other than Michele Lamy, after Michele wanted to start a sportswear
company and Rick Owens’ then boyfriend introduced the two, promoting Rick as a suitable pattern
maker for Michelle’s needs, landing him the job. Rick worked for Michele for 2 years before
their relationship became intimate as initially Rick failed to understand Michele’s heavy
French accent whenever they would end up in conversation so it took a while for them to
get acquainted. But when they eventually did get together,The
2 would drink heavily and take drugs mutually which was the start of their relationship
and eventually, these habits nearly killed Rick, as he was more extreme in his habits
between him and Michele. In 1994 Rick would sober up and this was the
year he launched his line Rick Owens after Michele shutdown her sportswear company and
went back to working in a café she already owned before her clothing endeavour. This is where Rick Owens’ journey in fashion
would begin. He got fabrics together from a local wholesaler
and created women’s garments in a destroyed luxury manner which was often referred to
as glunge, a mix of grunge and glamour and we still see this glunge in his collections
today. With these garments, his plan of action was
simple. Show up to local LA retailers, meet the owners
and let the garments speak for themselves. In 1995, his first attempt was at Maxfield
where he showed up but the owner wasn’t available. So he continued onto the next best thing,
which was a boutique by the name of Charles Gallay. Charles Gallay stocked brands Rick associated
with such as the previously mentioned Claude Montana & Thierry Mugler as well as stocked
Martin Margiela’s first collection before Martin Margiela was such a prominent figure
in fashion, similarly as to what happened next with Rick Owens. Charles Gallay agreed to stock Rick’s clothing
but Rick needed money upfront in order to make his second collection as he was broke
at the time, so the 2 cut a deal in which Charles Gallay paid 50% of the payment upfront
for that first collection. With this Rick went on to create more collections,
appeal to a wider audience and slowly but surely get stocked in more boutiques. After Charles Gallay shut down, Rick moved
his LA stock to Maxfield LA and continued expanding his stockists worldwide, boutique-by-boutique. Michele Lamy would also wear his designs in
her new café, a second café she opened. A café that attracted film stars such as
Quentin Tarantino, Nicole Kidman & Courtney Love. Courtney Love was one of the first to draw
interest to Rick’s clothing after she liked the look of one of his skirts on Michele. Courtney asked about the skirt, which led
to a relationship inception between Rick & these types of high-profiled clients. His studio was also located across the street
from Michele’s café so visiting was just as easy, which these clients did. Rick’s designs began to feature in fashion
magazines and by 1998, Barneys New York had picked up on Rick Owens and by 1999 he was
stocked within their respected department store. Rick Owens became a top seller quite quickly
as women seemed to really like his designs and this also allowed him to gain more recognition
in the fashion world. In 2001, the Rick Owens brand grew too big
for Rick to continue working out of his home studio so he established a distribution deal
with an Italian agency, EBA who were fans of Rick’s work and business. They helped him find an Italian manufacturer
and allowed him to distribute on a global scale. Rick stayed in Italy for part of the year
to be hands on with the manufacturing and this move also led to a relationship forming
with Kate Moss which further led to one of the biggest events and turns in Rick’s career,
when she went on to wear one of his leather jackets in a photo-shoot for French Vogue,
opening Rick Owens to this almost mainstream world of fashion. This brought Rick Owens to the attention of
Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, Which then allowed him to be featured in Vogue
once again, this time in Vogue US. And Vogue wasn’t finished with him just
yet because a few months later, Anna Wintour and American Vogue were looking at promoting
American designers and decided to sponsor Rick Owens and get him to produce his first
runway show for New York fashion week. Rick wasn’t sure to accept this offer because
of his clothing being such a niche but he knew he shouldn’t pass up on an opportunity
like this seeing as he was 40 at this time so decided to go ahead and agreed. This was in spring/summer 2002 but because
of the 9/11 attacks, Rick was forced to cancel and went on to debut the following Fall/Winter
2002-2003 show. Around this time, Rick also linked with stylist
Panos Yiapanis who’s name I’m not sure I’m saying correctly so forgive me, but
Panos helped style this show as well as styled every show Rick has done to date so this was
