RETRAIN YOUR MIND – NEW Motivational Video (very powerful)

Why is it so hard… To do the little things that would improve my life? The way that our minds are designed is our minds are designed to stop you. at all costs, from doing anything, that might hurt you… There are so many people in the world and – and – and, you know, you may be watching this right now and you have these incredible ideas and what you think is missing is motivation… …and that’s not true… Because the way that our minds are wired, and the fact about human beings is that we are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable… or scary, or difficult. Our brains are designed to protect us from those things, because our brains are trying to keep us alive and in order to change, in order to build a business in order to be the best parent , the best spouse; to do all those things that you know you want to do with your life, with your world, with your dreams, You’re gonna have to do things, that are difficult, uncertain or scary. Which sets up this problem, for all of us… The one thing we have in this world is, we can’t control the events, but we can choose what to focus on, we can choose what things mean and we can choose what to do… those three choices, those three decisions, really control our life! You can always make a decision, thats always in your control. Staying with somebody, that treats you like garbage is a decision… It is! Staying at a job that you hate, is a decision. Staying in the body, that you are not proud of, is a decision. Is it going to be… easy? No, it’s not going to be easy to change, but it’s simple. It’s your job to push yourself. It’s not the smartest people who achieve success. It’s the people who procrastinate less, make fewer excuses, as they take actions everyday, towards the goals that they want to achieve. Indecision is the thief of opportunity… Uh, indecision means the door is still closed… Uh, indecision means the opportunity waits… Indecision means what could be, is postponed or may never be… If you wanna be successful in anything in life… Never leave the sight of setting a goal, without doing something that commits you.. To fullfill it. The next morning the alarm goes off, and… um… I pretended NASA was there… It’s a stupidest start, I literally went 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I counted out loud and then I stood up. And I – I’ll never forget standing there – in my bedroom… It was dark, it was cold; it was winter in Boston. And for the first time in 3 months I had beaten my habit… of hitting the snooze button. There were moments all day long… All – day – long… Just like that 5 second moment in bed where I knew, knowledge, what I should do… And if I didn’t move within 5 seconds, my brain would step in and talk me out of it… Every human being has a 5 second window. Might even be shorter, for you… You have about a 5 second window in which you can move from idea to action, before your brain kicks into full gear and sabotages, any change of behaviour. Your life is what you think it should be. That’s exactly what you are right now. You are, what you thought you should be. If you don’t like who you are, you gotta change what you think you should be. What you think is more important than what you do. And so, if you want to change, you got to work on this attitude bit. Decide, commit, act, succeed, repeat! The one thing that all the great have in common, is they sweat the small stuff. They pay very very close attention to every detail. What makes you comfortable, can ruin you. But what makes you uncomfortable, is the only way to growth. What you are… and what you become… depends on how will you use your time. The billionare, and the beggar… both have 24 hours everyday. The old and the young; black and white, indian and the asian… are all given the same amount of time, everyday. You can not stop a day, you can not stop it – an hour… But you can control, how it will be used. Your life comes down to your decisions. If you change your decisions, you will change everything. When you understand the power of a 5-second decision, and you understand that you always have a choice to go from auto-pilot to decision-maker, everything in your life will change! You will be a different negotiator, you will be different at sales, you will be unstoppable at the gym, because you will realise the amount of garbage that you put in the way of your hopes, of your dreams, of your potential, of your confidence, of your courage Everything comes down to the decisions that you make. Take ownership, take extreme ownership… Don’t make excuses, don’t blame any other person or any other thing. Get control of your ego. Take ownership of everything in your world – the good and the bad. Take ownership of your mistakes, take ownership of your shortfalls, take ownership of your problems and then take ownership of the solutions that will get those problems solved. Take ownership… of your mission. Take ownership of your job, of your team, of your future, and take ownership of your LIFE! The first source of inspiration is deciding, second source of inspiration is planning, and now, here’s a big source of inspiration – beggining. Getting started. Actually turning thoughts and the notes on the paper, the plans, actually now commiting it to action. Getting started. I’m a humongous believer that ideals are s***. and that executions together. Well, I think the one think the discipline definitely does to help you with, is it – it helps you with get things done. And when you get things done, when you – you actually do things, you – you have more success if you have more succes – sometimes a big part of success is just not being a f***ing lazy and just doing it. Just get – it’s like – 90% of it is just showing up, get there and start working like, you’re not gonna feel perfect everyday… If I felt – if I only worked out when I felt good, I’d be a fat f***. Discipline… it does start with waking up early, it really does. But that is just the begginning. And I always say that… Discipline is the root of all good qualities. But, y-you have to absolutely apply it, to things outside of just waking up early. It’s – it’s everything. It’s working out everyday, making yourself stronger and faster and more flexible, and healthier. Discipline is eating the right foods to fuel your system. It – It’s about disciplining your emotions, so you can make good decisions. Doing the tasks that you don’t necessarily want to do, but that you know, will help you. The thing about self-discipline is, that it is necessary for everything you do in your life. You have to be self-disciplined. Discipline is not punishment. It’s not. If you change your mindset and really focus it on what discipline really is you start to welcome discipline, you welcome self-discipline into your life. You, people have to know you, not because: “Oh he’s a good salesman, oh he’s a good this, oh he’s an artist.” People need to know you for one major thing first, he works, he produces, the guy’s there everyday, the guy’s pushing and shoving because the truth is, not matter how good your ideas are, how good your art is, or how good your skillset is, if you’re not working man, if you’re not vibrating in a frequency that people said: “My God how does that guy do all that?”, if you’re not vibrating at that rate, you’ll be not working at that level, you’re not gonna make it. Subtitles by Domen V.

