Rich Ex Teaches Struggling Girl A Lesson | by Jay Shetty

34 thoughts on “Rich Ex Teaches Struggling Girl A Lesson | by Jay Shetty”

  1. I couldn't agree more. It's said that when you're out with someone, observe how they treat those who they view as lower class than them (i.e. restaurant staff). The way they treat these people is the way they really are (shows their true character).

  2. She hella wanted the d when she saw him, saying how good he looked so good. Bet if he wasn’t such a prick, they would of ended up in his bed

  3. If someone shows you who they are believe them… did not come from you… I'm glad that you are sending out positive messages but come on man… give recognition where its due… Maya Angelou is where this message originated from

  4. At first I thought this was like another one of those videos where the ex is a rich guy after the girl dumped him and now she regrets. But as always Jay you surprised me and taught me something new 🙂

  5. I recently left him cos all though he was doing really well in his life from the money he inherited and had no doubts on his financial stability in the coming future but I am a simple girl longing for attention, love, care and support. I realised money can buy you anything in this world but may not be able to teach you,"how to treat someone right?". He only bothered about his friends (who btw used him for money), booze, buying expensive accessories, clothes and what not!. Whenever we argued he would compensate with expensive gifts and dinners etc but I only needed his time. Wish he ever understood that. He is still trying to catch up from where I left but now it makes no sense as time teaches you some worthy lessons that money won't. And thankyou for making this one and making me feel good about what I did was right!

  6. *maybe if i'm like stunning or something it would probably feel ok in my part but the problem is i'm not lol! i'm average to below average poor nobody! oh well whatever!

  7. is it wrong if you're strongly attracted to someone because you just find him so cute and appealing? even if my crushie is poor and a nobody like me i will still find him cute and appealing promise but of course since he is successful people will not believe me and my crushie will probably not even believe me too and it's alright because i understand. maybe it i'm like a head turner or something

  8. I don't think I've posted anything in years.. And I'm not usually the type to ask for help. But, it's something I've been trying to change.

    My boyfriend believes you're no one unless you become a millionaire. He wants to build a foundation to help out his community and the poor. Which is very noble, but I feel like he's missing something. I'm not trying to change his views, but he definitely doesn't see any other options other than getting rich. I understand we need money to eat, to have a roof over our heads, but I don't believe it's what defines us. It's so easy to become blinded by dollar signs. Is there a way to approach someone with his mindset to see it from a different perspective?

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