and is another close relationship to Rick. The following Spring/Summer 2003 season, Rick
Owens finally introduced menswear to its range and around this time Rick would also go on
to work with Revillon, a French fur company witch held a lot of heritage as well as luxury
furs that Rick could play around with. This led Rick and Michelle to uproot and finally
migrate from Los Angeles to Europe in which they arrived in Paris, France to call their
new home. Michelle found a nice place to live with a
home of 5 floors and they still live here in 2018. Rick Owens works and lives out of this building
with the first floor being used for Sales and as a showroom The 2nd floor is Rick’s office
The 3rd floor a studio space And the 4th and 5th is for Rick and Michelle
to live in and call home. This further led to Rick expanding his design
archive and he got into furniture design for his own pleasure as well as to fill his home
with furniture he liked. This milestone for Rick owning his place in
Paris also led him to commissioning a life size wax statue of himself in the tradition
of a classical successful man who would previously commission a portrait of themselves to go
over their fireplace. But Rick being Rick chose to carry this tradition
out in Rick Owens style, by creating a wax figure instead and having it urinating. By 2006, Rick Owens and Michelle Lamy had
gotten married And Rick opened his first Rick Owens boutique,
which was located in Paris and his wax figure was place in there but in a more appropriate
manner for the public with the frontal nudity covered up. Eventually Rick stepped down from Revillon
and went on to do his own fur line, Palais Royal which later had a name change to Hun
Rick Owens. Rick would also go on to introduce his well-known
Rick Owens drkshdw label for men that we all know and love today and also added a third
line, being Rick Owens Lilies for women. By 2007, Rick and Michelle started selling
Rick’s furniture to the public as opposed to just keeping it as a means for themselves
and this furniture is just another extension of Rick’s aesthetic and his addition to
being able to design everything around him. By 2008, The Paris boutique was doing so well,
Rick went on to open a store in Manhattan, New York, which later changed locations but
still remained in Manhattan. In 2009, Rick opened a London flagship followed
by a Tokyo flagship, Which then led to store openings in Hong Kong,
Seoul, Miami, Milan and finally returning back to Los Angeles in 2015 to open his 9th
boutique for the Rick Owens brand. Of course all the stores have a Rick Owens
figure settled in them so you’ll get the Rick Owens experience in whichever store u
find yourself visiting. Rick and Michelle have also been sober for
over 10 years with no plans of going back seeing as he came close to death 1 too many
times and I guess they had their fun with it and knew when to give it up, I mean Rick
used to beat himself up about his mistakes but he knows its been and done and looking
forward all that one can do, like any human. and really that’s where I’d like to end
this video. To this day, Rick owns 80% of his company
as he never sold to a conglomerate even though he has come close to it in the past. Which is a big achievement as a fashion designer
when you compare how many brands are owned by the same conglomerate and this really allows
for Rick to continue being himself and continue doing the obscure things we’ve seen him
do like his SS16 show where he had models carry other models as luggage. Which was 1 of the many times people and the
internet looked at Rick in a strange way and im sure we’ll continue to look at Rick in
a obscure manner but that is what makes Rick Owens, Rick Owens. Hope you guys enjoyed and learnt a few things
seeing as Rick is one of the more important contemporary designers of right now. I definitely love Rick Owens because his glunge
look is something I personally like for myself so his designs and aesthetic fit my style
and as well as that, the construction and quality of his pieces is wonderful. I love his outerwear and of course his drkshdw
line and as well as that, he plays with dark colours such as grey and black the majority
of the time, which again is what I like. But more recently he has also touched on some
colour so that’s also available from Rick if you are interested in brighter pieces. But yeah,
I made a part 2 on Rick Owens talking about the brand from a streetstyle and hip-hop perspective So check the link in the description for that
if you are interested in learning more about Rick Owens. I’ll also leave some social handles in the
description if you wanna keep up to date with me but besides that Thanks for watching and ill catch you in the
next video.

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