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  1. I made this video because The 5 Second Rule had a huge impact in my life.
    I hope will help you too.
    You can buy the book here :
    I start uploading short motivational videos on my second channel DAILY MOTIVATION.
    I hope you will like it:)


    මොළය නිරන්තරයෙන් තමා සමඟ සටන් කරන ආකාරය කෙතරම් අමුතුද?

  3. Today I stop procrastinating
    Today I start working out
    Today I start beating deadlines in advance
    Today I take time to do my work

  4. I failed my exams
    But i have another chance in 25 days and i didn't start actually
    But from now on I will "inşallah"
    Wish me the best.

  5. This still doesn’t even move me. Only cocaine can make me sharp, motivated and energetic but there’s no motivation in my life. my circle of family and friends is really small my love life has no luck

  6. Your thumbnail is pure dog shit hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Talking about a guy that got famous by bumrushing a comedian on stage. Lmaooo

  7. We were created and designed to live in Heaven on earth without pain or suffering of any kind. We aren't lazy nor stupid because we're hard wired to avoid all pain at any cost. Neuroscience has proven that we can grow and rewire our brains.
    Excellent and greatly encouraging teaching. Nothing is impossible. Nothing.
    Blessings all!

  8. Best inspirational video ever👌just loved each and every word in this video… Decision is everything… Discipline your way of living can kill ur bad is just a being…today am gonna make a decision of my life which was stopping me from many is the day👍

  9. Today, I stop cutting.
    Today, I stop suicidal thoughts.
    Today, I start loving myself.
    Today, I start exploring my love for languages more
    Today, I start writing and performing my poetry more.
    Today, I became brave to resurrect the dreams that I had killed.

  10. The billionaire and beggar have 24 hours a day. That is a stupid comment !! The corruption of the wealthy cause poverty of good hard workers by DESiGN. Then you must figure out how to beat a NAZI FASCIST SYSTEM in aMErika.
    Bailouts for the few bankers and Corps while cutting millions off of business working capital for no reason is CAPITALISM. ALL BS and LIES. Turning a blind eye to truth is the negative attitude in this world.

  11. Its True!! becase i trying to stopp takeing cipralex mot depresjon angst!!!jes i Mean that shit medisin make mee Lasy so i was better before two years ago but now i can stop raking THiS my doctor tould me i can stop take them!! LOVE From mom 71 Liss Aries Norwegian ☺️😎

  12. True challenges are always out of our comfort zones

    In order to be successful we should learn to do things that we're new to.. and don't forget to pray cause god is always there to guide us

  13. Starting today, I will:



  14. Ok guys today I start doing the things done 8/19/2019, I will comment after 3 months and you will know if I got succesful.

  15. Same goest to relationship, when you give & put extremely effort on it then your partner starts to feel comfartable then treat you back like a garbage. So depress right now, why is everything so heavy for me.

