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  1. Richard Dawkins is obviously a very intelligent man but boy, does he have an ego to match his brains. One can accept the reality of evolution without treating all religious people as if they are ignorant or misinformed.

    There is no war of Theism vs Atheism going on. Most religion that exists nowadays; and I do say most, there are, obviously, still fanatics; deals with questions of a non-scientific nature. No one is denying evolution or casting aspersion of the character of atheists (or at least no one important), no need for the passive aggressiveness Richard Dawkins seems to take pride in.

  2. "If we are born with two organs. Why is it some people donate/give one? Because we don't need 2 in the first place. So why we born with 2?"

    "So you might help people to survive?"

    Yeah right… according to your own logic. God can simply apply "Magic" especially "Healing Magic" to this natural world that we know so far.

    Because not only surgery takes a very long time to do, not to mention how long the doctors and nurses allow you to get out of the hospital. Especially if our opportunity to live when they do surgery to us is very low.

  3. Has anyone ever thought about this?

    If God created the universe, how long did he sit there alone before he decided to create the universe? He knew he will create the universe and everything that will happen according to God's will. Because he's Omniscience after all. So… how long did he wait before he created it? Straight away? Million years? Billion years? Trillion years? Or maybe more?

    Did he create it straight away after he just realized about his awareness inside nothingness? If he created it straight away then why did he just appear out of nowhere, outside of the universe and time that doesn't exist before the creation.

    Also, time only exist inside of universe because nothingness is nothingness because if there is a rock floating around inside nothingness, it's not nothingness at all. Meaning… there is no such thing as time and consciousness but creating something needs time, energy, and action no matter how powerful you are, which is weird. The concept of God himself is weird.

    Also the question about the big bang can be answered with research, physicists believe the right conditions were building up until the universe began. Also the fact that universe is our current reality that can be observed is our default position.

  4. At 26:44 based on Richard Dawkins analogy on the earth being flat, could evolution eventually become wrong. Is the world believing in something that is assume to be correct presently, but could be completely wrong in the future?

  5. I mean that is kinda messed up. Like he's smart and all but you can kind of see their worlds being shattered and the despair in their eyes

  6. It is honestly sad, but most of them seem totally incapable of critical thinking or any thinking at all and are terribly undereducated for their age. At the end it looks like an hour with one of the greatest scientists, who is also great at explaining things and is easy to listen to, didn't leave any traces upon them.

  7. dawkins: says "evidence" like 100 times in like 5 minutes
    girl: "well you can be made to believe in science or religion, it's the same"
    me: hits the notice board behind me with my head

  8. Evolution Or Qur'anic account of
    A Comparision of the Argument.
    The Efforts of Neo-Darwinism

    A group of scientists who were determined to reconcile Darwinism with the science of genetics,in one way or another, produced a synthesis of their fields into a revised theoryy of Evolution.

    To counter the fact of "genetic stability ( genetic homeostasis),
    they employed the concept of " mutation ".
    The concept of " random mutation " was supposed to provide the answer to the question of the origin of the advantageous
    variations which caused living organism
    to evolve according to Darwin's theory–
    A phenomenon — that Darwin himself was unable to explain, simply tried to side-step
    by reffering to Lamarck.

    They named this new theory which was formulated by adding the concept of mutation to Darwin's natural selection thesis, the synthetic theory of evolution" or " modern synthesis " . In a short time, this theory came to be known as " Neo- Darwinism " and it's supporter as a
    " neo Darwiniststs".

    Yet there was a serious problem:
    It was true that mutations changed the genetic data of living organisms, yet this change always occurred to the detriment of the living thing concerned.
    All observed mutations ended up with disfigured, weak or diseased individuals and sometimes, led to the death of the organism. Hence, in attempt to find examples of " useful mutations " which
    Improve the genetic data in living organisms, neo-Darwinsts conducted many experiments and observations .
    However, in none of these experiments could a mutation which improved the genetic data in a living being be seen.
    Every efforts put into
    " generating a useful mutation " resulted in failure.

    Mutation, which evolutionists frequently hide behind, is not a magic wand that transforms living organisms into a more advanced and perfect form.The direct of mutations is harmful. The reason for this is very simple : DNA has a very complex structure, and random effects can only damage it.

    Mutation add no new information to an organism's DNA: The particles making up the genetic information are either torn from their places, destroyed or carried
    off to different places. Mutation can not make a living thing acquire a new organ or a new trait. They only cause abnormalities.

    All the explanations made above indicate that natural selection and mutation have no evolutionary effect at all. It is impossible for living being to have evolved
    because there exist no mechanism in nature that can cause evolution.

    Furthermore this conclusion agrees with the evidence of the fossil record, which does not demonstrate the existence of a process of evolution, but rather just the contrary.


  9. Good to hear facts but humans suffer so much if going to church helps them let it be. I like him but he doesnt see how belief in god helps people

  10. Good to hear facts but humans suffer so much if going to church helps them let it be. I like him but he doesnt see how belief in god helps people

  11. Richard Dawkins is a highly educated man. His greatest strength though is his patience 🤣 He is so calm and collected. However, deep inside he must have suffered a few heart attacks during this lecture.

    I hope that Richards kind will not be a victim of natural selection. We need more of him, that's for sure!

  12. Religion is a man made thing.. there is only one word of God and only one way to God! Religion is not a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible is the Truth!

  13. Disobedience and prideful arrogance against our creator is all this is… Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved from the wrath of our God that is coming upon this corrupt world. The Holy Bible is the truth!!

  14. Look at the things the scientists of today are trying to do now.. they are trying to open portals at CERN to figure out how to become immortal! They are trying to figure out how God accomplished His great creation.

  15. Completely foolish to believe that everything came from nothing. Someone (Yahweh) created this world out of the water. There is something greater right outside of our world that we cannot reach unless we are born again by the blood of Jesus Christ!

  16. They only care about evidence when it comes Anything but the bible. They Don't care about evidence when it comes to religion and the Bible. This is extremely intellectually dishonest.

  17. They say there is no evidence for evolution while believing in that adam and eve existed. What a fucking hypocrite. There is no evidence for Adam and eve! Not only is there no evidence, it has actually been debunked. There was no first human.

  18. She says that religion can fill in the gaps… That's incredibly lazy and ignorant. She is basically saying that making something up and fill in the gaps with bullshit is better than finding the truth. This is actually the dumbest statement I have ever heard. That makes as much sense as using Greek mythology to fill in the gaps, or the flying spaghetti monster. We won't get more knowledge if we just fill in the gaps with made up bullshit. Filling the gaps with God makes as much as filling the gaps with the flying spaghetti monster. It's okay to not know everything. We do not know everything, that's okay.

  19. It's not that we evolve AGAIN. evolution is ongoing. Evolution started when life started to exist. Evolution has always been happening since the first life emerged. Evolution is not like pokémon.

  20. She said evolution is just a theory😂 she also said that evolution is not a fact🤣 she doesn't understand what a scientific theory is. A scientific theory is not just a guess. A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment. Such fact-supported theories are not "guesses" but reliable accounts of the real world.

  21. She asked where the first cell comes from… Well, she probably thinks God created it. So my question is: where did God come from?

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