When the Research Program was established,
it was focused ultimately on improving healthcare in the nation. The vision of the program is to take the understanding
at the basic molecular translational level and apply it to the clinic to improve the
care of the patients for the local population. I am Khaled Machaca. I am the Associate Dean of Research at Weill
Cornell Medicine in Qatar. What’s unique about student training at
Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar is their ability to be involved in research. And we’ve seen great reception for the students
to do that. From day one when they join as Pre-medical
students all the way to when they’re in the clinic and doing clinical research. We’re training better physicians by incorporating
a research culture into the way they think, the way they approach a problem, and the way
ultimately they treat their patients in the long term. The ultimate goal is to translate clinical
care to more personalized medicine approaches. And the way we’re going to do that is by
using cutting-edge science. The best approaches available now. The findings that are going up through the
pipeline from the basic and translational research are being applied by our clinicians
into the clinic for the local population to treat them in a better way. Our goal ultimately is to improve healthcare
of people in the region. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we’re funded for.

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