Reiki master head massage therapy | ASMR | Relaxing | Subtitles available

39 thoughts on “Reiki master head massage therapy | ASMR | Relaxing | Subtitles available”

  1. On this video you should have put that microphone up some more so I could hear the sounds on you rubbing and massaging 😢 most time I would just close my eyes and imagine you massaging my head because I'm enjoying the sounds, but I can't on this video 😢

  2. So happy for the both of you. Reiki master definitely deserves this, and bless you Tez for having such a big heart. Love seeing all the positivity. ❤

  3. Nice work on the shop Tez, it's good to scratch a friend's back so they can massage yours! Take care.

  4. Hi friend Tez! Once again, you have done good for your fellow man. I agree with Reiki Master for God to bless you in all the good you continue to do! And also glad Reiki Master liked the new look.

  5. He is collection money in dollars and euros people donate in huge amount all goes to his pocket this renovation costs around 10000 rupees which equal 200 dollars rest goes as his own income he is earning alot of money

  6. Tez you've done a great job, and glad to see Reiki Master so happy. If the ceiling fans were on, it didn't bother the me as far as ASMR goes.

    A lot of comments saying AC is best solution, but really if RM is more comfortable while working that's all that matters. Power cost can be ~$5 USD per day if the AC is on all day, that could be better saved for something else!

    Anyways the shop looks fantastic, thanks for all that you do Tez.

  7. I dont care about the fans sound, the experience is still relaxing! I prefer Reiki works in good conditions than perfect silence. Dont care about AC, fans do great job anyway!
    Tez you have a great heart, love from Italy

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