27 thoughts on “Rhode Island Teens Fight for Civics Education | The Daily Show”

  1. I wonder if that kinda-opening shot in the hallway that Jaboukie set-up was a Spike Lee reference…

    Another awesome sequence by Young-White, but I wish he had not done this topic; I’m aware that it doesn’t matter what I want any of the cast to do, but I guess the reason behind my statement is my desire to see Jaboukie only in segments wherein he is the coolest person and no one questions him…yeah.

  2. I think a civics class and a class on mortgages, health insurance, credit card and student loan debt would be so useful

  3. Great. Good luck with this fucked-up Supreme Court. They need to add another Justice to make up for the seat stolen from Obama

  4. we Arab have had enough from our civics teachers and you would hear us students bragging about it all the time…… but after watching this video I realized that not teaching civics make the people dumber. so my dear Arab friends, be happy that you at least know something about your politics but can't change a damn thing. wink wink. be glad that you can name the three branches of your government and the US government, like wtf America 50 percent of you cant name the branches of the government what the hell those are just three words, man.

  5. Would like to know where this was done….
    Most Rhode Island schools from low income backgrounds are not like the school presented here

  6. the first question is r blacks even intelligent enough to know what civics is? lol, blacks supporting or promoting education

  7. good job kids. I graduated hs in 1970 and we had a class in government plus a club you could join called Current Affairs. We kids played a very big role along with teens in other states in starting the first Earth Day including organizing the many events for that day in our town in CT. We knew if we stood together and acted on our beliefs we could make a difference. I want to see all of the youth of today and their parents realize the power they have to make change by learning how to play the game and the first step is to learn how things work because to win you need to master the rules and learn from those we respect who have made positive change. From local clubs, unions, and goverment, to state level and federal, learn it all and make it yours because in realty, not in a dream world, it is ours to own. If we don't lay claim to it then we cannot complain when others do and they do not represent us. The saying "you get the government you deserve" is the rule in this democracy.

  8. Civics is a waste of time. Educate our youth in science and math. Everything else is fooling them into thinking they can change their construct. We are in desperate need for code monkeys who can build shit without asking why.

  9. #Jaboukie is the BEST!!! This is so epic! Thanks Daily Show & #TrevorNoah

  10. Our military spending is out of control! I'd rather my tax money went to education. And no, I don't even have kids. I remember how my high school didn't have those classes either. We wasted so much time in school that I used to skip and go the library. No one noticed.
    No world history, no American history beyond the Civil War, and even then we didn't cover it in depth.

  11. Are you that stupid? If (poor) people actually had an influence over "their" government, they'd change it. On another note, when did TDS become the jaded millennial show…oh, right…that was just after Jon left.

  12. Civics was standard when I was in school during the Dark Ages. Now we have a President who doesn't know what's in the Constitution.

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