Rhonda’s “unbelievable” and “eye-opening” experience of Level 1&2 ANF Education

okay here we have Rhonda who has just
completed a level one and two ANF instructor, ANF courseware for the
very first time. How was it Rhonda? It was unbelievable really eye-opening yeah
well I see three biggest takeaways from kthe entire four days. Well we had one lady come in with knee pain and was
quite adamant it was the knee. And it ended up being part of an ovary issue. And a lot of things that that she didn’t mention that when we
treated the ovary, the knee pain went away. It is pretty phenomenal isn’t it. Yeah unbelievable. When would you
ever think oh I have knee pain, let’s go treat the ovaries eh? When have you ever felt an ovary before? Yes I can feel an ovary now. And getting old fella’s out of the way. You do need to get a little close to do the assessment, sometimes Yep that’s one really cool take away. Any other takeaways? I think just that you should really listen to other other information
and try and get as much information about the client as possible I think we assess the
knee and I think that’s that happens too often you go to the doctor and you have
a sore knee and that’s what they look at but by and large there’s a lot more
happening in the body and I’ve learned as well all that with emotions things
that have happened in our life traumas they can take 10 years to manifest so
I’m finding with these case studies that there’ll be something ten years ago
almost to the month of the year and it’s like yeah that’s what it is so
one of the physical manifestations are actually psychological or emotional so
it is amazing it is amazing. and also how sometimes you can’t trust what the patient will say to you know trust those little fingers The thing is some people’s pain threshold and you’re asking for some
sort of response and there just isn’t one there. So again you do have to close your
eyes and listen to your fingers mm-hmm and who was your favorite client
over the last four days and why? okay I think some of the surprises were from
people that I had never met before but I had brought my own client and I had been
doing myofascial release on him for three weeks and within a couple of days
he was starting to stiffen up again and we were trying to go through tick that
box cross that box and was I felt frustrated and he’s a very big bloke so
it was very hands on myofascial release he came here for one treatment and he
went for a walk for a kilometre with no pain, straight away.
it’s huge, life giving and what are you most excited about bringing back to your
clinic? The fact that I do at the moment myofascial release which is hands on some of
the smaller clients not an issue but very large clients it really does wreck your
body and it would take a long time to get the same results as you would with the discs. So I am looking forward to that. Awesome well we’re so excited to have you as
part of the team it’s very exciting Thank You Rhonda and let’s continue the
healing journeys absolutely thank uou.

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