Referring Provider in Oklahoma City, OK: Dr. Shapard | Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma

I’ve known Dr. Bryan for a while, and he’s
just an amazing person. I got to know Dr. Goodson when he joined the
practice as well, and I think they both share a common vision of just really caring for
patients. My patients are really like my patient family,
and so when something does occur where I’m unable to treat them, it’s beyond the scope
of what my education is, I know I can send them over here with confidence and they’ll
be well taken care of. Our patients—once they’ve come here—they
normally come back and say, ‘Thank you for referring me. I had a wonderful experience. The staff was wonderful. The doctors were wonderful.’ Dr. Bryan and Dr. Goodson provide such an
amazing experience here. I just know that our patients are going to
be really well cared for.

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