Rhythm + Flow | Teaser | Netflix

Creativity doesn’t
have blueprints. These streets
right below us, that’s where
we’re going to find the next hip-hop
sensation. Let the games begin! This here is hip-hop’s
first legit TV competition. Going to be litty
like a fucking titty. We’re about to make
music history.

100 thoughts on “Rhythm + Flow | Teaser | Netflix”

  1. Netflix i know you're in need of decent shows but they are not even in the top 100 and they are going to make history? chance has his good songs but he flopped this year. Cardi B is what is distorted with this culture, but i guess to each their own plus you will need a electronic microscope to find any substance in this show forget the mainstream hip hop.

  2. "Make history"? A-ha-ha! Wu-Tang, Snoop, Busta, Eminem are still alive. Who are those three clowns to decide hip hop history?

  3. You know most of these rappers are gonna be fucking garbage. This is the rap equivalent of American Idol, the real stars slowly grow their fan base and eventually top music. Some examples: Tyler the creator, Chance the rapper, XXXTENTACION, Lil Tecca, G Herbo, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole. This show will definitely not discover the next stars but might help some careers in minor ways. It’s just a money grab and entertainment.

  4. All these competitions type of tv audition shows are fucking stupid. It degrades people and doesn't allow the authenticity of creative expression, instead being judged by others so that they can 'make it.'

  5. This has nothing to do with this but can netflix revive scorpion I just finished watching it I enjoyed it but CBS cancelled season 5.

  6. For all y’all saying Cardi B shouldn’t be a judge because she doesn’t write her own raps, how many of y’all can actually rap? Just curious 💁‍♂️

  7. Ppl talking about Cardi, y'all fools know damn well this is about entertainment and ratings and not her writing her own stuff… Puh lease

  8. Where my season 4 of wakfu 😠 i won't season 4 netflix because i need to see what happen to yugo and his girlfriend. Help akma make season 4 if there no season 4 than there be a cliffhanger i don't like cliffhangers so make season 4 lol

  9. Can you decide whether to keep or get rid of The Dark Knight. Every time I try to watch it, it gets removed the next day. And you've been doing this for a long time now. Stop pulling this shit.

  10. You got Chance and T.I., but had to fuk up the third one smh, not watching now. There're so many other talents to pull in, why that one.

  11. Say what you want. TI and chance both great. Cardi is a good look, because she's funny and will spice this show up. All negative comments won't be tolerated

  12. Y’all better give my wife her tens. In just one year she won a Grammy, toured the fucking world, did several Pepsi commercials, did a movie, did this TV show, did a Reebok endorsement and she’s working on her next album . That’s what you fucking call dedication. And she did all of this while maintaining a home with a child and a husband. Y’all better fuck out of here with y’all negativity. She’s been working nonstop since she came out. Put some respect on her name !!!!!!!

  13. Same people who hate cardi and clicked off the video, are the same people whos gonna watch it anyways to leave a "bad review" because they cant stand her that much. Just makes me laugh honestly.

  14. Idk why people have a problem with Cardi judging , she must be doing something right for them to pick her to judge .

  15. Boo 👎. This broax dont even write her own shit. Done drugged and robbed ppl & its okay. Will not be watching this. Who are these super flawed ppl to judge anyone with natural talent

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