4 thoughts on “Removing Social Welfare benefits if not registered for Public Services Card in Ireland”

  1. Every person should have one and you should have to use your finger print to collect any social payments because this country is getting the piss takin out of it by fraud in lots of different ways

  2. Basically is against human rights under UN law if other goverment doccuments can identify you and you do not have goverment issued id card. This was brought in to stop the tiranical communist regiems for using forced goverment id to isolate indivduals because of polical points of veiw.

  3. These Common Purpose sponsored scum of the earth force the PPS card upon people. The National I.D was Shunned in America, it was also Shunned in England. But true to form the corrupt Common Purpose members and all their Sponsors in Ireland took it and ran with it. It is mandatory. This is all about complying with Agenda 21 & Agenda 30. They lie about it being Mandatory. You won't receive Disability Benefit. Joan Burton is compulsive liar. She won't comment on the case because she will Condemn herself. The card was forced upon me.

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