Rescuing Nia Sioux While Searching For the Red Hood Hacker! Game Master Network

we have to intercept it or youtubers will lose all of their subscribers wait what is that we're gonna stop for a row with these it's gonna help okay she's holiness please you guys think this is to make Morse what the Red Hood is using that for all the crossing the big energy on next you're gonna go brush it the microchip click glasses drumline yeah I'm performing with a drumline okay they just turned the quadric turn on the right hood jbaxter hats control now wait right he'll go backward it's not yours register takes onesie hey master Network so you guys saw that we just stopped the Red Hood so none of us on YouTube lost our subscribers we're still here at VidCon you guys you have your passes back put everything back on okay ready to go so now rocky is meeting us here and need to figure out what we should do next hey Matt you still have the microchip right on the wrist meant yes yeah yeah as you guys saw right after the Battle Royale I grabbed this right here this is a wristband with the microchip perfect where is it that where it's not yellow there's a microchip what she escaped with the microchip she has a microchip you guys saw the Red Hood disappeared her cape went down but then we have no idea where she went the microchips not here that means she still has the microchip or he or you know or they but guess what they don't have the Red Hood so they might not be in disguise right now they could be anybody they could be here in the hotel they have to be okay we're gonna have to split up okay go find that microchip okay we need to split up and find the Red Hood and find the microchip okay I think Rocky's here it's perfect oh great Danny hope you haven't found anything yet well it's a message for the gamemaster it says get to the ice chest then go to salon for do you know what that is was it the quadrant searching the ice machine when they got the black light you're right the quadrant must have been searching there for a reason okay let's go look at the ice chest you guys what do you think is gonna be in there became a stir must be helping us suffering this is the ice chest and you guys remember in the video like the quadrant was looking come here look look look there must be something in the salon that the gamemaster wants us to find so you need to get to this along with this key card and hopefully we can get inside and find a clue or something that has to do with the microchip good I'm going downstairs what do you guys think happen the microchip I think is somewhere inside this building right now wet hood could be one of these people right here all these people right here it's good okay so I just got some coffee I was talking to Matt and Rebecca on the phone and asked me to help look for the Red Hood but I'm worried because flip is not with me and we use flips hacker knows I'm at VidCon maybe I try to go find a dog or gotta do something for my friend so I'm gonna just start somewhere for the gamemaster Network we is what we do we just go after it you know if you see anything is I'm passing by leave me a comment down below like a Red Hood people think I'm weird asking if I've seen anything but it's I think it could be in this area if I only had flip with me it uses hacker knows you know makes me miss him did you guys see me fit anybody with like a red cape in here did you guys see anybody with all the red cape okay oh do you have a card get in he masters said this is gonna work smash it thumbs up button if you think we're gonna find something in here like the gamemaster said and what or who do you think it is it's not working hello hello Jake someone's in here yeah oh my god are you doing in here what I don't know whooping what the Red Hood put me in here wait what is I was long here's how did you get it I don't know because we use this we activated it that's how you could open it one it's a long story that game master your honor hey I was like trying to call you and I couldn't get ahold of you and so I wouldn't did it I know I've had no service I don't know what happened I was my gosh okay I'm so glad that we got you out of here and you were able to get out get out let's get out of this room okay come on we got to get back to Victor not at Starbucks I really got it I got to think like flip what would I do if I was flip oh oh I know if I was flip the very first thing I would check it out would be the doggy bar all you can drink I don't think that's it either all right if I was thinking like flip I find bushes oh oh here's the bushes come on I can't in pain I find oh yeah I like this is a perk balm and let me sit this down I would get in this zone if I was flip right here and look once you're in here you can't get out completely blocked off check that out yeah I was a microchip if I was gonna hide it this is where I would be could it's a safe zone there police over there so I know it's gonna be a safe zone and I can hide something in here let me let me just look a little maybe I could actually use my nose maybe there's like a safe that flip is following let me try it let me that smells really good what is L there that's because there's scratch and sniff stickers now much sense thrown off oh man but found some cool stickers all right I don't think I got anything let's go meet up with Matt Rebecca and Daniel see if they got anything and I really hope they found something it's time to go meet back up with everybody see if we found anything we need that Michael how we searched everywhere it's like a maze how are we supposed to find the right really good what that isn't regulated this is the quadrant wait anything else we did you thank you they go left or right you guys glass know which way you think we should come prepared all right okay yeah maybe you go left I'll go right ready to round the back three two one what I saw the little corn how much did you just runes did you swim maybe maybe see where the quadrant right do you think that was the Red Hood okay a quadrant mask but the quadrant let us go should we do I don't know maybe we need to go to a different floor great right left what Oh again you guys remember the quadrant let us leave so I don't think the quadrants bad anymore I mean they turned on the red hood right so why why is the corner running away unless it is the red hood I don't know what do you think I wonder if from here not found anyone yeah I hope they have better luck than we do where's where's Matt and rocky they should be here yeah there's oh hey did you guys find the hammer did you did you spy on okay so what do we do now guys we don't have the right hood we don't know where they were great we're not thinking clearly guys okay the gamemaster took over the quadrant Network right yeah yeah he could probably locate any member of the quadrant whenever he wants the quadrant all have track devices yeah I think so that's built into the quadrat Network okay well we saw these two here we are chasing two of them so whatever they split up in Matt night go and spy on one for 24 hours and you guys split up and go and find the other ones is that work okay okay I'll contact the gamemaster he'll be able to send this coordinates for both of them okay you guys we are about to go split up and spy on the hackers for 24 hours because we need to see what is going on now that they're not working for the Red Hood make sure to check out the video right here check out to these people in the gamemaster Network that scored a hundred percent make sure you are subscribe to have notifications on I give this video a big thumbs up game apps are on three one two three

45 thoughts on “Rescuing Nia Sioux While Searching For the Red Hood Hacker! Game Master Network”

  1. I think I know who the read hoods are because one of them stands on something and the other one doesn't and when matt was in the room he showed a bunch of people's pictures and one of them was Lauren Godwin and Sebastian bails Lauren is short so she could be the one who always stands on something and Sebastian could be the one who doesn't stand on anything or the red hoods could be vy and chad wild clay because chad is really tall and he doesn't need anything to stand on and vy could be the one who always stands on something

  2. There was one maybe maybe you maybe Rocky you could do this one that rat correct I saw a water fountain is so somethings have water might be there check there that’s it 321 game

  3. That is definitely the red hood that quadrant because all of the others r agents the red hood and he's not

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