  16. Finances are in order, family is alive and healthy as of now. Only thing I face daily is I have no idea what I want. I need to find myself soon, because I don’t know who I am after turning 30. Horrifying.

  17. 08/23/19 6:18 this moment I stop being lazy I go out there may start from being a dishwasher but it is important to take a step and im on it.

  18. HELP! Random Q: how to stop PLAYLIST autoplay?! I like to fall asleep to some vids in my playlists without it playing the next damn vid. Ugh. So annoying.

  19. Simple said some of us get used to it what we doing in our daily lives so this is the time to show us who we are and it's never too late for some of us… think about it… God bless us all…

  20. I respect joe Rohan so much that I didn’t just know the second his part came on I also knew who he was talking to on his podcast when he said it

  21. From this day 29th aug 2019 i will come out of my comfortzone and will try to stand on the hard ground..god pleass help me

  22. After 4 years facing tragedy and myself after by youngest daughter was killed in Seattle. I was paid off basically in the end with peanuts. I took the money and gave it all away. It started with an idea long just after Em Died. I promise… every day to remind me of my promise.
    I didn't know what I as looking for I just listened to the Universe.. #FollowGigi… Goto www.Fuck.Vote (and see my 1st memoir of over 100 Politically correct Domains.. Though I am a want to be artist (pencil and paint) but I am learning web design now to express my words-Please take a look at and tell me what you think.. Watch the political picks video. Yes,, I wrote memoirs out of 9000 domain names. On the 11th day, I realized that these actually have some value. The first real find that made me stop and say WTF.. was or not sure.. But I finally learned how to use some spreadsheets and the value on this was over 5k.. That's when the momentum started to kick in.. Peace, Love, and Hugs.. ( is 4sale – all monies to Emmasway) Gigi (No I am on a mission and crusade… Help me help you…)

  23. Today I stop with all the 'I will do this,I will do that'stuff and just go ahead and take action.Today I am going to get fitter and healthier ,gonna devote my self to studies and try to get better atmartial arts and I'm gonna start treating others differently.This is where I take charge.I'm done with this!29/08/2019

  24. Today I will build my routine up
    I will stop wasting my time in things that don’t worth
    I will invest on my self until I achieve my goals

  25. Very inspiring. Love the message hou brought light to. I have a similar YouTube Channel if anybody is interested. I encourage all of you to come check it out. If you enjoy my content dont hesitate to subscribe and comment so that I can welcome you to the family.

  26. Today I started again
    To my journey
    New room
    New environment
    Have cut off all the negative thoughts from past ..
    Day 1 has already started to build new life .. for the better me who is waiting for me …

    September 3 2019

  27. You can only believe this for a while. But after a while you learn that life is much more then what you think you can control. Let the river of life take you. Don’t struggle. If you are fat embrace it. Not everyone is designed to be slim. In fact I have 4 fishes. 1 male and 3 female. He only likes the fat one and ignores the slim fish. There is love and life for everyone – doesn’t have to be slim or perfect – it’s just a little time you got to enjoy being alive. Don’t waste it on many decisions and regrets and trying to change what is.

  28. Today I give up " saying tomorrow , oh until i'm ready"
    I'm broke , I work a full-time job to provide for food , I'm struggling i haven't eaten fruits in more than 6 months :'( , But it's fine i will get there , I created this youtube channel ! I have a huge belief that I will make it !
    I will come back here one day as a winner !!
    I have already made a huge change , you can check my video if you want !!

  29. Today,
    I give up laziness
    I give up everything which will stop me from achieving my dream
    I give up fat
    I give up blaming other things for my failure

    By January 1, 2020 I will be better, stronger, smarter and one step close to my dreams. Hope I achieve it. ❤️

  30. For anyone who needs inner calm and strength and put an end to the sucidal thoughts: Read holy Quran and be a muslim: i swear that I’m speaking from my own experience, i was about killing myself because i was suffering a lot some nights i couldn’t even sleep! Muslims quran has a wonderful power, trust me just take it as an attempt!

  31. I'm don't know what laziness is. if you're lazy, that means you don't have goals. I set goals and make sure, my daily actions are congruent with what I want to achieve.

  32. Okay no I still can't do math. Probably gonna drop out to do lesbian p*rn.
    Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that you're dumb and never gonna get anywhere. Especially an ivy League university

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