Reguarde Me launch an educational startup under UNICEF

Hello world if you have enough means to go study abroad you probably do not choose Africa because of this, right African youth do not innovate enough because of education the problem in itself is not Education because 1 + 1=2 no matter what country you are in but rather how to access education or how it is tough or organized it is for this reason that AfricaEdu is Changing the way education can be provided and we are convinced that the African solution is artificial intelligence let machine learning teach you through the different technological product web RTC website machine learning I achieve visual reality we intend to collaborate with hundreds of African school and university to make this dream comes true mainly with the UNICEF and Africa a new collaboration BB an AfricaEdu to be able to integrate effective people Verification this is how we launched a fundraising Campaign and inform any investor or company that we are open to collaborations and potential Investments, you can contact us at the email below [email protected]

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