Retelling a Story | Literacy Strategies for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Alight, on these cards are little slip of
paper. . .Are some words and some pictures that are going to help us put our book in
order. So what are our cards. Let’s look at our cards first here. Okay. And we can read
them on the top. And we’ll have to put them in order. We’ll put them on our board, right
here. We’re going to retell our story. “While he was running he. . . ” Okay, so who has
the first thing that we had? Tia, what was your saying? What does yours say?
Maniacs. His mom and dad died. He became an orphan.
That’s right, that’s the first thing. Who has the second thing? We’re going to put them
in order. Does anybody remember who has the second thing?
Not me Not you.
Not yet. Not yet. Listen for when yours should be.
Alright, Jackie. So, Maniac went to live with his aunt Dot
and uncle Dan. He did not like it. Did he like living there?
[multiple] no No, he didn’t. Then what happened?
He ran away. He ran away. Who has the one that says he
ran away? Is yours say that he ran away? Ya
Ya Arne’s says “Maniac decided to run away while he was at his concert.” And he ran and
he ran.

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