Richard Madden Teaches Jimmy Scottish Slang and Reflects on Game of Thrones

31 thoughts on “Richard Madden Teaches Jimmy Scottish Slang and Reflects on Game of Thrones”

  1. Really in love with his accent!! As an Australian I can understand how some people actually have a hard time understanding what we say from time to time. Waiting for his next project, he was very good in Rocketman!!

  2. Will always be one of my top Thrones characters👌 Madden needs to be in more shit

    The King in the Norff

  3. Where was the audience? As a scot i relate to no emotion, but for it to come from an american late show audience was strange. props to richard

  4. Richard Madden and Tom Hiddleston are the most beautiful, hot, educated and stylish men with the best voices and accents to ever exist. Not to mention, Richard's acting as David Budd in Bodyguard and Tom's Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager are simply the best. Thank God for these Brits or I wouldn't drink water as much. #thirst

  5. Richard and Sebastian Stan look really similar. When I saw Richard for the first time in Bodyguard, which also happened to be the first time I discovered him, I had already been obsessed with Seb and when I saw him I was honestly shocked for a sec lol. They could be brothers

  6. he didnt deserve his dead,he should have be the king in the north,first of his name,and the young wolf 🐺 ❤️😭

  7. Laughing because I am Scottish and when I emigrated to Australia nobody understood a word I was saying but then everyone loved the accent so…😂

  8. It is pretty easy to understand Richard, he tones down his accent for the audience. He should talk as he always does.

  9. What is up with these handsome Scottish men and their one tuff of gray hair in the front? Richard Madden and James McAvoy are trying to kill me.

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