Relatable MTG Player Gets Schooled! Magic: The Gathering Prank gone EDUCATIONAL!

Hey, Stop right there! We’re not going to have another boring lecture from the prof today. Who listens to those anyways? Studies show not young adults. No, we need to listen to someone young and hip. Someone you can relate to. And that’s me. My name’s Kid Young. *Radical 90’s era music playing* I’m just a teenager and / or twenty-something young adult. And I do the things that those real teenagers and / or twenty-something young adults do Things like Skateboarding, playing my Sega games, jet skiing, and listening to rap music But I only listen to rap music because of the profanity, Not because its actually pro’s poetry giving voice to often marginalized groups. *Scoffing* Naw man, and I’m always playing Magic: the Gathering, it’s radical. I’ve always got time for a game of Magic: the Gathering. But I don’t have time for banned cards. You can’t tell me what to do. Every time I show up at the card store, they tell me “You can’t play with these cards, thats not in this format!” Those cards aren’t legal, those cards are restricted, those cards are banned. What lame sauce! Man, I only play Casual Magic, because Casual Magic is the only real Magic. Who needs “Rules”. I don’t like rules, I don’t think cards should be banned, let me play with whatever I want. Well, I have a casual deck, it’s not even legal in vintage if you want to play. You’re on old man! Let’s do this. That’s right, I don’t even sleeve my cards, because why would I pay money for sleeves, it’s just cardboard, and I’m irresponsible. Roll for first? I’ll be on the play. Black Lotus, Mox Jet, Island, sac the Black Lotus for 3 blue mana. Play a tapped Time Vault, play a Voltaic Key, I will pay (1) and use Voltaic Key to untap TIme Vault. I will tap Time Vault to take an extra turn after this one. Wait, don’t I even get to go..? Pass the current turn, untap, upkeep, draw. Play an Island. No, but like, what? Use Voltaic Key to untap Time Vault, tap Time Vault to take an extra turn after this one. Pass this turn. Untap, upkeep, draw. Merfolk of the Pearl Trident. Merfolk of the Pearl Trident? But that’s just a 1/1. Use Voltaic Key, untap Time Vault, tap Time Vault, take an extra turn after this one. Pass this turn. Untap, upkeep, draw. Attack with Merfolk of the Pearl Trident. Is that game? Man, I didn’t even get to go! That’s not fun! H-How is what you’re doing fun?! Thats- The cards are unfair! Your cards are so unfair, man! That’s why they were banned. Yeah you’re right, I, oh. Woah, I think I just got schooled by that thirty-year-old because I totally learned a lesson. It’s time for me to start acting more responsable about Magic: the Gathering, and thinking more responsably about bans. They’re there for a reason, dude! *Except for Splinter Twin

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  1. Kid Young has a point. If you only play to win, then there is ZERO point in playing any deck other than what the professionals create and use in tournaments. Making your own deck is pointless because once they've figured out the optimum configuration of cards, you simply follow their lead. But if you are playing for fun, there's no reason you can't include banned cards and just NOT use them in the ways that got them banned.

    Sure, you CAN take infinite turns… or you can just take one extra turn and NOT take full advantage of the loophole. After all, the idea is fun… not victory. Maybe you DO take (near)infinite turns, but you do it purely to set up an army of a thousand 0/1 creatures… then you pass to the next player and take the next 10 turns eating a sandwich while you watch player #2 try desperately to come up with his own insane ideas of strategy.

    Maybe I use Aetherworks Marvel and all I do with it is bring out my Jeska, Warrior Adept because I really like the way she looks. Not to WIN… just to have her out on the field and feel successful. You know. FUN. Winning is for lame wads.

  2. I like how the conversation is always: " thats why it was banned". I have a question, when these cards broke formats once they were "introduced" why were they made, some of these broken banned cards arent even much more valueable then your avarage force of will less then 80dollars death rite shammen 5 sol ring 3 skull clamp less then dollar. magic has some seriouse buisness managment and idea production issue that never get addressed in a manner to witch then dont occur again. felidar soverign less than 1$ why make broken cards when they dont generate value and they break formats

  3. Hey prof. i bet this was sooooo much fun to make! Its like you get to show the kids what they act like XD haha

  4. "I dont even sleve my cards" instantly dies."I attack with merfolk of the pearl trident is that game?" Thats a phrase I thought I'd never hear.

  5. If there are no rules, I just play my 62 chancellor of the dross deck and win turn one. Sideboard is 15 Soul Spike (instant speed lifegain for 0 mana) to counter my opponent playing the same deck. I play 62 chancellors so my opponent (who foolishly played 60) will draw out his library first – even if he can survive my 15 Soul Spikes with his sideboard.

    There is also the possibility of winning turn 0 (before the upkeep trigger from chancellor happens) consistently by playing 1 Leyline of Anticipation, 1 Black Lotus, 1 Laboratory Maniac, 1 Gitaxian Probe, 3 Pact of Negation (just to be sure) and 53 Contract from Below (or any other ante card). If you don't play for ante, the 53 ante cards will be removed from your deck before the game starts, leaving you with a 7 card deck that always wins turn 0 and still has 3 backup counters.

  6. This was the best version of the "adult's version of cool" that ive ever seen i only wish this could be released on vhs so i can watch it again and then turn it in unrewound

  7. Kid young was brilliance unlike anything else on this channel. Everything else is great, but it usually doesn't have me laughing and rolling on the floor… #MoreKidYoung

  8. Couldn’t help but notice when he was crediting himself as Kid Young in the credits he listed himself as “STAFF” as a nod to his job, where they wouldn’t even list the professor by his name, and instead just “STAFF”.

    But it’s good that he can use his channel as a viable source of income and not have to bend the knee to disrespectful people. Keep up the amazing work Professor!

  9. When someone suggest we play "no rules" I bring up a heavily proxied deck consisting entirely of Gitaxian Probe, Street Wraith, ante cards, conspiracy cards, Black Lotus, Ancestral Recalll, and Labratory Maniac. Then I announce that I'm not playing for ante, exile most of my deck, reveal some of my Conspiracy cards, and play a bunch of Gitaxian Probes and Street Wraiths until I find two Black Lotuses, a Laboratory Maniac and an Ancestral Recall. I draw the rest of my deck and win.

  10. I play Yu-Gi-Oh and there was a card called pot of greed and you draw two cards that's all you do and they banned it because drawing two cards is so powerful what a load of crap


  12. A friend of mine some years back owned the Fruity Pebbles deck…. yeah he told me not to bother drawing X.X

  13. I was going to comment on one of the lines from this video but there are too many fantastic lines to choose from.

  14. 0:22

    the professors face when someone is playing a vintage unsleeved card thats in mint condition.

  15. I like this video! But not because of the… "educational value". PSHH! I just like it-! because Prof is freaking hilarious.
    Also, the wings of freedom on his hat was a nice touch.

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